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Skechers have shoes for every occasion these days, whether you go to a wedding, running, the beach, or a casual event. You have never bought Skechers, but you are interested in purchasing one pair to check them out. Also, you want to know: do Skechers run big, small, or true to size?

Luckily for you, I have worked for Skechers for over one year and a half as a store manager in two different locations and have served thousands of people. So I know whether people went down on size or had to buy a bigger one because I have helped them. So I have all these customers’ experiences to share with you and help you find your perfect size on Skechers shoes.

Are you ready to find out if Skechers run big, small, or true to size? Let’s start answering your question.

Do Skechers Run Big, Small, Or True To Size?

When I worked for Skechers, if someone asked me, do Skechers run big? I would automatically say yes. They do when compared with other brands. However, writing this article and combining my experience with the Amazon reviews I have read, I would change my answer to it depends on the style you are buying.

Are Skechers Big?

The Skechers styles that run big are the Go Walks and the Slip Ons. However, you also have some styles like Sandals, Running shoes, or Boots that can alternate between bigger, smaller, or accurate sizes. My experience says that most Sandals will need one full size down since they come too big in most styles.

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Do Skechers Run Small?

Skechers shoes do not run prevalently small. They tend to be more significant or true to size. However, you have some styles like the Relaxed Fit, Running shoes, Boots, or Bobs that can alternate between bigger, smaller or true to size. I would say Skechers Bobs are the most prevalent of coming smaller and narrow compared to other styles.

Do Skechers Run True To Size?

Yes, some Skechers styles like Arch Fit run true to size. However, some styles as Relaxed Fit, Sandals, Running shoes, Boots, and Bobs can run on your actual size with other brands.

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Skechers Sizing Chart & Fit

Skechers footwear is engineered to American size standards, so when in doubt, follow this chart to help you convert your international size if necessary.

Source: Skechers

Don’t forget to find your perfect fit to help you get your favorite shoes in the best size. This had a considerable impact on customers buying Skechers shoes because a narrow foot person would never buy an extra-wide pair of shoes.

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Source: Skechers

How Do Skechers Fit?

According to Skechers, I am a US size 10.5. Of course, you can be a US 10.5 too, but if your feet swell more than mine, you may have to go for a size 11. Just keep in mind that every person has different needs.

To make your life easier, I have mixed my personal experience serving Skechers customers and read Amazon reviews of specific Skechers styles to back up my claims on why I say some shoe styles run too big and others are true to size.

On Amazon, I have typed the words “small size,” “big size,” and “true to size” to include all reviews that mentioned if Skechers run big, smaller, or right-sized.

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Do not forget that inside Skechers Sandals, you have many different sandals, so I still advise you to check the model you are buying for more clarification about the size you have to buy. This goes for every single style reviewed below. Unfortunately, I can’t review every shoe, so I opted to check the styles more globally.

Do Skechers Go Walk Run Big Or Small?

Skechers Go Walk 5 runs too big the majority of the time. However, we had some customers who bought the same size and said they were true to size. Therefore, I advise you to buy half a size smaller.

I have a lot more experience with Skechers Go Walk 5 than Go Walk 4, so my opinion is based on them. Go Walk 5 is also the most popular shoe style in the entire brand and the best seller by far. Skechers Go Walk 5 is my top choice for walking shoes for overweight walkers.

My Experience With Skechers Customers on Go Walk 5:

Customers usually went down half a size smaller because the heel was slipping on the back, and most wear these shoes without socks (most ladies). The ones that went down one size smaller were because they had narrow feet, and Skechers is known for being wider than other brands.

What Reviewers say about Skechers Go Walk 5:

Most reviewers say the Skechers Go Walk 5 are very comfortable but run too big and wider. Some even say that usually, they are a size 11 or 10, and they had to go down one full size for the shoe to fit perfectly.

Do Skechers Relaxed Fit Run Big?

Skechers Relaxed Fit runs true to size from my experience with Skechers customers. The Amazon reviews say this style comes smaller than expected (I have checked a few different Relaxed Fit styles, and most reviews say they were smaller or true to size). I advise you to buy your size and then check if you need a half size bigger.

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The Relaxed Fit style is roomier on the toe area when compared with the Classi Fit shoes. For the Amazon Reviews, I have considered the Skechers Men Elent-Mosen Trainers and Skechers Superior Milford Men’s Trainers.

My Experience With Skechers Customers on Relaxed Fit:

This was a popular style for people that needed extra room in the toe area. It was often to see customers buy their size since the shoes came true to size. We had the odd person that would buy a bigger size if they had wider feet, and the shoes felt narrow.

What Reviewers say about Skechers Relaxed Fit:

One customer said they had to order one size bigger because the shoe was too small. Some customers also said they bought half a size bigger, and the shoe fitted perfectly. However, some say they purchased their usual size, and this style fits true to size.

Do Skechers Sandals Run Big Or Small?

Skechers Sandals run a full size too big, but it all depends on the style you buy (some are true to size). Skechers doesn’t sell half sizes in the sandals, so you have to buy one size smaller because they come wider too. The Amazon reviews say Sandals can be too big or true to size (again, it depends on the style you buy).

For the Amazon Reviews, I have considered the Skechers Men’s Louden Sandal, Skechers Women’s Meditation-Rock Crown Flat Sandal, and Skechers Women’s Slide Sandal

My Experience With Skechers Customers on Sandals:

Selling Skechers sandals was a funny experience with customers, and my entire team already knew that when a customer said they were a size 8, you would bring one size smaller. Some ladies would buy two sizes smaller, just for you to see how big they run in sandals. Men would buy a size smaller or be true to size.

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The customers who bought the Sandals true to size had wide feet or their feet swelled a lot. I am so reluctant to accept some reviews saying they had to buy a bigger size on sandals because it doesn’t match my experience with all these customers. Difficult when we don’t have all the information available on the reviews.

What Reviewers say about Skechers Sandals:

One plus-size lady said she bought the shoes in her usual size, and they fit perfectly. However, others say they have purchased their regular size, but the sandal is too big and wide, lacking support when walking. In addition, some customers don’t understand why someone would suggest buying a bigger size when the sandals come too big.

Do Skechers Running Shoes Run Big Or Small?

Skechers Running shoes can run big, small or true to size depending on the style you want or need. I am a big fan of the Skechers Max Cushioning (the shoe in the picture below), and I had to buy a half size smaller because they were too big on US 10,5. I advise you to go true to size or half a size smaller based on my experience.

For the Amazon Reviews, I have considered the Skechers Men’s Max Cushioning, Skechers Men’s Track Scloric Oxford, and Skechers Women’s Max Cushioning.

My Experience With Skechers Customers on Running Shoes:

Everyone would call me in my stores to serve running shoes because I am very passionate about running, and my knowledge is plentiful since I also have a sports degree. Every runner has their preferences; some like the shoes snugged, others prefer a little bit bigger since your feet expand when you start exercising and running.

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Since Skechers run too big for me, I have always advised customers to go half a size smaller or go true to size if their feet expanded. I would only consider suggesting a bigger size if they had to add an extra insole or run in very thick socks.

What Reviewers say about Skechers Running Shoes:

One customer said they ordered a size US 9 (its usual size), and the running shoe was too big and wide. Some say the shoes are very comfortable, provide good cushioning, and run true to size. You have a guy who ordered a US 8 but had to change for a US 8.5 because they were a little bit small.

Do Skechers Slip Ons Run Big Or Small?

Skechers Slip Ons runs big for most customers, and you want to consider buying a half size smaller or even a full size smaller if you have narrow feet. It all depends if the slip-on is a classic fit, a relaxed fit style, wide or extra wide. You have Slip Ons on pretty much every single style (apart from the Sandals).

For the Amazon Reviews, I have considered the Skechers Men’s Expected Avillo Moccasin, Skechers Men’s Go Max-Athletic, and Skechers Women’s Microburst.

My Experience With Skechers Customers on Slip Ons:

Skechers Slip Ons are very popular in any style. Customers loved these shoes because they were easy to put on, especially if you have wide feet or any medical condition that makes your feet swell.

My experience says this style runs too big in general. Customers with narrow feet and the classic fit version of this style would go down a full size.

What Reviewers say about Skechers Slip Ons:

“The shoe fits about a half size larger. I’ve always One customer said he usually buys his Skechers the same size on different styles, but this one, in particular, runs very large. Another said it ordered three different sizes, and all of them were too wide and big. You do have the occasional customer saying this style runs true to size.

Do Skechers Boots Run Big Or Small?

Skechers boots can run big, smaller, or proper to size, depending on the style you choose. The reason is that some types are very narrow, and others are wider. If you wear thicker socks, you will need extra space on the shoes.

For the Amazon Reviews, I have considered the Skechers Men’s Blaine Orsen, Skechers Men’s Burgin-Tarlac Industrial Boot, Skechers Women’s Pond Duck Boot. All three boots have totally different reviews. One runs too big, the other too small, and the other is true to size. A nightmare if you are buying online.

My Experience With Skechers Customers on Boots:

Skechers boots were never my favorite to sell. I will not lie to you. I would never know what to expect when a customer was trying a boot unless it was a best seller (after you sell the same boot repeatedly, you know if the customer will need smaller or bigger ones before they try).

You have too many variants when it comes to boots. Some customers were thicker, socks and others didn’t. It’s also more challenging to add an insole inside to a boot that is too a shoe, so customers needed a bigger size.

What Reviewers say about Skechers Boots:

One customer commented that they always buy size US 11 boots on every brand they purchase, but he had to go half a size smaller with Skechers boots because they felt big and wide. Others say the boots were too small, and they had tried to squeeze the foot on the boot from all angles, but it was impossible. You have the occasional buyer saying the boots fit true to size.

Do Skechers Arch Fit Run Big Or Small?

Skechers Arch Fit runs true to size. You have different fits that you can choose, like the relaxed fit or extra wide. Ideally, you don’t add your insole to these shoes, so you don’t need a bigger size. Even if your feet swell, you can go for the extra wide fit.

For the Amazon Reviews, I have considered the Skechers Men’s Arch Fit Banline Oxford and Skechers Women’s Arch Fit-Sunny.

My Experience With Skechers Customers on Arch Fit:

I don’t have much to say about the Arch Fit style since it wasn’t a best seller and was very specific for certain customers. But, from what I remember, it was true to size.

What Reviewers say about Skechers Arch Fit:

Most reviewers say the shoes are very comfortable, they can feel the arch support and this style tend to run true to size. You have the odd review stating to purchase a half size bigger since the shoes can be narrow.

Do Skechers Bobs Run Big Or Small?

Skechers Bobs run small or true to size. You have the classic fit that can feel slightly narrow, so you may need a half size bigger. However, when it comes to stretch fit or relaxed fit, you should choose your size.

For the Amazon Reviews, I have considered the Skechers Bobs Women’s Low Top, Skechers Bobs Breeze, and Skechers Bobs Women’s Cute.

My Experience With Skechers Customers on Bobs:

My experience with the customers in the store says Skechers Bobs come a little bit too narrow (probably the only style on Skechers there, you can say that). Also, many Bobs don’t have laces, or if they do, you can’t tie (some are elastic laces), so you have to consider that these shoes get loose after a while, and your heel will start slipping when walking.

What Reviewers say about Skechers Bobs:

Most customers state that you need to buy at least a half size bigger, independently of your usual size on different brands or even inside Skechers. However, you have the odd purchaser saying the shoes run half a size bigger and you need to buy a smaller size.

Tips When Buying Skechers Shoes

When buying Skechers shoes, have into consideration some of those tips. These tips are based on my personal experience with thousands of customers I have served and sold shoes in the Skechers stores I have worked.

Ask To Have Your Feet Measured

Ask to have your feet measured. In Skechers stores, every customer that tries a shoe is advised to have their feet measured. So many customers said, “I have been a size 9 for the last fifty years. I know my size.” just for me to find out, they were supposed to be a size bigger or smaller.

So if you are in a Skechers store, have your feet measured (it only takes a few seconds). This is crucial for kids’ size since they keep growing.

Skechers Fit

It’s essential to understand the different fit inside of Skechers shoes. For example, if you need to add an extra insole, you may need extra-wide or wide shoes and not the classic fit.

If you have narrow feet, the classic fit will be fine, and you want to avoid the relaxed fit or extra wide versions.

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Type Of Socks

The socks that you wear can determine how much space you will have left on your Skechers shoes. If you wear thicker socks, the less room you have inside of your shoe.


Your feet take a lot of abuse every day, carrying your weight in activities like walking, running, or jumping. Also, all of these activities can affect whether your feet and ankles swell, so you need to consider whether you walk a lot or stand for hours. That’s why many of Skecher’s customers are people who work in hospitals or places where they stand all day.

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Medical Conditions

Suppose you suffer from any medical conditions like bunions, diabetes, high blood pressure, blisters, plantar fasciitis, or claw toe. In that case, you need to consider if you need the extra space on your Skechers and buy it a size bigger. Just remember, Skechers run big compared with other brands.

Common Questions About Skechers Sizing

Some of the most common questions about Skechers sizing.

Does Skechers Come In Narrow Width?

Not really. Skechers is wider when compared with other brands. They do have the classic fit, but I find out that even this fit can be slightly too wide for narrow feet. I would say the Skechers Bobs are your closest to feel the shoes snugged.

Are Skechers Good For Wide Feet?

Yes, Skechers is excellent for wide feet. The brand is already known for making wider footwear than its competitors. You also have the Relaxed Fit, Wide Fit, and Extra Wide Fit if you need extra room on your shoes.

Do Skechers Run Small For Kids?

No, Skechers kids shoes run true to size from my experience. However, I always advised parents to buy them one size bigger to give room to grow. My advice is to have your kid’s feet measured in-store. In case you are buying online, I would buy true to size or one size bigger.

How Do Skechers Fit Compared To Adidas?

Skechers shoes run big compared with Adidas shoes. Adidas shoes are known to run true to size.

How Do Skechers Fit Compared To Nike?

Skechers shoes run big than Nike shoes. Nike shoes are known to run smaller, and you often need to buy a bigger size.


Do Skechers run big? It all depends on the style of the shoes you want. If you have your eyes on any Go Walk 5 or Slip Ons, you bet they run slightly bigger than other styles, but every person has different needs, and until you try, you will not be sure.

My advice is for you to follow the recommendations I have provided since they are based on my experience with thousands of people buying Skechers shoes combined with hundreds of Amazon reviews I have read.

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What about you? Do Skechers run big based on your experience? Or do they come smaller or true to size? Share with me in the comments.