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The Two Sides Of The Men Hero

You can expect two different sides with The Men Hero. One is where you get all information about fashion brands, and another is about men’s fashion. Both complement each other.

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Why Fashion Brands?

I always loved finding all the details about any fashion brand and quickly understood that most websites didn’t provide the correct information.

For example, many websites still display the wrong information about where brands are manufactured, so I went to those brands’ stores and showed here evidence of where they are made through the labels.

I had the idea of providing everything I knew about fashion labels, like where the brands are manufactured, the differences between sub-labels, or why they cost a lot, because when I worked in retail, customers would ask me those questions daily.

Why Men’s Fashion?

It always came naturally to me to understand how a man can look good, matching different attires, colors, and accessories.”

My family and friends always complimented my fashion sense, even if I think I dress smart but simply. Often, friends invite me to go shopping with them, and customers often trusted my opinion when purchasing clothes, footwear, or accessories.

I want to help men avoid making any fashion mistakes, which is why I provide guides and answer questions about shoes, underwear, socks, jeans, and ties.

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Who Is Hugo Guerreiro?

Some people consider me a men’s fashion expert, a fashion brands specialist, and an entrepreneur.

I have a masters in sports management and a degree in sports that I have never really used since I moved to England after finishing my studies and started to work in retail to improve my English.

I mainly worked with fashion brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, and Asics, but also with premium and lifestyle ones like Timberland, The North Face, Columbia, etc.

I worked in the menswear section as a sales assistant for the first two years, providing information about what clothes and colors to match and any brand information. After that, I became a specialist in suits, shirts, jeans, underwear, and accessories.

After two years and working for Asics for four months, I moved into shoe supervisor. Then I got promoted to footwear manager, becoming a shoe specialist in areas like running, outdoor, football, golf, and lifestyle. I spent the next four years advising people on what shoes and socks to buy and what features would suit their needs.

I made many fashion mistakes and bought the wrong brands before, so I can help you avoid the same mistakes.

I evolved as store manager at a Skechers store, where we sold shoes exclusively. When I got the opportunity to get promoted to area manager, I quit my job to pursue my dream of working remotely, which ended up with me creating The Men Hero and helping everyone to know all they can learn about fashion brands and men’s fashion.

Some other things about me:

  • I am Portuguese
  • I don’t have a home and travel from country to country
  • I love to spend my time hiking
  • I am a massive fan of spending an entire day on the beach
  • I love to read Agatha Christie’s mysteries
  • I am not the biggest fan of social media which is why you can barely find me there.
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Why Am I The Best Person To Teach You About Fashion Brands And Men’s Fashion?

After years of being unsatisfied with the content found online about fashion brands and men’s fashion, I decided to create The Men Hero.”

I wanted to help those who want the best information possible with evidence supporting those claims.

When it comes to fashion brands, I have done all. Although I worked with sports and mass brands, I also like to purchase premium labels and find everything I can about luxury brands. I show physical evidence of my claims about where a brand is manufactured because I go to those stores and check hundreds of labels.

Regarding men’s fashion, you have my years of retail experience selling primarily shoes and socks but also suits, jeans, shirts, ties, and many men’s accessories. I also answer questions men want to be answered but are afraid of asking someone, ended up searching online.

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