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Oakley is one of the biggest and most trusted sunglasses brands in the world. Oakley products are high quality, have excellent craftsmanship, and are made with great sophistication. But where are Oakley sunglasses made?

To confirm, I have decided to review hundreds of product descriptions on the Oakley website to verify if the brand lists where the products are manufactured. I also visited one Oakley store in Covent Garden London and some department stores that sell the brand, checking multiple items. So let’s find out where Oakley sunglasses are made.

Where Are Oakley Sunglasses Made?

Most Oakley sunglasses are manufactured in Italy and some in the US.

Where Are Oakley Sunglasses Made

Oakley’s website doesn’t list the country of origin for any item in the product description, which I was surprised with, considering that most products are manufactured in Italy. Ray-Ban is another sunglasses brand that does the same, and it manufactures most of its eyewear in Italy too.

However, if you pay attention to the images, you can still check where some Oakley sunglasses are manufactured on the brand’s website. On the right temple on the sunglasses, Oakley provides the “made in” and the country where the product was manufactured. Unfortunately, the brand only does this for sunglasses manufactured in the US and not any other country. Just check the picture below.

Are Oakley sunglasses manufactured in the US

As shown in the picture above, Oakley provided the country of origin for that pair of sunglasses, stating “USA Made”. I can’t understand why the brand doesn’t show the ones manufactured in Italy since it’s where Oakley produces the most. Everyone knows Italy is the best when it comes to eyewear production, so this could have a positive impact on Oakley sales.

In-store I have checked many Oakley sunglasses in different department stores, including the brand store in Covent Garden, London, and all sunglasses, without exception, were manufactured in Italy. I didn’t find any other country, so I was convinced that Oakley only manufactured in Italy.

But don’t worry if you purchase a pair of Oakley sunglasses and can’t find this information on the brand’s website because when you receive the physical product, you can check it. This is because the US and EU legislation requires brands to indicate the country of origin of any goods. 

Don’t be surprised if you find Oakley sunglasses manufactured in China, India, Japan, Germany, or Brazil. This is because Oakley belongs to Luxottica, which has manufacturing sites in all these countries. So I wouldn’t be stupified if some Oakley eyewear is produced there.

Are Oakley Sunglasses Made In Italy?

Yes, most Oakley sunglasses are manufactured in Italy.

Are Oakley Sunglasses Made In Italy

Where exactly Oakley manufactures its sunglasses in Italy, I am not sure, but Luxottica owns five facilities in Northeastern Italy, where most of the country’s eyewear industry is based, one in Pescara and one near Turin. So Oakley sunglasses from Italy will be made in some of these factories.

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The reason why Oakley eyewear is mainly manufactured in Italy is due to the tradition of Italian craftsmanship and the efficiency and pace of modern automation. In addition, Italy is known to be the best country for making glasses, and the Italian eyewear sector is number one in the global industry.

Are Oakley Sunglasses Made In China?

A tiny percentage of Oakley sunglasses may be manufactured in China. In-store, I didn’t find any Oakley sunglasses made in China, but since Luxottica has a factory in Guandong and some Ray-Ban eyewear is made there, I expect the same to happen with Oakley.

Where Is Oakley Made?

Oakley apparel, footwear, and accessories are manufactured in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Japan, and Indonesia.

Where Are Oakley Products Made

I also decided to check Oakley apparel, bags, shoes, and any other products that weren’t part of eyewear. Most Oakley t-shirts and jackets were manufactured in Bangladesh and China. I wasn’t expecting to find some apparel made in Japan, which I did. Oakley footwear seems to be made between China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Now, even if I checked most Oakley products in-store, I may be missing some countries where the brand manufactures. I don’t think the brand fabricates that much outside of Asia (apart from the sunglasses in Italy and the US), so don’t expect to find any apparel made in Italy, Portugal, the US, or France.

Common Questions About Where Are Oakley Sunglasses Made

These are the most common questions about where are Oakley sunglasses made.

Where Are Oakley Frames Made?

All Oakley frames are designed and engineered in California in the US. However, Oakley frames can be manufactured in the US, Italy, China, Brazil, Japan and Germany.

Where Are Oakley Glasses Made?

All Oakley glasses I checked in-store were manufactured in Italy, and I do believe most of them are made there. However, some Oakley glasses can also be made in the US, Brazil, China, Germany, and Japan.

Where Are Oakley Holbrooks Made?

All Oakley Holbrooks I have checked in-store had the made-in-Italy tag. On Oakley’s website, I found some Oakley Holbrooks made in the US.

Where Are Oakley Goggles Made?

All Oakley goggles I have checked in-store had the made-in-Italy tag. On Oakley’s website, I found some Oakley goggles made in the US.

Where Are Oakley Lenses Made?

All Oakley lenses are designed and engineered in California in the US. However, Oakley lenses can be manufactured in the US, Italy, China, Brazil, Japan and Germany.

Do all Oakley sunglasses say made in USA?

No, not all Oakley sunglasses are manufactured in the US. In fact, most Oakley sunglasses are made in Italy. However, all Oakley sunglasses are designed and engineered in California. You can also find some sunglasses made in the US.


Where are Oakley sunglasses made? Mainly in Italy, with some in the US. However, the possibility of finding Oakley sunglasses made in China, India, Japan, Germany, or Brazil is real since the parent company Luxottica has factories in these countries. Regarding apparel, footwear, and other accessories that are not sunglasses, Oakley is manufactured in China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Japan.