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How to get the smell out of your underwear? A taboo topic many people keep to themselves and let it affect their lives. But that will come to an end today because if you are reading this blog post. You want to kill that problem, and you come to the right place.

You often think, “how do I know if I stink?” or “Why do my boxers smell?” and that’s normal. Let’s check some reasons why that is happening to you.

Why Do Your Underwear Smell?

First of all, don’t get embarrassed or think something wrong is happening to you. Having smelly underwear, it’s something that has happened to everyone in their lives from time to time.

Why Do Your Underwear Smell

Your underwear can smell because of multiple reasons like your lifestyle, your underwear fabric, if you sweat a lot, if the weather is hot, etc. A temporary lousy smell from time to time is part of life.

If you feel a powerful smell every single day, it might be something you need to change. Let’s check some of the possible reasons why do your boxers smell.

Bad Hygiene

Keeping good hygiene is the key to preventing any smell from any part of your body, especially down there. Poor hygiene can bring health problems, risks of diseases, and some medical conditions.

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Ensure you take care of yourself, having a shower every day, swapping your underwear after every day, or even more than once per day if you feel it, and ensure you wash your buddy down there correctly.


If you have a very active lifestyle or live in a hot country, you will sweat a lot. Sweating can attract bacteria and fungi, leading to a bad smell.

Having a shower, using the right products, and changing clothes can help you reduce the smell of the sweat

Underwear Fabric

Men don’t think about the fabric of their underwear when they are purchasing some, but the fabric can affect the smell of their undies.

Cotton and polyester are excellent choices since the first is very breathable, and the second doesn’t absorb sweat.

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Did you know eating some foods can temporarily affect your body’s smell? Garlic, chili, onion, and asparagus are some of the products that can do that.

So on a day that you know, you will be very active, pay attention not to eat certain foods.


Some medications like Paxil, Zoloft, or Cymbalta can increase your body’s sweat. The possibility of your underwear smelling is high since you sweat a lot on your crotch.

Body Fluids

Did you never ask yourself, “Why does my underwear smell like pee?”

Even if you have the best body hygiene ever and do everything correctly, sometimes you can leak urine or feces into your underwear. This happens to everyone from time to time.

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That’s why it is so important to change your underwear frequently, especially when it’s wet from sweating.

How To Get Smell Out Of Underwear?

Now that you know some of the possible causes, it’s time for you to check how to get the smell out of underwear.

Odor Blocking Underwear

If you sweat more than the average person, you might need to wear odor-blocking underwear since your undies will gain odor more quickly. This type of undies is specifically made for people that sweat a lot.

Check this underwear if you sweat a lot. It’s sweat defense to keep your pants bone dry and no sweat marks on your butt.


Wash It With Lemon

Lemon is an excellent source of cleaning any traces of bad odors because of its acid properties. You can learn how to make a lemon disinfectant if you need it.

You can squeeze two or three lemons in warm water and soak your boxers or briefs there for ten minutes before you put them on the washing machine. That will undoubtedly help with the odor. Lemon is one of my favorite weapons against smelly underwear.

Add Baking Soda

Baking soda has been used for decades to remove any smell from your garments.

Before washing, presoak your undies in a sink full of cold water and 1/2 cup of baking soda. Leave it for ten/fifteen minutes before you wash it on the washing machine like usual.

Try Vinegar When Laundry

Vinegar is an excellent ally in removing any smells from your pants, especially urine. White vinegar is acetic acid, and it works very well to neutralize alkaline odors.

Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar with your usual detergent to wash your clothes. You can also soak your clothes in a sink before washing them with cold water and a 1:4 solution of white vinegar.

Check Label Instructions

Every material has some conditions there you need to be aware of before washing your clothes. Knowing the material can dictate if you need to wash with cold or hot water, what other products to use will be useful, and how long it will take to dry.

Heated Washing Cycles

Washing your clothes in hot water is not the most economical financial-wise, but it’s the best to eliminate any odor from your underwear.

Washing your undies in hot water is an effective way to kill germs and remove any odors you might have if your underwear material is cotton, even better since it’s a resilient fabric.

Wash Your Undies

Dry Your Clothes Faster

Drying your clothes the faster as possible is another way to keep your underwear from smelling bad after washing it. Bacteria generally develop over cold temperatures, affecting the smell of your boxers or briefs.

Why Should You Care About Smelly Underwear?

The benefits of having clean and free smell underwear seem evident to everyone, but let’s remember why you should do it.

Having underwear smelling bad by the end of the day can be expected if you had a very active day, like going to the gym or being in a hot environment, but you can still make a change to have odorless underwear.


Bacterias can have harmful effects on your health and lead to a range of more complicated infections. Having excellent hygiene is a must for any adult to prevent smelly underwear.

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Ensure you wash your underwear, take showers regularly, and take action if you see your undies becoming smelly or discolored. The sooner you act, the faster you will kill the smell or any other problems.

Self Confidence

Feeling self-conscious about your hygiene and smell can get your confidence down.

Do you know when you put on your best clothes and feel unique with yourself like nothing can stop you? That’s confidence. You need to feel the same with your underwear.

No matter what happens with your day, going on a date, having sex, changing in the gym locker room, or use a pair of white jeans, you will need to feel confident that everything will be fine with your underwear.


When you are using undies, you want to feel comfortable. The right fabric, size, and texture to protect your private areas.

With time your undergarments start to fall apart, becoming smelling and making you feel uncomfortable.

Sexual Life

If you have a partner or are going on dates that might end up on something more, you want to be sure you have your underwear smell-free with zero smell, right? You want to be able to feel confident.

Smelly Underwear Affects Sex Life

Nothing is worse than having the right moment, and the person goes down on you just to come up very quickly because your underwear smells. Your confidence will go to zero and might affect your sexual performance if you are lucky that the person didn’t run away. I know I did it before.

Daily Social Context

Over the course of your day, you will be sweating, and making physical efforts, so the last thing you want to keep thinking about is if your underwear smells and if other people can notice that. You will be so self-conscious about it that it will affect your confidence.

You can also be in situations where your underwear will be exposed, like gyms, lucky dates, or even expected cases.

Use Breathable Underwear Fabric

Some fabrics are better than others when it comes to being smell-free. The material of your undies can help you prevent any odors.

Just remember, it’s a combination of many factors that will help you prevent smelly undies. Having the best underwear material will mean nothing if you have bad hygiene and use the same boxers for five days.

Cotton Is My Choice

Cotton is the most breathable fabric that releases odorous substances more quickly than other materials during washing.

I would suggest this 100% cotton underwear that I have been using and find great. I never had any smelly problems with it, even on the warmest and most active days.

Conclusion: How Do I Keep My Underwear From Smelling?

How to get smell out of underwear?

1 – Check the state of your underwear
2 – Check the smell of them
3 – If they smell, wash with the advice provided in this post
4 – Be confident with your underwear.

Washing underwear is easy, but sometimes removing that smell from your undies can be difficult. You have learned different ways how to get odor out of your underwear. It’s a great way to leave those smelly undergarments in the past and start a new, odor-free life.

Share your tips with me on how to get smell out of underwear.