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How To Get The Mason Mount Haircut?

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Mason Mount has won the UEFA champions league with Chelsea and is one of the best football players in the England national team. He is a rising star, but not just for his soccer skills.

The Mason Mount haircut is one of the most researched haircuts on the internet for football players. So let me share what you need to do to get it right.

Mason Mount Hairstyle

Mason Mount’s hairstyle seems to be the same over the years. The difference appears to be in the way he shapes his hair. The hair at the top of the sides and back is shorter than the fringe. You can check the fringe volume that can be a messy quiff or well-styled. You need to put a little bit of effort into this hairstyle, but even when you don’t, you can still look good.

July 2020

Trimmed on the sides and back with a fringe bigger than the rest of the hair on the top. The fringe is styled towards the top and sides to keep the hair together. The upper head is styled from the back to the front giving it a nice texture.

November 2020

This is how the Mason Mount haircut looks when you don’t have time to style it. However, I still like it, because it looks good for a casual day.

June 2021

My favorite Mason Mount hairstyle. With a low skin fade cut in the sides and back. The fringe has a certain volume, and the upper head goes shorter toward the crown, looking tidy and smart.

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What Is The Mason Mount Haircut?

This is what men consider the Mason Mount haircut. In addition, you can see a more extended and more moderate upper hair version of both styled differently.

Source: @astarbarbers
Source: @masonmount10

They both look great, in my opinion, but the picture with shorter upper hair seems easier to maintain and less effortless to get.

What Is The Mason Mount Haircut Name?

The Mason Mount haircut name is a textured classic quiff with a mid-level fade on the way up.

How To Ask Your Barber For The Mason Mount Haircut?

The best way to get Mount’s hairstyle right is to show a picture to your barber. You will never get it wrong if he can see it. Suppose you don’t have a photo; ask for a textured classic quiff with a mid-level fade on the way up. He can also check on his phone.

These are the instructions to get it right. First, ask for a mid-level fade (it works with a low-fade too) on the way up on the sides and the back of your hair. Then, on the upper head, ask your barber to keep the length at the fringe (around 4 or 5 inches) going shorter toward the crown.

Now let’s see how to style it like Mason’s.

How To Style The Mason Mount Haircut?

To style your hair like Mason Mount, you need to create volume at the front on the fringe, creating a quiff. Now it’s up to you if you want it messy or smarter since Mount’s use both styles.

Use this spray to style your hair like Mason’s, pulling your hair at the front upwards with your fingers while you dry the hair. At the end, and with your hair dried, add the volume of hair powder to maintain the style the entire day.

You can also only pull the hair at the fringe and style it from the back upwards. It’s up to you. Mount’s hairstyle inspires both.

Mason Mount Haircut Examples

Check out some of the best Mason Mount hairstyles and choose the one you like the most to show to your barber.

What is your favorite Mason Mount haircut picture and why? Share with me in the comments. Mine is the last one where he has the Premier League Academy Graduate trophy.

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