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Do you take care of your balls? Sounds such a strange question, right? We worry so much about our penis that we often forget about his two best friends. Having good hygiene down there is fundamental to avoid any problems like sticking, itching, and chafing.

We all sweat, and this is a big problem for our balls. That’s why you need to learn how to powder your balls and eliminate any potential issues. It’s a very warm and moist region in your body.

When mixed with natural bacteria on your skin, the sweat and moisture cause an unpleasant body odor that can ruin your sexual life because, let’s be honest, who wants to date men that stink down there? Or imagine you’re at an event where you can’t stop scratching your balls because they’re itching? You need to prevent this from happening, and if it has already happened, you need to stop it.

Wearing the right underwear to prevent jock itch can help, but powdering your balls can work with any style or type of underwear. Are you ready to leave the stinky balls behind and learn how to powder your balls? If you said yes, keep reading.

How To Powder Your Balls?

These are the five steps you need to take on how to put powder on your balls.

Step 1 – Have a Shower

The first thing you need to know is that ball powder is not designed to eliminate any scent of testicle odor. It’s intended to prevent it, so you need to take a shower to be fresh and start the procedure the correct way.

Man Having a Shower

Ensure you give a good clean down there, washing your balls, penis, and crotch (we should do this daily anyway, but sometimes we are in a rush, and it’s a quick clean-up).

If you are confident you gave a good wash to your private parts, they are cleaned and odor-free, move to step two.

Step 2 – Dry Yourself

Do you know when sometimes you dry yourself, put on some boxers, and find out you are still a little bit wet? That happened to me a few times, and I can imagine it occurred to you as well.

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If you apply the ball powder when the area is wet, the powder tends to become a mess, clogging the pores in that region. Can you imagine? You just had a shower, and you need another one.

Since your balls and crotch is a very moist area, you want to ensure you are dry as a bone. Instead of rubbing or tugging, pat gently with a clean towel, and if you are uncircumcised, ensure you dry under your foreskin.

Step 3 – Powder Your Balls

I don’t recommend you drop the powder down the front of your pants because it’s ineffective, and it will become a mess with powder everywhere (imagine black pants full of white powder, and you are Ross in Friends.)

I recommend you use Chassis because even if you sweat a lot, you will not experiment with that messy paste on your pants that other powders sometimes make.

The best way to apply the powder to your balls is to sprinkle it into your dry hand. Use less than too much because if you need more, you can add it, but you can’t remove it from your balls if you have too much.

Rub it into the skin of your groin area, especially where you feel you accumulate more sweat. Please do it for around ten to fifteen seconds till you think you have spread the powder.

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If you are asking when you should stop or have applied enough powder, I would say when all the area is covered white. Then, with time you will know if you need to use more or less.

Step 4 – Experiment

Like everything in life, when you experiment with something new, you must adapt to what is best for you. The amount of powder I use myself can be different from the amount you will need.

You will feel you are walking awkwardly for a few minutes, but you don’t even realize you are using powder after that. You will forget it.

Step 5 – Reevaluate

After you have tested the ball powder, reevaluate if it worked for you or if you need to try something different.

So trust your guts and apply more or less ball powder each day to find the right amount you need to use. When I tried it, I personally didn’t need to use it a lot.

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Benefits Of Using Ball Powder

Not all ball powders are the same, but most of them have the same benefits when applied correctly.

Dryness and Moisture-Wicking Ability 

If you sweat excessively, the constant moisture can wreak havoc on the skin covering the groin, creating a bad smell, jock itch, and other bacterial infections. To avoid all that, you need to keep your groin dry.

Reduce Friction and Prevent Chafing

Even if powders don’t prevent sweat production, they can certainly protect the skin from moisture damage by absorbing and promoting a dryer environment.

Prevents Odor

Crotch sweat is broken down by bacteria that enter contact with your skin and create a pretty bad smell (did you just touch your balls to check if the scent is acceptable?)

Ball powders are great for preventing any odor from your private areas and keeping it safe when you get more personal with someone. No bad surprises there.

Reduce Friction and Prevent Chafing

If friction is causing redness of the skin on the scrotum, plus you are living in a hot city, the chances of chafing are pretty high. In critical cases, chafing will involve swelling, crusting, or bleeding.

Since ball powder will maintain your balls dry, it will reduce friction and chafing from happening.

Common Questions About Powder Your Balls

Let’s answer some common questions about ball powder.

Is It Ok To Powder Your Balls?

Absolutely yes. When you use powder on your balls, it will soak up the sweat throughout the day, reducing any friction, preventing chafing, preventing foul odor, and protecting your balls from moisture damage.

Is It Safe To Put Gold Bond On Your Balls?

It is safe to use Gold Bond on your balls but have some caution when you do it. Gold Bond uses talc to prevent chafing and absorb excess moisture, but studies have found mixed results and evidence that talc causes cancer in women.

Is It Safe To Put Gold Bond On Your Balls

Although you are a man, studies have found no conclusive evidence, and Gold Bond is recognized as safe by the FDA. However, I would still minimize its use if possible and choose a safer choice like Chassis.

What Body Powers Are Safe To Use?

When it comes to ball powders, choose the ones that use natural products like aloe vera, corn starch, menthol, vitamin E, chamomile, oatmeal, or calamine. Also, I would avoid any ball powders that contain talc or aluminum since they are not healthier choices.


Applying ball powder to your genital area brings excellent benefits such as wicking moisture, maintaining it dry, reducing friction, and preventing chafing and nasty odors.

It sounds simple how to powder your balls, but if you don’t dry your private parts correctly, it can become a big mess and affect your day and confidence.

What are you waiting to try a powder on your balls? Why do you want to use it? And if you already did, share your experience in the comments.