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How many times have you opened the drawer where you keep your underwear and thought, “what a mess!” You feel you need to learn how to organize underwear URGENTLY.

It’s no fun to have all your underwear disorganized and have to dig through to find the boxers or briefs you need.

Luckily for you is really easy to keep your underwear organized, even if you have many different types. You will create a habit of keeping your underwear drawer organized.

How To Organize Underwear?

These are my best tips on how to organize underwear.

Take Everything Out Of The Drawer

The first thing you need to do is empty your underwear drawer and check what you have inside. If you have quite a collection, you will be surprised by what you will find. After all, the ideal number of underwear pairs you should have is fourteen or twenty-one, depending on how many times you do your laundry.

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If you have just a few pairs, you might not need to empty the underwear drawer. I suggest you do it just because it’s easier. That way, you can clean the inside of the drawer (something many people always forget).

Separate Your Undies

You can split your undies in different ways, depending on what you prefer:

  • By Brand – Get all your undies organized by brand. It doesn’t need to be in alphabetic order.
  • By Style – Get your undies arranged by style. Keep your sport ones, date ones, casual all together, etc. You want to open your drawer and to know where each style is.
  • By Color – If you like to have everything coordinated by color, you can also do it with your undergarment.

My personal preference is to split my underwear by style, according to my lifestyle. It’s easier that way because I don’t think anyone cares what color or brand I use unless I go on a date and want to show specifically some if I get lucky.

Get Rid Of The Old Styles

Get rid of anything that is old or has holes. The last thing you want is to be at the gym or on an unexpected date and show your uncolorful boxers with three holes. That’s unsexy, and you can become the joke of the gym.

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If something doesn’t fit, you can throw it away or donate (I don’t know what to think about donating used underwear, but I guess someone will use it happily?).

Fold Your Underwear Correctly

You are probably thinking, “is a correct way to fold underwear?” The answer is yes. Organizing men’s underwear is very easy, and folding them is no different.

  1. Flattening the Underwear
  2. Folding the Underwear into a Square
  3. Doing a Ranger Roll

I prefer the second method, and I fold my underwear into a square.

  1. Lay the boxer briefs face up on a flat surface.
  2. Fold the boxer briefs in half.
  3. Fold the underwear in half lengthwise again. 
  4. Fold the crotch side in thirds twice.

Make Space For Every Type Of Underwear

how to organize underwear

You want to ensure you can find what you need fast. If you go for a run, the last thing you want is to be removing underwear from the drawer because you can’t find the ones you want.

Try to have the gym underwear on one pile, the casual on the other, etc. This way, you will have space for every type of underwear and easily find what you need.

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Store What You Don’t Need

Do you know those pairs of underwear you never use? Don’t keep them there because you are using the space you may need for other stuff.

Store the underwear somewhere else, or think about donating them as I suggested. You can buy one of those boxes to put your undies inside and then put the box under your bed or in your garage.

Buy New Underwear

This is my favorite part of this guide on how to organize underwear. You have the possibility of shopping and trying some different underwear.

If you are one of those guys that always uses the same brand or pair of underwear, just swapping the colors (or maybe you always use the same color), this is a very excellent way of trying something new.

Dare yourself to buy sports underwear, boxer briefs for the gym, or something sexy and different to spice your sexual life with your partner.

Another great idea is to buy an underwear drawer organizer divider where you can store your undies. You can also store socks, towels, ties, or baby clothes if you need extra space.

Personally, I love this storage box idea because you have a look at all your underwear and socks and decide what you need that day or what you feel about using it.

It also keeps everything organized. You can maintain all your gym underwear on one side, the casual on the other, etc.

How To Organize Men’s Underwear

As you can see, organizing men’s underwear is very easy, even if you have loads of them. This is a ten-minute job if your folding skills are on point.

After organizing your undergarments, you just need to keep them tidy, and you will get used to your new system quicker than you imagine it.

What are your favorite tips when it comes to organizing your underwear?