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Why Does My Beard Hurt? The 8 Reasons

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If you have a beard, you have probably asked at least once in your life the question: why does my beard hurt? I know I had asked that question multiple times.

Let me just say that beard pain is more common than you think. Just ask one of your friends with facial fuzz. It has happened many times in my beard lifetime, and it will continue to occur. However, you can make it happen fewer times if you understand why your beard hurts.

Many guys complain that their beard aches when they touch it or even wake up during the night because the beard hurts when it touches the pillow. So let’s find out what causes your beard to hurt and how to avoid that to be facial hair pain-free once again.

Why Does My Beard Hurt?

Whether you have been growing a beard for years or you just decided to start and grow one for the first time, your facial hair will hurt. It can be because you have poor beard hygiene that leads to having dry skin and hair, beard dandruff, beard acne, folliculitis, or you wash your beard too many times with low-quality beard products.

why does my facial hair hurt

So many reasons can contribute to your beard being damaged and hurt, so let’s check one by one and how to deal with them.

1 – You Have A Poor Beard Hygiene

The number one reason your beard hurts could be that you have poor beard hygiene. Many people get surprised by this since they think they have a great beard routine, but they actually don’t.

Maybe you don’t wash your beard with the right products, or you don’t brush it the correct way. Not applying the right products like beard oil or balm can also be a problem since you are not hydrating your beard.

A poor beard hygiene routine can lead to the skin cells underneath your beard shed at a fast pace, and the combination of them with other oils will create bacterias that lead to skin inflammation under the beard. This will make your beard hurt and create so many other problems.

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Some men dry their beards with hot blow-drying as part of their grooming routine because they don’t have enough time to air dry them. However, this study shows that a blow-dried high-heat setting can damage your facial fuzz and eventually lead to pain since it boils some of the water inside the hair cortex.

A quick way to check if you have a weak grooming routine is if your beard hurts, itches, or looks frizzy and dull, that means you need to change your daily beard routine because something is not correct.

A few items that I use on my grooming routine (you can use on yours too):

Advice: Check if you are using the right grooming products for your beard needs, brush, wash, trim and style it correctly.

2 – You Have Dry Skin

Dry skin underneath your beard and on your facial hair can make your beard not only hurt but also itchy, which can be very annoying and uncomfortable.

why does my beard hair hurt

Having dry skin underneath your beard means that your facial hair is not receiving all the nutrients needed to grow and stay healthy. Your beard hair needs sebum oil to prevent any loss of moisture. Sometimes your sebaceous gland can’t produce enough oil for your beard hair (especially if they are long) and skin, leading to dry skin that cracks and hurts.

Some factors that contribute to having dry skin:

  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Using harsh/poor quality grooming products
  • Using certain medications
  • Genetics

Sometimes when removing grime and dirt from your beard, you can strip away natural oils required to moisturize your beard hair, which can also lead to dry skin and beard hurt.

Advice: Use a good facial moisturizer according to your skin needs (check the different skin types and identify which is yours to ensure you use the most suitable product).

3 – You Have Beard Dandruff

Beard dandruff is another common problem for beard growers. I have just explained how crucial sebum oil is for your beard. If your skin is reddish and that becomes scaly and flaky, you may have a skin condition called Seborrheic Dermatitis.

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This skin condition is caused by bacteria that feed on the natural sebum oils of your skin and beard. You notice you have it when you see flakes of skin on your beard or clothes. It does not only hurt, but it’s also apparent and not pleasant to have it.

Advice: Use a good anti-dandruff shampoo to take care of beard dandruff and beard oil or balm to moisturize your skin and beard to prevent it.

4 – You Are Growing Out Your Facial Hair

If you have grown your beard in the past, you know how itchy and hurtful it can be, but if you are a first-time beard grower, you may be worried by now, but let me tell you that it’s perfectly normal. The first two weeks are usually the worst ones.

why does my beard hurt when it grows

One of the biggest pains some bearded growers experience is when they force their beard hairs to sit in a new direction. It can happen if you use a strong wax to style your beard or brush it in a different direction from the direction the hair grows. Your beard needs time to adjust when it’s growing.

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It’s essential to use beard oil, in my opinion, to ensure your short beard and hair follicles don’t get twisted at the hair root and become more flexible to keep growing in the right direction when you brush them.

Advice: A good grooming routine every day can make it less painful to start the process of growing a beard. Beard oil and a good beard brush are two good ways to prevent it.

5 – You Have Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is possibly the worst and most painful when it comes to beard pain. It’s one of the biggest reasons why your beard hurts in the early stages of growing one. If you have curly and tight hair, this can occur more often.

Sometimes, the hair grows inwards back towards the follicle when you shave your beard, irritating and inflaming the follicle, causing excessive itchiness. When you scratch, it can cause a red bump that becomes really painful.

Advice: Keep your skin and beard clean. A very mild exfoliation and beard conditioner can also help to avoid any ingrown hair.

6 – You Wash Your Beard Too Many Times

This is the most common mistake I see men make. They think that washing their beards every day is the best solution to prevent the beard from hurting, but that does precisely the opposite.

why does growing a beard hurt

When you wash your beard with products every day, you can affect the skin oil production, dry your beard and the skin underneath, and the follicles can become crunchy with split and dandruff, making it hurt when you touch it.

It’s ok to rinse your beard every day with lukewarm water to keep it clean. It would be best if you washed your beard correctly 1 to 3 times per week depending on factors like your skin type, beard type, lifestyle, and the environment you live.

Advice: Understand your skin and beard type to see how often you need to wash your beard weekly.

7 – You Have Beard Acne

Beard acne, also known as folliculitis, is the pimples that form underneath or inside your facial hair. It can occur due to ingrown hairs or bacteria. Beard acne tends only to hurt when you touch the part where you have the pimple.

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Sometimes the hair follicle clogs when you have an ingrown hair, which leads to a fungal infection that leads to beard acne.

Advice: Look for a dermatologist that can advise on what to take since you may need a bacterial/antifungal cream to make the infection disappear.

8 – You Buy Poor Quality Beard Products

Some guys get surprised that their beards don’t look as great as expected, even after what they consider an excellent grooming routine. Now, you can have the best beard routine, but if you use poor quality beard care products, that will not matter since those products are probably doing more damage than good.

poor quality beard products

Avoid any “cheap” products that advertise you can use for all types of hairs. They can irritate your skin and damage your beard since they are not created for a specific purpose but general use.

Advice: Ensure you buy beard products specific to your needs and only from renowned grooming brands.

Common Questions About Why Does My Beard Hurt

These are the most common questions about why does my beard hurt.

Why Does My Beard Feel Sore?

Your beard can feel sore due to different reasons like a poor grooming routine, dry skin, ingrown hair, beard dandruff, or beard acne. If you are starting to grow a beard, you can experience a sore in the first two/three weeks.

Should Grow A Beard Hurt?

It shouldn’t hurt, but it does to many men since some use wax to style and shape the beard as they want, or even brush the hair follicles in a different direction from the one they grow.

When Does A Beard Stop Hurting?

Your beard will stop hurting when properly moisturized and cared for, avoiding any problems underneath the beard and skin. If the pain doesn’t pass after a few weeks, consult a dermatologist to assist you.

How Can I Grow A Beard Without It Hurting?

Sometimes you grow a beard and do everything correctly, but your beard still hurts during the process. To ensure you avoid the pain, try to have an excellent grooming routine, use beard oil or balm, brush your beard, and wash it according to your needs.

Why Does My Beard Hurt When I Touch It?

Your beard may hurt when you touch it due to beard acne, which consists of pimples underneath or inside your facial hair. It can be very painful due to an inflammation in the area resulting from bacterial or fungal infection.

Conclusion On Why Does My Beard Hurt

Why does my beard hurt? Now you know that your beard can hurt for many reasons, like dry skin, beard dandruff, ingrown hair, beard acne, or a poor beard routine. If you wear inferior quality beard care products or just starting to grow a beard, you can experience moderate pain.

To ensure you avoid your beard hurting, you need to have an excellent beard routine, using the best beard oils or beard balm, brushing your beard as many times as you need to avoid any twists, and washing your beard the correct amount of times per week.

Once you get the proper grooming routine, it will become more straightforward and also pain-free. I always say that any guy’s face looks better when the beard growth process is on.