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Khaki pants are a great color for a casual look when you go out with friends or on a date. But do you know what color socks to wear with khaki pants?

Choosing the wrong color of socks can ruin an outfit and transform it into a mess. So it is essential to choose the right color of socks that match well with your khaki pants. Don’t neglect your socks because they are as crucial as the pants, shirt, and shoes.

I have a pair of khaki pants that I absolutely love because they look really smart with some shirts and shoes I have. The only problem was that I only had one pair of socks to wear with it. That’s why I decided to research more about this subject and buy some new socks to match my khaki pants.

Are you ready to learn what color socks to wear with khaki pants? Let’s dig in.

What Color Socks To Wear With Khaki Pants?

You can wear a couple of different colors with khaki pants. For example, you can wear khaki, olive, green, tan and brown socks with khaki pants. You can also wear these colors with patterned socks and mix them (khaki with brown, olive with green, etc.).

what color socks with khaki pants

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I see many pieces of advice where people say for you to mix your socks with your shoes, but you should mix your socks with your pants. The reason is when you match your socks with your pants, it creates an extension of them when you show the socks. If you coordinate them with your shoes, it seems the shoes are longer (not ideal).

Wear Khaki Socks

Khakis socks will look great with khaki pants. You can choose a couple of different shades to wear with your pants. I like the idea of your socks being darker than your khakis pants when it comes to this color. It will look tasteful.

If you want to choose the same exact shade of khaki for both your socks and pants, go for it. A monochromatic look can create a great first impression if you meet someone new. However, I still prefer my khaki socks to be slightly darker than the pants to create a stylish overall look.

Wear Olive Socks

Olive socks will look great with your khaki pants. You can have a couple of different shades of olive or pattern them to make the entire outfit pop out. A great choice for the autumn.

Since olive and khaki are earthy middling autumn tones that coordinate well together, sometimes they might look similar, but they have different shades that look really good in an outfit when mixed.

Wear Green Socks

The primary component colors in a khaki mixture are green and yellow. This is because so many types of green will look great with khaki pants, like green basil, emerald, avocado, dull green, kale, etc. I would forget about any shades of yellow with khaki pants.

Green is a safe choice to wear with any shade of khaki. However, I would avoid very flashy or fluorescent greens, or you can ruin your outfit if you flash your socks.

Wear Tan Socks

Tan is a neutral color, and khaki looks great with neutral colors. Matching these two seems an excellent choice for a casual evening out or a walk around a city.

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Wear Brown Socks

Brown socks are another great option to wear with khaki pants, especially if you wear a darker brown.

However, I would avoid wearing shoes that have the same color as your socks (it’s ok if you use different shades of brown). Otherwise, it will give the perception that you are wearing boots.

Wear Patterned Socks

If you know me, you know how much I love to have patterned socks. Suppose you choose shapes like stripes, dots, diamonds, etc. The most important rule is to follow the suggested colors, such as khaki, olive, tan, brown, or green. You have some great choices that are exceptional for a casual meeting.

Don’t wear crazy patterns like funny cartoons or bright colors mixed with khaki pants, or you will have a messy outfit.

What Color Socks Not To Wear With Khaki Pants?

I would not wear any other colors apart from the ones I have suggested, but I want to reinforce my opinion on two of them.

Don’t Wear White Socks

White socks belong to sporty activities. So unless you are going to play football in your khaki pants, you should never wear white socks with them. I have written an article about when to wear white socks if you have any questions about it.

Don’t Wear Black Socks

Black socks are a neutral color, so I guess you can wear them with pretty much any color of pants you want. However, I would avoid wearing them with khaki pants because black socks are for a professional outfit (this is my opinion about black socks in general). They just don’t look good in a casual outfit to go on a date or a walk close to the river at night.

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If you don’t have any other socks apart from black or white, it’s ok to wear black ones. Then, on the next day, buy some other colorful socks like olive, navy, and some patterned ones.

Conclusion About What Color Socks With Khaki Pants?

If you have been wondering what color socks to wear with khaki pants, now you know the answer. Any khaki, tan, brown, green, or olive socks are a great choice to wear with khaki pants. What about patterns? That’s up to personal preference as long as they don’t get too crazy,

As for white and black socks, I recommend avoiding them altogether because they look sloppy (looking at you, white socks) or too professional when it comes to the black pair. Also, avoid any crazy bright colors like orange, yellow or pink.

I always like to say at the end that you should wear whatever makes you happy. I like to write these guidelines for you to know what to do to look fashionable. If you want to rock a pair of white socks with khaki pants, it’s up to you (but please, don’t do it. White socks belong to sports).

What about you? What color socks do you wear with khaki socks? Share with me in the comments.