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How Many Pairs of Underwear Should a Man Have?

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Answer me quickly: how many pairs of underwear do you own? I bet you have no idea, right? I didn’t know either before I started writing this blog post. Go have a look at yours right now.

It’s so easy just to use the same three or four pairs of underwear all the time that you forget you actually have great options when it comes to lingerie.

Did you have the quick look? Do you know how many pairs of underwear should a man have? I will give you the answer.

How Many Pairs Of Underwear Should A Man Own?

A man should have 14 pairs of underwear if he launders his clothes once per week and 21 pairs if he washes his clothes every two weeks.

You need to understand that no two men are exactly the same, and everyone has their lifestyle habits.

Considering you will wear a new pair of underwear per day (please, change your underwear every day, your partner, date, and your buddy will thank you), and you need some backups for exercising, traveling, or any accidents. It’s always better to be prepared.

How Many Pairs of Underwear Should a Man Have

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I have 22 pairs of men’s underwear for different occasions. Some are the ones I use daily, some are sexier when I go on a date or think I will have sex, and others are designed for sports. I also do laundry every week and travel a lot, so I think these 22 pairs are ideal for my lifestyle.

Are 10 Pairs Of Underwear Enough?

It all depends on how many times you launder your clothes, but I would say no, 10 pairs of underwear are not enough.

Imagine you need to travel and be two weeks away. Ten pairs would never be enough because that means you would have to repeat some more than once.

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Other things you need to consider with only ten pairs:

  • Your wash machine brokes
  • Not enough time that week to do the laundry
  • If you shower in the morning and go to the gym in the afternoon, you will need two underwear pairs that day.

I had a colleague at university that had exactly seven pairs of underwear. One for each day of the week (he sorted them by color), and he always did his laundry on the same day and time. It worked for him very well, but what if something happens and he fails to wash his clothes that day? He would not have any clean underwear.

What Is a Normal Amount Of Underwear To Own?

According to “On average, a British man will own 13 pairs of underwear, and will buy a new pair every six months, spending around £20.75 a year”.

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If you visit Reddit, most men will say they have around 20 ish underwear pairs. Some are brave to go commando and not bothered to use boxers or briefs at all. Some examples under:

Men 1: “I own about 20…all briefs. Some colored and some tighty whities.”

Men 2 “Probably about 20 – briefs and boxer briefs.”

Men 3: “10, I think. I do laundry on Sunday and I typically have three pairs of boxers left. It never occurred to me to count, though.”

Set of male underwear

Men 4: “Probably about 20. I change them every day sometimes twice a day if I hit the gym or be outside a long time. So I don’t like to have to do laundry frequently just because I’m out of underwear. I also buy them frequently as soon as the band starts to look bad or the color fades. I like my underwear to feel nice and look nice. Gross underwear is gross.”

Men 5: “Between 30-40 pairs. I figured I’d have enough if use two pairs a day, and if I was lazy I’d only do my washing once a week. Also, variety is cool. Invest in cool-looking underwear.”

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You got the idea, men like to have a new fresh pair without worrying if they have enough underwear or not.

Personally, I wear a new pair of underwear every day, since I swap to a fresh one every time I have a shower. I don’t judge anyone, but you should do the same. Don’t wear the same underwear even if you didn’t leave the house.

How Many Pairs Of Underwear Do You Prefer To Have?

I do think you need to ask these questions to yourself and understand your lifestyle habits.

  • Do you shower every day?
  • Do you change your underwear every time you shower?
  • How many times do you change your underwear per day?
  • How often do you go to the gym?
  • Do you shower in the morning or evening?
  • Are you single or married? 
  • How often do you have dates and sex?
  • How many times do you do laundry per month?

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Depending on your answers, you will have your ideal number.

It would help if you also considered having underwear for different things like:

  • Underwear for dates
  • Underwear for the gym
  • Underwear for running
  • Underwear for lazy days
  • Underwear for a daily basis

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Whether you are a minimalist, shower every day, active gym-going, or traveler, I would suggest men should have 21 pairs of underwear, independently of their lifestyle.

You want to be comfortable, ready for any occasion, and with some peace of mind, knowing you will always have a fresh pair of underwear prepared to be used.

In your opinion how many pairs of underwear should a man have? Share with me in the comments.