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The Best Men’s Baby Shower Outfits (With Outfit Examples)

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You were invited to a baby shower, but you have absolutely no idea what to wear. You didn’t even know guys were invited, and that’s why you are here, to find out the best men’s baby shower outfits.

I get you. You don’t want to be the only guy wearing something that could be embarrassing at the baby shower. If you don’t know any other guys there, it can be difficult to ask what they are wearing, so you have to decide all by yourself.

Baby showers aren’t exclusive to ladies anymore, and guys are getting invited too. So, do not worry anymore, because I will give you some tips to consider and show you some of the best men’s baby shower outfits.

How To Choose An Outfit To Baby Shower?

To choose the best outfit possible, you need to consider three things: the baby shower theme, the location, and the weather.

Baby Shower

Baby Shower Theme

The baby shower theme is the most crucial point since it can tell you what you need to wear. Sometimes, the hosts define that everyone needs to wear blue, pink, white, or any other color. Also, maybe you need to wear a specific character (unfortunately, I don’t think they will choose Star Wars or Harry Potter).

You also be informed in the invitation if it will be a formal dress code or a casual one. Usually, you can go informal, but it depends on the hosts’ decisions. If the hosts don’t provide that information, ask them, and you will never get it wrong.

Baby Shower Location

The baby shower location can also dictate how you will dress up. If it’s a proper venue, you may want to wear something more traditional, but if it’s at someone’s house, you may want to wear something casual. Is the baby shower outside or inside? You can search for the location or ask the host about it. Always grab a jacket, just in case it’s outside.


Is the weather going to be warm or cold? If you know the answer, you can dress accordingly. You can always mix the colors with a lovely pink shirt and blue jacket if you stay outside and it’s cold. You will not be wearing the jacket if you are inside, so you need to think about these details, since it’s essential to be comfortable.

What Should A Guy Wear To A Baby Shower?

Guys should always follow the host’s guidelines in baby showers, but you can also give your personal touch to it. I would personally choose a shirt, but you can wear a polo shirt or a funny t-shirt if you want. I would say a shirt is always a safe choice. Let’s check some possible situations.

Keep in mind that many baby showers involve games, so you need something comfortable that allows you to move freely.

Wearing Blue To A Baby Shower

Wearing blue in a baby shower is associated with the gender stereotype of having a boy.

Man Wearing Blue To A Baby Shower
Source: @tayycelia

If the hosts are having a boy or a gender reveal party, blue is always a safe option for any guy to wear. If it’s a baby shower reveal and you root for a boy, you can wear blue.

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Blue is one color that transmits trust, calm, and intelligence, no matter what shade you wear. I would go for a lighter blue in a baby shower since it shares a more peaceful and honest vibe. Navy blue can be seen as rich, elegant, and sophisticated.

You can wear a light baby blue shirt with a navy blazer or jacket, tan chinos, and brown shoes.

Wearing Pink To A Baby Shower

Wearing pink in a baby shower is associated with the gender stereotype of having a girl.

If the hosts are having a girl or a gender reveal party, pink is also a safe option for any guy to wear. If it’s a baby shower reveal and you root for a girl, you can wear pink.

For some guys, wearing pink can make them feel less masculine but guess what? Times are changing, and wearing pink these days shows that you are comfortable enough with who you are. I have a pink shirt, and I wear it with self-confidence.

Pink is a color that transmits affection and tenderness, perfect for a baby shower. It also symbolizes playfulness, youth, and good health, standing most of the time associated with feminity. I would personally choose a light pink color shirt.

You can wear a light pink shirt with grey chinos (or jeans) with brown shoes (or black shoes) and a brown belt (choose a black belt with black shoes).

Wearing White To A Baby Shower

Wearing white in a baby shower is appropriate if you are in the Spring or Summer.

Man Wearing White To A Baby Shower
Source: @b.azarel

White is a light color, and any light color is appreciated in a baby shower. However, I would only wear white if your partner is going full white or you receive that indication in the invitation. Also, Winter calls for darker colors, so stick with white in Spring and Summer.

White is also a color that you can wear if you have no preference for a boy or a girl, indicating that you root for any of the genders. The best thing about white is that you can mix it with blue and pink very well.

You can wear a casual look with a white plain t-shirt, white overshirt, blue jeans and brown shoes.

Wearing Something Funny To A Baby Shower

You can always wear something funny in a t-shirt if other guys go to the baby shower.

Man Wearing Something Funny To A Baby Shower

We guys love to wear something funny on these occasions, but this will only work if you have at least three to four guys joining the idea. You don’t want to be the only guy with a funny t-shirt about someone having a baby. It also works better in a dad-chelor (a baby shower with men only).

Now, the level of fun and sarcasm will depend on how good you know the dad. The closer you are, the funnier and sarcastic you can be.

You can wear a funny t-shirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers since it’s a very informal and casual outfit.

Matching Your Partner Outfit

Some couples match their outfits when they host or go to baby showers, and it’s an easier way to support each other.

Matching your partner’s outfit can be a good choice if you are both invited to the baby shower. You can contrast the colors pretty more straightforward, with blue and pink in both outfits.

If you’re organizing a baby shower, you and your partner can wear custom t-shirts that match each other’s outfits with a complimentary message. In case you have kids, they can also share the same outfit and message.

I am not sharing my top outfit choices for this one because it really depends on the couple’s personal choices.

Men’s Baby Shower Ideas

I have decided to look on Instagram because I wanted you to have actual examples of the best men’s baby shower outfits and not overproduced looks that are difficult to copy.

Men's Baby Shower Outfits
Source: @_liss289
Men's Baby Shower Outfits
Source: @ellicehead
Men's Baby Shower Outfits
Source: @tara_rosehering
Men's Baby Shower Outfits
Source: @iammarvelphotos
Men's Baby Shower Outfits
Source: @mrsm_2inspire

Common Questions About Men’s Baby Shower Outfits

These are the most common questions about men’s baby shower outfits.

Do The Dads Go To Baby Showers?

Yes, fathers go to baby showers, even if only women are invited. It’s usual for couples to invite family members and the closest friends. However, some couples decide only to have the mother and some friends. It’s a personal choice depending on the couple’s preferences.

Do Guys Go To The Baby Shower?

Yes, guys definitely attend to baby showers (I personally have been in one). The times where baby showers were exclusively for women are gone, and it’s extremely common to see more guys participating in these occasions.

What Is A Jack And Jill Baby Shower?

A Jack and Jill shower is a baby shower where both the mom and dad participate with their friends and family. This means that both female and male friends can participate, and it’s not exclusive for women.

What Is A Dad Baby Shower Called?

A dad shower can be called “Manshower” or “Dad-chelor”, which is becoming very popular in recent years. It usually involves the dad and a group of male friends going for a few pints in a pub or something more remarkable, but the beer is always there.

Can You Wear Black To A Baby Shower?

It all depends on the culture of the host since in many western cultures, wearing black is seen as a color that is worn to funerals. However, in Japan or China, you wear white to symbolize losing someone. When in doubt, avoid the black color in baby showers.

Conclusion On Men’s Baby Shower Outfits

When it comes to men’s baby showers outfits, always assure that you respect the party’s theme and whatever the host states in the invitation. That’s halfway to ensuring you have the best outfit for the baby shower.

If you don’t really have any specifications and you can wear whatever you want, it doesn’t matter if it’s an Indo western suit, a shirt with a pair of jeans or a casual, funny t-shirt, always wear something that will make you feel comfortable.

I would also advise you to contact other guests to know what they will be wearing at the baby shower. Don’t stress yourself out if you don’t know any other guy in the baby shower. A nice light blue or pink shirt will always be on the books for the best men’s baby shower outfits.