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Best Gifts For Bearded Men

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Buying a birthday, Christmas, or father’s day gift can always be difficult if you have no idea what to give. However, if the guy has a beard, you have some potential beard care items and products to give as a gift. That’s why I made this list of the best gifts for bearded men.

We bearded men (I have a stubble beard, but still proud of it) are very pleased with our beards. It takes time to grow, maintain and give the proper care the facial fuzz deserves.

Bearded guys receiving a gift for their beards means they are recognized for having a friendly and pleasant brush. This will boost their ego and confidence, so these are excellent gifts if you have a friend with a beard.

Best Gifts For Bearded Men

When I made this list of gifts, I put them in order, from what I would most like to receive to what I would least like. So let’s find what the best gifts for bearded men are.

1 – Beard Kit

A beard kit is, in my opinion, one of the best gifts for bearded men. You offer everything a bearded guy needs to ensure his facial fuzz is on point. It’s also a good present if you don’t know what the guy requires since it has the essentials.

The Maison Lambert deluxe beard kit is a beautiful present with high-quality organic and handmade products inside. We are speaking about premium quality here. It comes in a beautiful wood cigar box (very manly) that contains everything you need for beard care as:

  • One Organic Beard Shampoo
  • One Organic Beard Oil
  • One Organic Beard Balm
  • One Beard Brush
  • One Moustache Wax
  • One Organic Body Soap (Offer)

The Maison Lambert deluxe beard kit also has a subtly scented aroma that you can sense from the first moment you open the box. All the oils are non-comedogenic, which means they don’t clog the pores and are absorbed quickly. Without a doubt one of the best gifts for bearded guys.

2 – Beard Trimmer Kit

Great beards come in many sizes and shapes but do you know what they all have in common? They all need a good beard trimmer. Bearded guys need to trim their facial fuzz because it prevents split ends, flyaways, dishevelment, and dryness. It also keeps the beard presentable and looking the best possible.

The Philips Norelco Multigroom Kit is an excellent gift for bearded men because it helps trim the beard and the hair on their heads and bodies. It contains:

  • 23 Pieces for fall your trimming needs
  • DualCut technology for maximum precision

I received a Philips beard trim machine in 2011 as a birthday gift from my university friends, and I still use it once per week. It was a fantastic gift for me and could also be for your husband, boyfriend, father, uncle, friend, or colleague.

3 – Beard Oil

If you are offering a gift to someone with a short beard, you can present a bottle of beard oil. Some of the benefits of beard oil include moisturizing the beard and the skin underneath to make the beard more manageable and softer, reducing itching and preventing dandruff, etc.

The Gentlemen’s Beard is a premium health and personal care brand that manufactures some of the best natural and organic products for skin, hair, and beard. The brand uses a dark amber glass bottle to extend the oil’s shelf life by protecting it from UV light rays and oxidation.

What I like about this product is fragrance-free (great for a gift because aromas are personal) and softer for the beard and mustache.

4 – Beard Balm

Beard balms are a great gift to offer to someone with longer facial fuzz. Some of the benefits of using beard balm include preventing itchiness and dandruff, moisturizing and styling the beard, laying down fly-aways, making the beard look healthier, etc.

Honest Amish is a brand known for its grooming products like balms, waxes, oils, salves, and soaps. All products are organic, natural, and made from scratch with sustainable ingredients.

I like this product because you can see significant differences after a few days of use. In addition, the texture is not too hard and waxy and is easy to use to manage the beard as you want. It does have a particular scent that you love or hate.

5 – Beard Conditioner

Beard conditioner is one of the best gifts for bearded men because it is often forgotten. It nourishes your beard and the skin underneath, providing a healthy shine and eliminating any irritation or dry skin.

Zeus is a brand specializing in beard products like conditioners, oils, balms, and shampoos. All products are created with natural and organic ingredients. I like the sandalwood scent the conditioner provides, but you can choose other aromas like lime or vanilla.

6 – Beard Wash

It depends on how often a man should watch his beard, but a good beard wash is necessary every time. It’s a great gift because it’s specifically designed to clean the beard and skin underneath without stripping the natural oils or drying the follicles out.

The Viking Revolution brand is one of the biggest names in the beard care industry, producing products with the highest quality and premium ingredients.

What I like about this product is the sandalwood scent and the bottle size that lasts, on average, around three months if you use it three or four times per week.

7 – Beard Brush

A beard brush is essential to massage the skin/hair follicles and stimulate the release of natural oils in the hair. It also helps clean the hair from any dirt that builds upon the skin and follicles daily. It’s also great to keep your beard straight and avoid any curly hair.

Seven Potions Boar Bristle Beard Brush is an excellent gift for bearded guys since it fits the palm of any man’s hand for easy grooming. It helps to make the beard soft, and it’s 100% natural. It’s also a really nice-looking brush.

8 – Beard Comb

A beard comb helps to eliminate any tangles in the hair. The thickness of the beard will determine how wide a tooth comb the guy wants to use — slimmer gaps for thinner hair and wider for thicker hair.

The best thing about the Hunter Jack’s Wooden Beard Comb is that it includes fine double-sided bristles, a convenient carrying case, and is made from wood. If your bearded person uses a plastic comb, now is the time to get something much better. Wood is also anti-static, so no frizziness in your beard or mustache.

9 – Mustache Scissor

A mustache scissor is a very cool gift since their shears are shorter, which allows them to get into difficult areas on your face with ease.

The Ontaki Professional Beard and Mustache Scissors include a carrying leather case with a beard comb to eliminate any tangles. The scissors provide precision, sharpness and are made of German steel.

10 – Beard Shaping Template

Beard shaping templates are great for giving style to facial hair. It allows you to create different looks and styles, saving you money and time on the barber. This is a great choice if you are looking for beard gifts for him.

I like the Beardclass shaping tool because you can choose different beard styles, such as straight or curved cheek lines, extra clean necklines, or curve or straight goatee lines. You also are offering one beard pair of scissors, a mustache comb, and beardman key chan.

11 – Beard Bib

The Beard Bib was featured on Shark Tank with the Beard King, and it is one of those products that every bearded man doesn’t know he wants.

When a bearded guy trims his facial fuzz, he has hair all over the sink and floor, but that will not happen anymore with the beard bib. If they have a roommate or partner, they will love your gift.

12 – Beard Wash Bag

Having a nice leather beard wash bag is crucial to keep your beard products in one place and any toiletries. In addition, it’s a great gift since he can use this bag when he travels.

I love Beard Wash Bags because you keep everything in the same place, and there is no need to look for an item since you have everything in the same place. This specific bag also has mesh pockets to hold often-used items like a shave brush, a razor, a beard brush, and oils.

13 – Beard Mug

I will be honest when I was making the list of best gifts for bearded men, this product and the next one are my two less favorite ones because they are not about beard care but more for a fun gift.

I do find mugs a fun gift if they have a funny and not offensive message. But, of course, it all depends on your relationship (if you are best friends or colleagues) with the guy you want to give the humorous mug. I like my suggestion of “Don’t hate me because I am beardiful“.

14 – Beard T-Shirt

It is the same with Beard T-Shirts since it can be funny, but if the person will never wear the t-shirt, what is the point of giving one? I like to give gifts that people can use or do something with them. I would use a beard t-shirt as a pajama, I guess.

Conclusion About Best Gifts For Bearded Guys

These were my gift ideas of the best gifts for bearded men, and I hope you have bought the beard grooming gift you wanted to help the facial hair care of your bearded friend.

The best part is that you don’t need to research because I did it for you. Offering a beard grooming kit to someone seems the ideal beard gift, but if you choose the beard trimmer kit or something cheaper like beard oil, balm, or conditioner, you will make some man happy.

What about you? What are the best gifts for bearded guys, in your opinion? Share with me in the comments.