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I can’t say Puma is my favorite sports brand on the market, but it’s one of the most famous globally. So if you are here, it’s because you love Puma and want to purchase a pair. However, you have a question: do Puma shoes run big or small? Maybe most styles are true to size?

I have bought two pairs of Puma shoes in my life, but I have tried loads of different Puma shoe styles at work to understand the size and features of the shoes better.

I worked with Puma shoes for many years as the Footwear Manager of a multi-brand sports company. I have served thousands of people with Puma casual shoes, running sneakers, football boots, and golf shoes. I helped them choose the best size possible for their feet’ needs. So I know what Puma styles customers went a size up or down (or kept the same size).

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Since Puma has an extensive selection of diverse shoes, I have decided to check the most popular Puma shoe styles on the market. Let’s find out the answer to the question: do Puma shoes run big or small or true to size?

Do Puma Shoes Run Big, Small, Or True To Size?

If you are in a hurry, these are the conclusions from my research and personal and professional experience with Puma shoes.

Do Puma Run Big?

No Puma shoe style runs predominantly too big. However, some Puma shoes can run too big for some people, alternating between bigger, smaller, or more accurate sizes.

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Do Puma Run Small?

The Puma styles that run small are the Clydes, Classic, and Smash. The Cell Surin style is prevalent smaller, but some people find them true to size. The Tazon, Roma, and Slides alternate between bigger, smaller, or accurate sizes.

Do Puma Run True To Size?

No Puma shoe style runs predominantly true to size. The Puma Axelion and Roma styles run true to size for most consumers but also small or big. The Classics, Tazon, Cell Surin, and Slides alternate between bigger, smaller, or accurate sizes.

Puma Sizing Chart & Fit

Puma has created a shoe sizing chart down based on your heel-toe length. This way, you can ensure you buy the correct Puma shoe size for yourself.

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Puma Men Shoes Size Chart

If you place a piece of paper on the floor with one end of your foot against a wall, you can mark the piece of paper where your toes end with a pen. Then, measure the mark you created on the paper with the end and compare the measurement to the Puma shoe size chart.

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That’s how you will get the correct Puma size. But keep reading because you have other factors you need to consider.

How Do Puma Shoes Fit?

Most people believe that Puma shoes tend to run small, no matter the style, which is not true. Some Puma styles are too big when compared with some other styles that are too small.

I vary my size on Puma shoes according to the style I buy, and the same should happen to you regarding the German shoe brand or any other shoe label. No shoe brand has one-size-fits-all styles.

Do Puma Clyde Run Big Or Small?

The Puma Clydes runs too small for the majority of people. This is a very narrow style, so you want to consider that.

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My Experience With Customers On Puma Clydes:

The Clydes are one the most popular Puma styles we had in-store and on the market. It’s a narrow style, so most customers would go at least half a size bigger or a full size bigger if they had wide feet. I don’t have wide feet, so half a size bigger on this style did the trick and fit me perfectly.

What Reviewers say about Puma Clydes:

Almost every single customer said this style is too narrow and feels tight. The majority advises you to purchase a bigger size. Only one person said this style was too big. One customer said he had been a size 11 in all brands but had to order a bigger size in Puma Clydes.

Do Puma Suede Classic Run Big Or Small?

The Puma Suede Classic shoes run too small for most consumers and true to size for a few that tried this style. It’s a narrow style, so I would buy half a size bigger.

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My Experience With Customers On Puma Suedes Classic:

The Puma Suede Classics are by far the most popular Puma style we had in-store. Customers with wide feet had to go one size bigger and sometimes even one size and a half. This is a very narrow style, so people with narrow feet tend to buy true to size.

What Reviewers say about Puma Suedes Classic:

Most reviews state that the show is too narrow, but not all say you should go a size bigger. Consumers still advise you to buy half a size bigger or go true to size if you have narrow feet. One online shopper said that buying half a size bigger made all the difference in comfort.

Do Puma Axelion Cross-Trainer Run Big Or Small?

The Puma Axelion Cross-Trainers runs true to size for most people. However, you also have small groups of consumers stating that this style is too small or too big.

My Experience With Customers On Puma Axelion Cross-Trainers:

In-store consumers usually buy this style as their usual size. The problem with this style for narrow and wide feet is that it can be challenging to have that snug feel, even if you try to lose or tighten the laces.

What Reviewers say about Puma Axelion Cross-Trainers:

As I said, most customers state that this style is true to size, light, and very comfortable. However, one consumer noted that this style is narrow around the toe area and another that if you have bulky feet, it can be challenging to tie the shoes.

Do Puma Men’s Tazon 6 Run Big Or Small?

The Puma Tazon 6 can be true to size, too big or too small, which is an absolute mess if you want to know what size you should purchase.

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My Experience With Customers On Puma Tazon 6:

My experience selling this Puma style states that you should buy your usual size unless you have wider feet and need half a size bigger. Just be careful because some versions of this style are wider versions.

What Reviewers say about Puma Tazon 6:

One customer said the shoes were slightly tight, but they fit perfectly when he exchanged them for half a size bigger. Another one said the size 11.5 was too small, and the 12 was too big, so I would advise him to go for the smaller one if not too tight.

Do Puma Smash V2 Run Big Or Small?

The Puma Smash V2 run too small since they are a narrow style.

My Experience With Customers On Puma Smash V2:

Like the Puma Classics and Clydes, this style is also narrow, for most consumers usually buy half a size bigger or a full size larger if they have wide feet. Even for narrow feet, you can purchase a half a size bigger (but most customers had true to size), especially for Summer, when your feet swell.

What Reviewers say about Puma Smash V2:

Most customers state this style is too small, and some say you don’t have enough space in the toe area, especially if you are above size US 12 in men’s shoes. However, a tiny number of customers say the sneakers fit perfectly in their usual size.

Do Puma Roma Shoes Run Big Or Small?

The Puma Roma style runs true to size for most people but is also too small and too big for some.

My Experience With Customers On Puma Roma:

My experience tells me that this style tends to be true to size for most people. Since this style is slightly wider than the Puma Smash, Clydes, and Classics, customers wouldn’t go for a bigger size, but I recall some customers going half a size bigger because they had wide feet.

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If you have tried some other Puma shoes in the past and gone half a size bigger or smaller, I would order this style as your usual size (unless you have wide feet. Go for the bigger size if you do).

What Reviewers say about Puma Roma:

The reviews seem a bit split, with some stating this style is true to size, too small, or too big. Some customers complain that this style is too narrow and you should go half a size bigger.

Do Puma Cell Surin 2 Prism Run Big Or Small?

The Puma Cell Surin 2 runs too small, and most people consider this style too narrow. Some customers state this style is true to size.

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My Experience With Customers On Puma Cell Surin 2:

When selling this style, customers would go between too small and proper to size. I can’t remember anyone saying this Puma style was too big. Like most Puma shoe styles, this one is also narrow, so that’s why most people buy half a size or a full size bigger.

What Reviewers say about Puma Cell Surin 2:

One customer said he always buys a shoe size 12, but on this style, he couldn’t even put his foot inside the shoe because it was so narrow. Another said the shoes were half a size smaller, but he thought they would brake in, which didn’t happen.

Do Puma Slides Run Big Or Small?

Puma Slides can run too big, too small, or the proper size, depending on your chosen style.

My Experience With Customers On Puma Slides:

Selling slides on any brand is never easy since sizes are usually a total mess. Puma sandals are no different since they can run too big, too small, or even sometimes be your usual shoe size.

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People with wide feet often went for sandals with an adjustable bandage to change the width so the sandals were true to size. However, when buying Puma slides or flip-flops, they tend to be small, so people purchase a full size bigger. But I have also seen some consumers buying Puma slides in a smaller size since they were too big (it didn’t happen that often).

What Reviewers say about Puma Slides:

Some customers commented that Puma sandals ran too big and had to exchange for a smaller size, but others expressed how smaller the slides were and returned for a bigger size. You also had some reviewers stating the sandals fit true to size.

Tips When Buying Puma Shoes

When buying Puma shoes (or any shoes), you need to consider some things based on your personal needs. These tips are based on my experience with thousands of customers I have served and sold shoes to during the six (or seven) years I have worked in the shoe industry.

Ask To Have Your Feet Measured

You can ask this in Puma stores (depending on your country, they may not offer the foot measurement), and someone will help you. The reason is that different brands have different ways of making their shoes, so sizes can be different, especially within a brand with many styles like Puma.

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Another reason why you should have your feet measured is that multiple people have been wearing the incorrect size their entire life without knowing it. So many consumers said, “I have been a size nine my whole life. I know what size I require.” Then they have their feet measured and find out they have been wearing a half or full size too big or too small. They just got used to it. If you are buying Puma kid’s shoes, this is a crucial step.

If you buy your Puma sneakers online, measure your foot from heel to toe, as I have explained above.

Try The Shoes

If you buy any shoes in-store, always try them, because sometimes some shoe styles are unsuitable for your feet. Also, the sneakers may have a manufacturing problem inside that you or the footwear specialist are unaware of. So trying shoes is fundamental before buying them.

If you buy your Puma sneakers online, I advise you (and all the customers I ever had) to try the shoes inside your home for a couple of hours to confirm they are the right size, the correct fit, and comfortable.

Do Puma Shoes Run Big

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If not, you can always return for a different style, size, etc. (always check the refund policy). If you can’t return the shoes and they are too big, learn how to make them smaller to fit better.

Types Of Socks

The type of socks you wear can also determine how much space you will have left on your Puma sneakers. For example, if it’s Winter, you will probably have thick Winter socks, but you will end up with no socks or thinner ones if it’s Summer.

When buying your shoes, think about what socks you will wear with them and the time of the year you are on. The thicker the socks, the less room you have inside your shoes.


Your lifestyle is also essential since your feet take a lot of abuse daily, carrying your weight in activities like running, jumping, walking, or just staying on your feet. In addition, all these activities can affect how much your ankles and feet can swell. 

Also, buying the correct Puma style for the activity you want is essential since different Puma styles can run big or small. 

Medical Conditions

Everyone has some medical conditions that can affect what size of shoe we need to buy. For example, suppose you have diabetes, blisters, bunions, plantar fasciitis, high blood pressure, or claw toe. In that case, all these conditions can affect whether you need a bigger Puma shoe size or not. 

Common Questions About Do Puma Run Big Or Small

These are the most common questions about do Puma shoes run big or small.

Do Puma Shoes Run Smaller Than Nike?

Yes, Puma shoes run smaller than Nike shoes. A Puma sneaker UK10/US11 is a European 44.5 but a European 45 in Nike shoes. So you could say that Puma shoes can be half a size or a full size smaller than Nike sneakers.

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Are Pumas Smaller Than Adidas?

Yes, Puma shoes are slightly smaller than Adidas shoes. For example, a Puma sneaker UK10/US11 is a European 44.5 but a European 44 2/3 in Adidas shoes. So Puma shoes are less than half a size smaller than Adidas sneakers.

Do Pumas Run Wide?

It really depends on which shoe style you choose, but most Puma shoe styles are pretty narrow compared to other footwear labels.

Do Puma Golf Shoes Run Big Or Small?

Puma golf shoes can run too small, too big, or true to size, depending on the width of your feet. Many consumers stated Puma golf shoes are too narrow, and they had to go for a half size bigger. The golf socks that you will use can also play a decisive factor in what size you need.

Do Puma Cleats Run Big Or Small?

Puma football boots tend to run true to size or too big due to the need for extra spacing. Don’t forget you need that extra space for your football socks and shin pads. Also, your feet swell during sports activities.

Do Puma Shoes Run Big Or Small?

Do Puma shoes run big or small? It all depends on the style of Puma shoes you pick since some of them run too big, some are too small, and others are true to size. Some Puma shoe styles are too narrow, and others wide.

When buying a pair of Puma shoes, my advice is to follow the recommendations I provide in this guide since they are based on my experience with thousands of people buying Puma shoes. However, I also want you to keep in mind if you can try the shoes in-store, do it and decide for yourself.

These guidelines help more online shoppers that can’t try the shoes and keep asking themselves the question: do Puma run big or small? Now you know.