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CHAMPION Boxers Review

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Underwear covers one of the most critical parts of your body, and it’s also something that you wear more than any other piece of clothing that you have. For these reasons, it’s imperative that the boxer briefs that you wear are comfortable and supportive. That’s why I wrote this Champion boxers review.

Unfortunately, many men aren’t sure where to look for high-quality underwear that looks great, provides comfort and support, and doesn’t crush anything that might hurt. With the vast array of boxer briefs on the market, we reviewed the Champion Men’s Elite Boxer Briefs to see if it can help make your purchasing decision that much easier.

Champion Men’s Elite Boxer Briefs

As an extraordinarily well-known international brand, Champion is always trying to improve on its products to keep its consumers satisfied so that it doesn’t stray.

The company is a subsidiary of HanesBrands Inc. and got its start by designing athletic apparel for men. Over the years, it has grown into producing clothing that can be worn by almost anyone.

Now in its 100th year, Champion is one of the longest-standing apparel companies around. It has a long line of history of providing uniforms for colleges, the NBA, the NFL, and even military academies. Still, the question remains: does Champion’s experience mean it can produce good boxer briefs?

Who Is This Product for?

Similar to other boxer briefs, Champion designed its line with men and athletes in mind. The appeal of the known brand draws men in because of its long range of reliable products, so if you’re looking for reliability, it’s the product for you.

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Women occasionally like to wear boxer briefs for comfort, so if you’re a woman, don’t think that just because they are made for men that you can’t wear them.

What’s Included?

As with other packages of boxer briefs that you might have looked at, the Champion Men’s Elite Boxer Briefs comes with precisely what it says—boxer briefs. When you purchase the product, you receive six pairs in either black with a red logo or six pairs of blue and grey with a white logo on the waistband.

Overview of the Features

Champion took its underwear to another level when it created this unique elite line.

The SmartTemp Boxer Briefs are definitely a step-up from the standard ones that you might be accustomed to.

This elite line of boxer briefs comes equipped with both odor-resistant and moisture-wicking material that keeps you fresh and dry all day long.

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Additionally, these boxer briefs are also highly functional, comfortable, and feel silky against the skin. The stretchable design allows them to move freely with your body.

The primary reason that the Champion Elite Boxer Brief’s line sets them apart from others is because of the unique X-Temp technology. This feature offers a more breathable function that controls all moisture and heat. It also aids with keeping your body temperature level while also maintaining comfort with its triangular crotch design and fitted leg holes.

What Are the Health Risks of Wearing Boxer Briefs?

Unfortunately, while boxer briefs have grown in popularity, it does come at a price. Unless you are wearing a pair that are correctly fitted and have functioning temperature control, you might need to be careful of how often you wear them.

Boxer briefs have been known to create health issues such as urinary tract infections, blood flow issues, and even infertility. There is a reason that your testicles are outside of your body, and that’s because temperature plays a significant part in the production and performance of your sperm.

Boxer briefs are known to be restrictive, which can cause your testicle’s temperature to rise. If you’re looking to get your partner pregnant, you might be better off wearing boxer shorts until it happens.


It’s going to be hard to find a pair of boxer briefs that offer X-Temp technology, but many perform similarly to the Champion Elite line. We looked at the Sand Storm Men’s Performance Boxer Briefs to provide you with a reliable alternative and at a comparable cost.

The Sand Storm Men’s Performance Boxer Briefs are made with a trusted blend of polyester and spandex. They have a four-way stretch that ensures the boxer briefs move comfortably with your body movements.

Additionally, the sports performance helps with moisture-wicking and odor resistance so that you aren’t uncomfortable during any sporting activities. They come in a package of six, and you can also get them in a variety of colors.


We were pleasantly surprised with how well the Champion Elite Boxer Briefs performed. The X-Temp technology worked just as great as you think and allowed us to remain cool and dry throughout the day, and while working out.

While it might be one of the key selling points, these boxer briefs also offer fantastic comfort and a great fit. There weren’t any chafing or ride-up issues, and they are highly affordable. If you are looking for a pair of durable boxer briefs that get the job done and fit appropriately, try out Champion’s Elite Boxer Brief line.