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Fila is one of those fashion brands that made a successful comeback in the last years, becoming popular again. So the question you have is: do Fila shoes run true to size, big or small?

I can understand the appeal of Fila shoes, and I see more and more people wearing them these days. I didn’t sell them when I worked with shoes, but I still tried a couple of in-store to write this article.

So let’s find out if Fila run too big or too small.

Do Fila Shoes Run Big, Small, Or True To Size?

If you want a quick answer, Fila shoes can run true to size or small. Very rarely, they run bigger.

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Do Fila Shoes Run Big?

No Fila style shoe runs predominantly bigger. In fact, only the Fila Transition style had a few reviews saying they were too big, but nothing compared with the number of people saying it was true to size or small.

Do Fila Shoes Run Small?

The Fila styles that run small are the Fila Disruptor and Fila Fulcrum. However, you also have some styles like the Fila Memory Workshift, Fila Transition, and Fila F-13 that alternate between smaller and accurate sizes.

Do Fila Shoes Run True To Size?

No Fila style shoe runs predominantly true to size, but some styles like the Fila Memory Workshift, Fila Transition, and Fila F-13 alternate between smaller and accurate sizes.

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Fila Sizing Chart & Fit

The Fila shoe size guide chart is for you to follow based on the heel-toe length.

Fila Footwear Size Guide

Usually, for you to know how to choose the right size for you feet, you measure them. You place a paper on the floor with one end of your foot against a wall, you can mark the piece of paper where your toes end with a pen. Then you measure the mark you created on the paper with the end and compare the measurement to the Fila shoe size chart. The problem is that Fila don’t have the measurement in cm in its size chart.

Fila states in their FAQS that if your measurements are in-between sizes, you should purchase the larger size.

How Do Fila Shoes Fit?

Most people believe that Fila shoes tend to run small and narrow, no matter what style you choose. They are not totally wrong, but not all Fila styles run too small.

I vary my size on Fila shoes according to the style I try, and the same will happen to you when you try your Filas or any other shoe brand. No shoe brand has a one-size-fits-all style.

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To make your life easier, I have mixed my personal experience trying Fila shoes and read reviews of specific Fila shoe styles to back up my claims on why I say some shoe styles run too big and others too small.

Does Fila Disruptor Run Big Or Small?

Fila Disruptors run too small for almost everyone. It’s also a narrow style.

My personal experience with Fila Disruptor says that you need to go a half a size bigger or a full size bigger if you have wide feet because they can feel relatively narrow. I usually am a US 10,5, but I had to buy an 11 to feel fully comfortable. Most reviews I read about this style say it runs too small.

What Reviewers say about Fila Disruptor:

Most reviewers did say this style runs too small. For example, one customer said they usually wear a US 10.5, but they tried a US 11, and the shoe was still small. Some also said that the shoes were too narrow, and that’s why you should purchase a half size bigger.

Does Fila Memory Workshift Run Big Or Small?

The Fila Memory Workshift shoes seem to run true to size or too small.

I did try this style in-store, and the shoes were true to size (10.5 US), and the fit was alright. However, most people in the reviews I read said this style is too small and feels very narrow, especially around the toe area. You also have a smaller group that says this style runs true to size.

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I would probably advise buying a half a size bigger if you have narrow feet, just in case, and a full size bigger if you have wide feet.

What Reviewers say about Fila Memory Workshift:

Most customers said this style is too narrow for wide feet, and that’s why they purchased a bigger size. However, others said they have no complaints about the shoes because they are very comfortable and fit true to size.

Does Fila Transition Run Big Or Small?

Fila Transition shoes can run true to size, be too small or too big.

I didn’t try this style myself, but it seems to have more balanced reviews since half of the readers say it’s true to size and the style fits very accurately, and the other half says the style is too small and narrow. You will probably be fine if you buy a half a size bigger.

Fila Transition shoes also have a minimal amount of people stating they were a little bit too big. Nothing compared with the number of people stating the shoes run true to size or are too small, but I decided to include those opinions in the article.

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What Reviewers say about Fila Transition:

Some customers said the shoes run true to size, and they bought the same size they buy for other brands, stating how comfortable the shoes are. However, others expressed how narrow this style was in the toe area, making them buy a bigger size. You also had some voicing how small and tight this style is.

Does Fila F-13 Run Big Or Small?

The Fila F-13 can run true to size or too small, depending on how wide your feet are.

This was another Fila style that fitted true to size when I tried them and didn’t feel narrow at all, providing a good fit. I went for the same size (10,5 US) that I go for most of my shoes. Also, I have read more reviewers saying they are true to size than small. So I would only go half a size or full size bigger if you have wider feet.

What Reviewers say about Fila F-13:

The comments about this style are too small or accurate to size. Many purchases said the shoes fit perfectly and were very comfortable. However, other buyers described the shoes as too small in the toe box area and had to buy a half size bigger, like going from US 10 to US 10.5.

Does Fila Fulcrum Run Big Or Small?

Fila Fulcrum runs too small for most people.

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When I tried Fila Fulcrum in-store, they were a bit too small and narrow, so I would have to go for a half size bigger if I was buying them. Of course, if you have wide feet, I would purchase a full size bigger, but for most reviewers, a half size was enough for the shoes to be comfortable.

What Reviewers say about Fila Fulcrum:

One customer expressed his gratitude for all the reviews saying he should buy a half size bigger because he usually buys a US 9.5, but he purchased a US 10, and the shoes fitted perfectly. Most reviewers do say this style is too small or narrow, and you should buy a bigger size.

Tips When Buying Fila Shoes

When buying your new pair of Fila shoes (or any shoes), you need to consider your personal needs. These tips are based on my experience with the thousands of customers I have served and sold shoes during the six years I have worked in the shoe industry.

Ask To Have Your Feet Measured

If you are in a shoe store and want to buy a pair of shoes, always have your feet measured by a foot specialist (usually a sales assistant). You can ask any store that sells shoes to have your feet measured because different brands have different ways of making their shoes, so that sizes can be different.

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I always suggest people have their feet measured because many people have been wearing the wrong size their entire life without knowing it. I had a lot of customers saying they were a size, just for me to measure their feet, for them to try a different size, and then understand the different size fits much better. If you wore the wrong size for such a long time, you get used to it.

If you buy your Fila sneakers online, measure your foot from heel to toe, as I have explained above.

Try The Shoes

The best way to comprehend if a pair of Fila shoes are the right size is by trying them. It’s always best to try a new pair of shoes (even if it’s the same brand and style you always buy) because sometimes some may have a manufacturing problem inside that you or the footwear specialist are unaware of. Also, new shoe styles may not be suitable for your foot’s shape.

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Don’t worry if you are buying the shoes online. You can always return for a different style, size, etc. (ensure you check the refund policy). In case you purchased a pair of Fila that you can’t return, learn how to make them smaller (if it’s the case) to fit it better.

Do fila shoes run big or small

I always gave a piece of advice to everyone that bought shoes with me, which is very important if you purchase your Fila shoes online. First, try the shoes inside your house for a couple of hours to ensure they are the right size, the correct fit, and comfortable. Then, you will know if they are the ones for you. If you try them outside and they don’t fit, you will not be able to return them with most (if not all) brands.

Choose The Right Socks

Most people don’t think about it, but the type of socks you wear influences how much room you will have left on your Fila sneakers. For example, summer socks are much thinner than Winter socks, so the amount of space left inside the shoe can be considerable.

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So when buying a new pair of shoes, if you are going to wear thicker socks with them, ensure you try them off with those socks. Otherwise is useless to try the shoes. The thicker the socks, the less room you have inside your shoe.

Consider Your Lifestyle

You also need to consider your lifestyle, since your feet take a lot of abuse every day, carrying your weight in different activities like jumping, walking, running or just staying all day on your feet. All these activities can affect if your ankles and feet swell. 

Medical Conditions

Everyone has some medical conditions that can affect what size of shoe we need to buy. For example, suppose you have diabetes, blisters, bunions, plantar fasciitis, high blood pressure, or claw toe. In that case, all these conditions can affect whether you need a bigger Fila shoe size or not. 

Common Questions About Do Fila Shoes Run Big Or Small

These are the most common questions about if do Fila shoes run true to size, big or small.

How Do I Know My Fila Shoe Size?

The best way to know your Fila shoe size is to try the style you want. If you are buying online, you can measure your feet at home and follow the Fila sizing chart (with my comments in mind) to know what size to purchase.

Should You Size Up For Fila?

Since most Fila shoes tend to run smaller than bigger, I would say yes. However, you also have some styles like the Memory Workshift, Transition, and F-13 that can run small or properly.

How Is The Fila Shoe Size Chart Compared To Nike?

When comparing Fila and Nike shoe size charts, the biggest difference is that Fila doesn’t provide a conversion to centimeters, making buying the correct size for you more difficult.

Do Fila Shoes Run True To Size, Big Or Small?

Do Fila shoes run true to size? It all depends on the style of Fila you pick. Most Fila shoes run too small, with some styles also running true to size. However, some styles are also narrower, influencing customers to buy a bigger size.

When in doubt about what Fila shoe size to buy, I would advise you to go for a half size bigger or a full size bigger if you have wide feet.