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If you never tried Vans, but someone recommended this brand to you, you are probably asking, “Do Vans run big or small?”

Vans shoes are very popular among skateboarders and BMX riders, but some people wear them when working in a kitchen, as a waiter in a restaurant, with roofing work, or cleaning houses. After all, Vans is one of the most famous American sports brands.

When a brand is big like Vans, they have many different styles, so you need to keep that in mind when buying your pair of shoes. That’s why I split the shoes by style since some rub big, others small, and some are true to size. Are you ready to find out how do Vans size run?

Do Vans Run Big, Small, Or True To Size?

Do Vans run big or small? Maybe they run true to size? If you are in a hurry, these are the conclusions from my research and personal experience with Vans.

Do Vans Run Big?

Vans shoes do not run exclusively big in any style. The exception seems to be the Vans Sk8, where some people say that style is too big, and the other half says it’s true to size. When it comes to the styles Era and Slip Ons, they are all over the place, with customers saying they are too big, too small, or true to size.

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Do Vans Run Small?

Vans do not run exclusively small in any style. Customers say Vans Old Skool can run small or true to size. But, as you know, when it comes to Vans Era and Slip Ons, we don’t have a straight answer since reviewers say they can be too big, too small, or true to size.

Are Vans True To Size?

Vans Authentic seems to be the only style where most people say it runs true to size. All the other Vans styles can also run true to size, but reviewers are split in that opinion since it can also run too big or too small for some.

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Vans Shoes Size Chart

Vans footwear is engineered to American size standards, so when in doubt, check this chart to help you convert your international size if necessary.

Vans Shoe Size Chart
Source: Vans

Keep in mind that the Vans shoe size chart is just a guideline to convert your international size and not necessarily the size you should buy.

How Do Vans Fit?

According to Vans, I am a UK 9,5 and a US 10,5. So I can say that my Vans were true to size when I bought a pair of classic ones. However, don’t forget that every person has different needs regarding shoes, and you need to consider yours when buying your Vans. They can also add some length to your height.

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To make your life easier, I have read online reviews of specific Vans styles (I have chosen different pairs of Vans inside of each type) to back up my claims on why some shoe styles run too big and others true to size. I also checked Vans’ website reviews.

On Amazon, I have typed the words “small size,” “big size,” and “true to size” to include all reviews that mentioned if Vans run big or small.

Do Vans Old Skool Run Big Or Small?

According to Amazon reviews, Vans Old Skool runs true to size and is sometimes small. However, according to the Vans website, 92% of 254 customers say Vans Old Skool runs true to size. Both sites provide different information. Even if the online reviews were slightly more true to size than smaller, the difference was not significant.

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My advice would be for you to go true to size. For example, if you have wide feet or your feet swell, I would buy half a bigger size just to check how they fit. Also, the Old Skools are low tops, so they might not provide much support if you don’t tighten the laces correctly.

What Reviewers say about Vans Old Skool:

Most reviews expressed how small and tight this style was, and customers had to go half/full size bigger to be comfortable. However, some stated they were true to size.

Do Vans Authentic Run Big Or Small?

Amazon reviews are almost unanimous (you always have that odd review that says they are too big or too small), and the Vans Authentic are true to size. The same happens to the reviews on the Vans website, where 84% (from 129 reviews) say this style is true to size. You have 11% saying they are slightly oversized, but my advice would be to buy your size.

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When someone speaks with me about Vans, this is the style that constantly crosses my mind. They are what we call the classic Vans shoes. The Vans Authentic can be one color or have vintage aesthetics with two or more colors.

What Reviewers say about Vans Authentic:

Most customers said this style runs true to size and fits perfectly. One man said he always buys a US 8 independently of the shoe brand, which he purchased and fitted very well in this Vans style. You also had the odd customer saying this style was too big or small.

Do Vans Slip Ons Run Big Or Small?

According to online reviews, Vans Slip Ons can run true to size, too big or too small. Vans website reviews state that these shoes run true to size, with 80% in the majority of the styles. Of course, you have some types where people say the Vans Slip Ons are too big or too small, but I only considered styles with over 100 reviews.

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It’s always tricky with slip-on shoes because they don’t offer a lot of support (sometimes not any), and you can’t ease or tight laces if they feel snug or baggy. So it would be best if you had the size right. My advice is for you to buy true to size or half size smaller since they quickly stretch up and become a perfect fit or too big.

What Reviewers say about Vans Slip Ons:

Some customers stated this shoe style ran too big and had to exchange for a smaller size, but others expressed how smaller the shoe was and had to return for a bigger size. You also had some reviewers stating the shoe fits true to size.

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Do Vans Sk8 Run Big Or Small?

According to online reviews, the Vans Sk8 runs true to size or is too big. However, a few people complain about unisex sizing. Vans website reviewers didn’t have any of these shoes with more than 100 reviews, but those reviewed said these shoes are true to size.

My advice is for men to buy Vans Sk8 in their usual size and ladies to buy a full size smaller (unless you have wide feet, in that case, buy your regular size).

What Reviewers say about Vans Sk8:

A few customers said they had to go a full size down because the shoes were too big and slightly wider. You also had some that only went half a size down. Some customers expressed that this style is true to size and fitted precisely as their usual size.

Do Vans Era Run Big Or Small?

As you will see with the online Reviews, the opinions about the Vans Era are all over the place since they can run too big, too small, or true to size, depending on the customer. Unfortunately, Vans website doesn’t have many reviews for this style, but the ones they have stated are true to size (like any other Vans style).

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My advice is to stick with your size and check how they feel.

What Reviewers say about Vans Era:

Some customers stated this shoe style ran too small and had to exchange for a bigger size, but others expressed how bigger the shoe was and had to return for a smaller size. You also had some customers saying this style runs true to size.

Tips When Buying Vans Shoes

These are some tips for you to take into consideration when buying your Vans shoes.

Ask To Have Your Feet Measured

Vans suggest you have your feet measured. “Put your foot on a flat surface with your heel against a wall or straight edge. Use a ruler to measure the length in millimeters from the tip of your longest toe to your heel. Keep in mind that your longest toe isn’t necessarily your big toe!”

Check If They Are Unisex

Vans shoes are sized based on men’s measurements, so the recommendation is for women to order a size down. If you are usually a US size 6, buy a US size 5. Men should have no problem and buy the size they usually do.

Type Of Socks

The socks that you wear can determine how much space you will have left on your Vans shoes. If you wear thicker socks, less room you have inside your shoe.

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Do Vans run big or small

Medical Conditions

Suppose you suffer from any medical conditions like bunions, diabetes, high blood pressure, blisters (caused by shoes rubbing the ankle), plantar fasciitis, or claw toe. In that case, you need to consider if you need the extra space on your Vans and buy it a size bigger.

Common Questions About Vans Sizing

These are some of the most common questions when people ask do Vans run big or small?

Should I Size Down In Vans Slip Ons?

Some people size down when it comes to Vans Slip Ons, and others buy a half-size bigger because the shoes feel too tight. If you have a narrow foot, I would buy true to size or half a size smaller since the shoe stretch. I don’t usually advise people to buy a bigger size on slip-on shoes (unless you have wide feet) as they eventually get loose, and you will be slipping.

Should You Size Up In Vans?

I would say no, you don’t need to buy a size up. It depends on the style, but Vans are usually accurate in size. The Vans Old Skool can run too small for some people, but I would still say you can buy your usual size.

Do Toddler Vans Run Big Or Small?

In general, Vans for toddlers run true to size, but when it comes to kids, I always advise buying half a size or even a full size bigger since they can grow pretty fast. Just ensure they are not too big. You don’t want your kids slipping and falling all the time because the shoes are massive.

Do Vans run big

Do Vans Run Big Or Small Compared To Nike?

Nikes and Vans should both be the same size since both US size 8 translates into 26 CM, US size 9 translates into 27 CM, etc. I read many websites saying Nike sizes are smaller than Vans, but I can’t understand why.

Do Vans Run Smaller Than Adidas?

Adidas shoes run half a centimeter smaller than Vans shoes. A US size 8 in Adidas translates to 25.5 CM. The equivalent size on Vans translates into 26 CM. So Adidas shoes run smaller than Vans shoes.

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Are Vans OK For Wide Feet?

My personal experience says the skate shoe brand feels a bit snug, and I don’t have wide feet. In this case, I would order a half-size bigger and ensure the shoes have laces that you can tighten if they feel a bit loose.

Do Vans Run Big Or Small?

Do Vans run big or small? It depends on the style of the shoe you have chosen. After analyzing so many reviews and adding my personal experience, I can say every single Vans shoe runs true to size.

Of course, no shoe is 100% too big or true to size because it depends from person to person. You have some Vans like the Sk8 (which can also run too big) or the Old Skool (which can also run too small) that can have different opinions about their sizing.

My advice to you is to follow my recommendations and try the shoes when they arrive home. They always say, “the first pair is always the most difficult”, but I like to add the first pair of a style (even if it is the same brand).

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What about you? Do Vans run big or small, in your opinion? Are they true to size? Share your opinion with me in the comments.