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It can be challenging to fall asleep when it’s too hot at night, especially if you feel boiling in certain places like your testicles. So how to keep your balls cool at night?

I have grown up in Portugal, and some summers are so hot that it can be difficult to fall asleep. Your balls are burning, making it uncomfortable for any night activity. Even if you live in a cold place, a heatwave can be synonymous with some of the most uncomfortable nights you and your balls will have.

After all, testicles hang outside our bodies for a reason, to produce testosterone and sperm at a lower temperature than your body heat. So if you adjust some of your habits, you can ensure your balls are cold (but not excessively cold) at night. So let me show you how to keep your balls cool at night.

Why Should You Keep Your Balls Cool?

You should keep your balls cool for a couple of reasons, not just for being more comfortable. 10-15% of infertile men have a complete lack of sperm, making it harder for a couple to conceive. The fact that you keep your testicles cool improves your low sperm.

how to keep your testicles cool

Keeping your balls cool will also improve the production of testosterone which is vital for men since it helps in sperm production and other hormones needed. Some researchers say that the bigger your balls are, the more testosterone and sperm production you will produce.

If your balls are too hot, they can become sweaty and smelly, which is never a great experience, especially if you sleep with someone or want to have some action. If you keep your balls cold enough, you can prevent both problems. Who would want to touch sweaty and smelly balls?

As you can see, keeping your balls cold will improve your comfort (if not excessively cold) and fertility.

How To Keep Your Balls Cool At Night?

I have faced some heat waves this summer, but I also lived in Crete, Greece, which is hot all day and even at night. So I decided to try different methods to see if they worked or if it was a waste of my time.

To maintain your balls cool at night, you should have a cold shower before sleep, wear loose-fitting underwear made of a suitable material, wear the proper bed sheets and blankets, powder your balls, use an ice pack before bed, sleep naked, or avoid hot environments.

Have A Cold Shower Before Sleep

Of course, one of the easiest ways to keep your balls cool is to have a cold shower before you go to bed. This will chill down your body temperature, which incorporates your testicles. You will also be fresh, which is nice when you sleep in the same bed with someone else.

Man Having a Shower

The problem with a cold shower before bed is that you will stimulate your mind and body, making it more difficult to fall asleep. So my advice is only to wash your balls with cold water before bed, and not the entire body. Or have a lukewarm shower and finish with cold water on your balls for twenty seconds (it seems worse than it is).

Wear Loose-Fitting Underwear

Wearing loose-fit underwear or pajamas will ensure your body is not too strict with tight clothes and will provide some needed ventilation during nighttime. Loose-fitting underwear also prevents any chafing from tight boxers rubbing on sensitive skin and sweating from happening.

During summer, I prefer to sleep in underwear since it’s too hot, and I feel more comfortable that way. If you are looking for a wear loose-fitting pair of boxers, pick the Zonbailon boxer briefs. When I slept with these boxer briefs, I felt they provided the proper space to keep my balls cool and offer me comfort.

Wear The Right Material Underwear

Not only do you need the right fitting underwear, but you also want to pick the most suitable materials to maintain your balls cool during the night. The two best underwear fabrics for that are cotton and merino wool.

Man Using a White Pair of Boxers

Most underwear is made of polyester or cotton; this last material is known to be the most breathable, allowing your balls to cool down during the night in hot weather. However, if you sweat a lot, cotton absorbs the sweat and, if you sweat excessively, doesn’t keep the underwear dry, which is a problem.

Merino wool underwear will keep your balls cool during summer or a heatwave. Merino wool absorbs all odor molecules and bacteria and ejects them via vapor. I never felt my balls so cool during a summer night as I felt with underwear made of merino wool. You want to avoid synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester since they are not breathable at all.

Wear The Right Bed Sheets And Blankets

Bed sheets made of cotton, silk, or linen offer the coolest sleeping experience since these are some of the most breathable materials, keeping your balls cool during sleep. I loved my experience with silk bed sheets and got some more.

Also, if you are one of those people that always have to sleep with a blanket (during summer I prefer nothing to touch me when I sleep), try to choose one made of bamboo, cotton or TENCEL, since they are all breathable and will not increase your body temperature.

Not only do you need to keep your balls cool, but it would also help to maintain the rest of your body with the temperature you want, so why not invest in a cooling mattress and pillow, too?

Powder Your Balls

When you powder your balls, you wick the water away from your skin, keeping them cool and comfortable. This way, the powder prevents sweat by absorbing excess moisture, preventing any foul body odors, skin chafing, and irritation. 

The best powder for your balls on the market is Chassis. I like it so much because it doesn’t create a mess down there, and it’s made of aloe vera, which is known for having cool properties. You should also correctly apply the powder. Otherwise, you will not receive the full effects of it.

Use An Ice Pack Before Bed

Now, I want you to be careful with this option because you should not keep an ice pack on your balls all night long. You should put ice on your balls for no more than twenty minutes and have a thin cloth between the ice and your balls.

With lower scrotal temperatureyou can improve sperm and testosterone production, which can be beneficial if you are trying to get your partner pregnant. But you don’t want ice all night on your balls because it’s uncomfortable and eventually becomes water and will wet everything.

I tried Snowballs underwear during a summer night and had some ice on them for twenty minutes, which was a really cool experience, to say the least. Snowballs underwear is a scientifically backed cooling undergarment developed to naturally improve male fertility and testosterone and relieve scrotal pain.

Sleep Naked

You can also sleep naked and avoid any underwear and pajamas, keeping your body temperature down without changing the room’s temperature. So, not only will your balls be cool, but your sleep quality will also improve if you are not hot.

keep your balls cool when you go commando

Personally, I wouldn’t say I like to sleep naked since it doesn’t make me super comfortable, because I like to have a protective layer between my genitals and the bed. But if you like it, or you are desperate to make your balls less sweaty and hot, go for it. I have some friends who only sleep naked because they don’t feel pleased any other way.

Avoid Hot Environments

You can’t avoid the hot summer weather unless you never leave the house and don’t mind paying a costly air conditioner bill. But you can prevent some environments that will not do any favors to your balls.

For example, you should avoid saunas, hot baths, hot tubs, laptops on your lap, or a car seat warmer since all of them will increase the temperature of your balls and create problems with sperm production.

Common Questions About How To Keep Your Testicles Cool At Night

These are the most common questions about how to keep your balls cool at night.

Will Shave My Balls Keep Them Cool?

Shaving your balls will improve your health and hygiene, boost confidence, and even make your partner go down on you more times (personal preferences). However, shaving your balls will not make them cooler.

Is It Good To Keep Your Balls Cold?

Yes, keeping your balls cold will improve the production of sperm and testosterone and will make you sleep better during heatwaves and hot summer nights. Of course, your balls shouldn’t be icy, or they will be susceptible to injuries.

How Do You Keep Your Balls From Sweating At Night?

To keep your balls from sweating at night, you should wear the best underwear to prevent sweat, avoid spicy foods, alcohol, and caffeine, wear loose-fit undergarments, shower daily, and wear bet sheets made of silk, cotton, or TECEL.


How to keep your balls cool at night? Wear loose-fitting underwear made of cotton or merino wool, have a cold shower before bed, proper bed sheets, powder your balls, use an ice pack before bed, sleep naked or avoid hot environments like saunas and hot tubs.

Hopefully, one of these tips will make your balls cool during the night and make you more comfortable when it comes to sleep.