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How To Get The Kevin De Bruyne Haircut?

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Kevin De Bruyne is one of the best football players in the world and, for many, the best. The Manchester City and Belgium national football player showed the world how good he is by scoring goals and helping his teammates. Is the Kevin de Bruyne haircut as good as his football skills?

I have to say yes, Kevin De Bruyne’s haircut is effortless but suits him. If you are looking for a new haircut, give it a try (unfortunately, my hair is unsuitable for copying De Bruyne’s hairstyle) because it looks great.

Kevin De Bruyne Hairstyle

Kevin De Bruyne’s hairstyle is being very consistent over the years, and he never really change it. He does style his hair differently from time to time, seeming he has a new look. If you compared his look from when he played in Wolfsburg to now, you notice what I am saying. He combed his hair from the bottom up and not slightly to the side as he currently does.

August 2015

Kevin loved the spiky hairstyle when he played in Wolfsburg. Sometimes with wax and others without.

January 2020

This is the most common Kevin De Bruyne hairstyle. It is trimmed on the sides with scissors or clipper cut and the top with scissors. You style the hair on the top to the side with some wax or clay.

January 2021

This look is practically the same as the previous one, but it is styled differently on the top with spiky hair forward using wax or clay. Seems more like a layered short hair faux hawk.

What Is The Kevin De Bruyne Haircut?

This is what I call the Kevin De Bruyne Haircut.

Kevin De Bruyne Hairstyle
Source: Instagram @kevindebruyne
Kevin De Bruyne Haircut
Source: Instagram @kevindebruyne

This is what I call the Kevin De Bruyne Haircut. A shorter/medium cut that you can then spike up with wax or clay. He styles his hair more on the front top.

How To Ask Your Barber For The Kevin De Bruyne Haircut?

If you want to copy De Bruyne’s hairstyle, show a picture to your barber. If he likes football, he knows who Kevin De Bruyne is.

You can always say you want short spiky messy/textured hair, but it’s always better to show the picture to ensure you get what you want.

The sides are cut with scissors or clipper cut (5 or 6). The top is cut with scissors, and the length is up to you. I can only do shorter lengths, and De Bruyne’s hairstyle is more like a medium size. Ask for the barber’s opinion.

How To Style The Kevin De Bruyne Haircut?

Kevin has two looks within the same style, the sporty one and the smart one.

The sporty one loose is style over the match or training looking messy (in a good way). I don’t believe he uses any product to style his hair, and if he does, he may use clay.

You can spot the difference in his hair when he dresses smartly (I bet he uses wax here).

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To style your hair like Kevin De Bruyne, you want to apply some strong wax on the top or apply clay (matte) for a more textured and natural look. Use your fingers to shape the hair as you like up and to the side (like a diagonal). Between the top and the side, style your hair from the back to the front.

The Kevin De Bruyne Haircut Examples

Check out some of De Bruyne’s best hairstyles for inspiration. You can see the beard helps with his look over the years, and the hair is on point when you style it. What started as an “I don’t care look” became a smart men’s look.

My favorite pictures of Kevin De Bruyne’s haircut are the ones where he is with a shirt. It looks terrific. What is your favorite Kevin De Bruyne haircut picture and why? Share with me in the comments.

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