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Do men get pedicures? We still live in a society where this question is asked with particular caution. The answer is, you bet men do pedicures.

If you are not confident going to a salon because you are ashamed or timid, you can learn how to do a pedicure for men at home and treat your feet.

Our feet are one of the members of our body that suffer the most. They spend hours carrying our weight, bearing all the pressure of walking, and it’s also the area we worry least about.

Our feet can become pretty gross with black nails, fungus, rough, sweaty, and stinky if you don’t provide the attention they deserve. That’s when the men’s pedicure enters into action to take care of the health of your feet. Pedicures are much more than putting some color on your nails.

I had done pedicures in a salon before because my feet were nasty since I walked miles every day. No one looked differently at me because I was a man. It was natural, as it should be for everyone. 

My brother has a pedicure at least once per month in the salon because he has corns and calluses. My dad does pedicures on himself at home once per month. As you see, it’s natural for my family. I also asked a couple of my male friends, and they all went to a pedicure at least once in their lives and liked it.

Now, if you are convinced about the benefits of pedicures, why not learn everything about pedicures for men at home, and then if you like, you can visit a salon? Or keep doing it at home (the critical part is to take care of your feet regularly).

If you are convinced, learn about pedicure for men at home and give it a try.

What Do I Need For An At-Home Pedicure?

You don’t need a lot to do your pedicure at home. You have most items at home, and what you don’t have, you can buy them cheaply.

This is what you need:

  • Footbath (Or a basin)
  • Tea Tree Oil 
  • Towel
  • Pumice Stone
  • Foot File
  • Nail Clipper
  • Soap
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Cuticle Stick
  • Foot Cream

To make your life easier, I have put the images of the products you need to have under. In case you need to buy any, those images will send you to Amazon. I have ignored the obvious, like towels and soap.

Step By Step Pedicure For Men At Home

I have tried my best to put a step-by-step guide for you to follow and do your pedicure at home.

Step 1 – Prepare The Pedicure

Fill your footbath with warm water (or, if you are cheap like me, the first basin you have found at home) and add the tea tree oil or any other product you want like bath salts (Epsom salts have a relaxing effect on the tired and aching muscles of the feet).

Have all the equipment close to you. Remember, your feet will be wet, and you don’t want to walk.

Step 2 – Soak Your Feet

Soak your feet on the footbath for the next ten to fifteen minutes. Listen to some music, read a chapter of a book, or listen to a podcast. Use your time to do something relaxing (avoid your phone).

Step 3 – Smooth Feet with a Pumice Stone

With your feet still soaking, use a pumice stone to smooth the bottom of your feet and fingers. Use the rough side first to eliminate all the dead skin and the smooth side to soften the bottom of your feet.

If you do this step when your feet are dry, you will hurt your feet. It also takes a few pedicures to completely eliminate the roughness you feel.

Step 4 – Dry Your Feet

Use a small towel to dry your feet for the next step.

Step 5 – Clean Underneath The Nails

Take out your file and clean underneath your toenails, always using the file in the same direction. Otherwise, you will push the dirt into your toenails. Repeat it until you have no dirt under your nails.

Step 6 – Wash Your Feet

You want to wash your feet with soap to remove any dead skin and dirt. Don’t forget to dry your feet for the next steps/

Step 7 – Apply Cuticle Oil

Apply cuticle oil to your nails and let them absorb the oil thoroughly. You can also massage the oil into your cuticles. This step is vital for step number 10.

Step 8 – Trim Your Nails

Grab a clipper and cut your nails, leaving only a small thin white at the tips. You can make your nails circular or square them off (I prefer circular). Don’t leave your nails too short because it can lead to ingrown toenails, which can be pretty painful.

Step 9 – Smooth Your Nails

Smooth your nails with a file and provide a clean looking to your nails (this is very important for the Summer if you walk in flip-flops and everyone can see your feet).

Step 10 – Push Cuticles Back

By the time you trim and smooth your nails, your cuticles have absorbed the oil. Use your cuticle stick to push the cuticles back (never cut them since it can lead to irritation and infection of your skin). It’s great to remove any dead skin in the area.

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Step 11 – Moisturize Your Feet

Moisturize your feet with a foot cream and give an excellent massage to them. If you have some company, why not ask your partner to provide you with a massage? (Say you will give it one back too).

You can also add a pair of socks afterward (at least one you don’t care about that much) because it helps seal the moisture and hydrate your feet.

Step 12 – Repeat

Don’t wait too long for another pedicure. Twice per month is ideal, but you should have a pedicure at least once per month if you don’t have that much time.

Common Questions About Pedicure For Men At Home

These are some of the most common questions about pedicure for men at home.

Is It OK For Guys To Get Pedicures?

ABSOLUTELY YES! It’s more than OK for guys to get pedicures. I bet with you that some of your male friends have done pedicure but don’t share it with you because they think you will make fun of them or it’s a woman thing. I know a lot of men that have done pedicures at home and in the salon.

What Is Included In a Male Pedicure?

A male pedicure includes your nails clipped and shaped, eliminating the roughness and dead skin from the bottom of your feet and toes, an excellent clean underneath the nails, push cuticles back, a good moisturizer, and a relaxing massage on your feet and ankles.

How Often Should I Get a Pedicure?

It depends on your feet, but once per month is enough to take care of your feet. If you can get a pedicure every two weeks, even better.

How Often Should You Have a Professional Pedicure?

If you are taking care of your feet at home, you don’t need to go to a professional pedicure. If you want to relax and leave the job to someone else, I would say every two weeks or at least once per month.

What Is The Importance Of Pedicure In Men’s Grooming?

It is imperative since you get a massage on your feet during a pedicure that helps promote blood circulation (it can prevent arthritis, varicose veins, or pain). It’s also crucial for having healthy nails (preventing ingrown), removing the excess of dead skin, making your skin feet smooth, preventing smelly feet, and ensuring your feet look suitable for any occasion.


Now you know how to do pedicure for men at home, and as you see, it is not that complicated. The benefits for your feet are enormous.

Without proper maintenance, your feet can become stinky and gross. If you don’t feel comfortable getting your feet to a professional pedicure, doing it at home will do the job. I guarantee when you start it, you can’t stop it.

What about you? Did you ever get a pedicure? What are you afraid of? Share with me in the comments.