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What Are The Best Vacation Outfits For Men?

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You are about to go on vacation. You feel excited and happy but also overwhelmed because you have a question in mind “what are the best vacation outfits for men?”

Dressing up while on vacation is as exciting as the journey itself! You definitely don’t want to look like a boring traveler dressed way too haphazardly. Holidays should be a time when we dress in a way that exhibits our individual style. This calls for being mindful of current fads and what looks best and is equally comfortable.

What Are The Best Vacation Outfits For Men?

Like women, men should totally upgrade their style to look their best when traveling. While the way you dress up entirely depends on your destination, you need to have some basic idea about styling. For example, a floral shirt with denim is perfect for a beachy vacation, while a leather bomber jacket paired up with jeans are most suitable for hiking and adventures. 

Best Vacation Outfits For guys

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Of course, dressing up according to the weather of your travel destination must be your key priority. You don’t want to ruin your vacations by dressing up in clothes that do not make you feel comfortable and warm while traveling.

So, if you want to find out the best men’s vacation outfits, keep reading, because I will show you some ideas for both winter and summer.

Vacation Outfits For Winters

When you go somewhere during winter, you want to be warm but also fashionable. Winter is my favorite season for fashion because I love wearing accessories like gloves and scarves. Below I have outlined some warm and equally stylish options for your winter travel days.

Attractive Leather Outfit

One thing is certain: leather is the top choice for winter wear, and we cannot argue that fact. On chilly vacation days, men can carry a leather aviator jacket, which has been the symbol of class and sophistication since forever. 

Best Vacation Outfits For men - leather jacket

Leather jackets look super cool on top of any tee, even graphic ones. This duo can be paired with either khakis, chinos, contrasting leather pants, or plain denim. For shoes, platform shoes or combat boots are an ideal pick. This outfit is most suitable to wear on your way to the airport, being equally comfortable.

Warm Coats And Blazers

Corduroy, suede, wool, and nylon coats and blazers will never go out of fashion. These are some of those garments you cannot survive winter without. Besides their warmth, they are likewise fashionable and worthy of being in the wardrobe of every style-conscious man.

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Best Vacation Outfits For Men - coat with jeans

On your vacation days, you can play with many colors and designs of coats, such as trench coats, duffle coats, peacoats, and long leather coats. Inside, you can wear any neutral colored shirt that does not dim the light of your outerwear. Wool or tweed pants and sneakers for shoes are the ideal choice to go with such looks.

Denim On Denim

This is probably one of the most picked styles for men on holiday. The reason is the striking and sporty vibe of denim. Be it your beachy or mountainous vacation, denim goes with it all.

Best Vacation Outfits For men - denim

Give no thought and wear your blue denim jacket with any pair of jeans, but make sure to wear a solid-colored tee inside, such as black. In this sort of laid-back outfit, trainers are more appropriate than any other pick of shoes.

Vacation Outfits For Summers

Summer is my favorite season in general because I love holidays on the beach. I have to say I love a good polo shirt with some shorts. The vacation outfit ideas for the summer are mainly focused on Y2K fashion for men, which is no less than perfect for the summer holidays.

Classic Polo Shirts

If you even wear a simple half-sleeved polo with jeans, you are sure to look highly urbane! Polos are breathable, soft and a street-casual choice for so many travel enthusiasts. Whether you choose a short-sleeved option or go for long sleeves, you are going to rock your look either way.

Best Vacation Outfits For men - classic polo shirts

There are many options for pants when we are choosing polos. A black pair of jeans, beige cotton pants and navy shorts are some good options to try. As for shoes, joggers and canvas shoes can complement the easy-going vibe of your look.

Jungle Safari Shirts

Jungle safari shirts are made for adventure lovers and the ones who like fast-paced holidays. The design and fit of such a shirt are specially made to protect you from dirt and uneasiness while traveling.

Best Vacation Outfits For men - safari shirts

Light green safari shirts with a few pockets, when paired with durable pants, will make you look on point. You can even go about your look with contrasting shorts worn with a canvas belt. Make sure to choose ankle-length boots for maximum comfort and style.

Printed Shirts With Shorts

Printed shirts (either floral or geometrical) are top picks for guys with a flamboyant personality. You can choose to wear casual shorts, denim, or nude khakis with such a shirt to emphasize the print. Linen, cotton and silk are a few of the most preferred shirt materials to wear.

Best Vacation Outfits For men - printed shirts

Flashy belts with shiny buckles and studs can further enhance your bright vibe. Slip-ons like moccasins and loafers go together with this outfit like cheese and crackers.

Casual Tracksuit

I have to say that a casual tracksuit is never my choice unless I am going to the gym. But I know many of you love a good tracksuit to travel and be comfortable.

Best Vacation Outfits For men - casual tracksuit

Another athletic option to wear on your adventures is a nylon/polyester tracksuit. Most people prefer to wear them during flights. However, we cannot ignore the fact that a guy wearing a tracksuit to the airport looks no less than a celebrity. Running shoes and a cap are great to go with such a sporty ensemble.

Anything With Stripes Or Checks

Lastly, never underestimate the timelessness of checkered clothes or striped ones! You must have at least one striped t-shirt or checkered printed flannel in your luggage. We are sure you can carry these on any day of your vacation, regardless of the vibe of your travel destination.

Best Vacation Outfits For men - anything with stripes

Again, leather shoes (laced or without laces) are a perfect fit for stripes and checks. You might as well put on a leather hat for an added touch of refinement.

Common Questions About Men’s Vacation Outfits

These are the most common questions about vacation outfits for men.

What Should A Man Wear On Vacation?

What a guy should wear on vacation depends on the destination and the time of the year. During summer and beach holidays, you want to wear less and bright clothes made of breathable materials like cotton and linen that make you cool. During winter and snow breaks, you want to wear thick and warm clothes made of wool or down to ensure you don’t get cold.

What Should A Guy Wear To A Beach Vacation?

During a beach vacation, guys should wear cool clothes like shorts, polo shirts, t-shirts, sandals, short sleeves shirts, etc. You want clothes that are lightweight and breathable to keep you looking fresh.

What Men Should Wear While Travelling?

What men should wear while traveling depends on their preferences and what makes them comfortable. Some guys want to be the most comfortable possible and choose a tracksuit with a pair of trainers. On the other hand, I personally like to wear a polo shirt or a long sleeve shirt with a pair of chinos.

Conclusion On Vacation Outfits For Men

So what are the best vacation outfits for men? It depends on the destination and time of the year. During winter, you want to opt for a leather outfit, warm coats, and blazers, or denim on denim. On the other hand, if you are on vacation during summer, you desire to choose classic polo shirts, safari shirts, printed shirts with shorts, casual tracksuits, or anything with stripes or checks.