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You are shopping online, found a pair of Timberlands that you love, but you never tried the brand, or it has passed years since you bought their shoes or boots. The question in your mind is: Do Timberlands run big, smaller, or true to size?

Luckily for you, I am a massive fan of Timberlands and have bought many in the past (the majority were always the same two styles). So I will share with you my personal opinion and how this brand works for me.

Since everyone has different feet and diverse needs, I also looked for men’s opinions across men’s forums, Reddit, Quora, and Amazon reviews for specific Timberland styles to give you all the information possible.

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Whether you wear Timberland for work, hiking, or casually, I will help you figure out if Timberlands run big, smaller, or true to size. You can also check if Fila shoes or Clarks shoes run too big or too small.

Timberland Sizing Charts

Timberland footwear is engineered to American size standards, so when in doubt, follow this chart to help you convert your international size if necessary.

Timberland Adult Footwear Size Chart

I worked for an American brand (Skechers) selling shoes, and I’m used to when the size is American 10, it’s UK 9 because it’s always one full-size smaller here in the UK.

As you see on that chart from Timberland’s website, they consider an American 10, a Uk 9.5, so it’s only half the size difference.

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Tips When Buying Timberlands

I want to share a few tips and some important considerations you need to take when buying a new pair of Timberlands (you can also apply them to other brands, in my opinion). All these tips can have an impact on the size of shoes you need to buy. Different Timberland styles can also affect your height.

Type Of Socks

The type of socks you wear can determine how much space you will have left on your Timberland shoes or boots. The thicker the socks, the less room you have inside of your shoe.

Need An Extra Insole?

Do you need to add an orthopedic insole inside of your shoes? Of course, you will need the extra space. However, it’s very rare for a person to add an insole inside their shoes and not buy a bigger shoe size.


Take into consideration your lifestyle. Your feet take a lot of abuse every day, carrying all your weight, walking, running, or jumping.

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For example, do you spend hours on your feet at work, and your feet and ankles swell? Do your feet expand because you live in a country where it is hot all the time? Only you know your lifestyle and feet to answer these questions and understand if you need the extra space on your Timberland boots.

Medical Conditions

Do you suffer from any medical condition that will affect your feet, and because of that, you need extra space on your Timberland shoes? Bunions, high blood pressure, diabetes, plantar fasciitis, blisters, claw toe, are some foot problems you need to consider when buying Timberlands.

How Do Timberlands Fit?

According to Timberland, I am a US size 10. You can also be a US size 10, but maybe your feet swell more than mine, and you have to buy a US 10.5. Or perhaps you need to add an orthopedic insole, and you have to buy a full-size bigger. Also, take into consideration that different Timberland styles may need different sizes.

Why am I telling you all this above? Because I cannot tell you if Timberlands are too big or smaller, or the right size, based only on my personal experience. Because we all have different needs, I want to take into consideration other people’s opinions too.

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I read loads of reviews from the most popular Timberland styles (I definitely read over 500 reviews easily), and I have typed the words “small size,” “big size,” and “true to size” to include all reviews that mentioned if Timberlands run big, smaller, or right-sized.

Timberland 6 Inch Boots

What Reviewers say about Timberland 6 Inch:

Most customers stated how big these boots fitted on their feet, so they purchased a full-size smaller, which worked perfectly for most. However, you did have some customers stating this style fits true to size.

Verdict: Timberland 6 Inch Boots run too big.

You have a lot more people saying these boots run too big than are true to size.

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My personal verdict is that they are too big for me, and I had to buy half a size smaller to ensure they fit perfectly.

Timberland White Ledge

What Reviewers say about Timberland White Ledge:

Some customers stated this boot style ran too big and they had to exchange for a smaller size, but others expressed how smaller the boots were and had to return for a bigger size. You also had some reviewers stating the boots fit true to size.

Verdict: Timberland White Ledge can run too small, too big, or be true to size. 

These boots reviews are all over the place. Most people say it is too big or true to size, but you have a considerable amount saying they are too small (they didn’t specify if it was because they were wearing thicker socks or other reasons). The ones that think the size was too small have ordered at least half a size bigger.

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Timberland Killington Chukka

What Reviewers say about Timberland Killington Chukka:

One guy said he had ordered his usual size, the US 10, and the boots fitted him perfectly. Most customers did review how comfortable and accurate size this style is, but you also have the odd reviews stating these boots are too big or too small.

Verdict: Timberland Killington Chukka run true to size.

Most men say these boots come true to size. You have the odd one saying they are a little bit too big and add to order a half size smaller. Some reviewers say these boots come too narrow, so choose the extra wide version if you need it.

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Timberland PRO Direct Attach

What Reviewers say about Timberland Direct Attach:

Again, this is another style where most customers expressed that it’s accurate to size. One man said he usually orders this style because it’s very comfortable and it’s always the same size he wears with other brands. I did read one person saying this style is very tight and small for him, but he had wide feet.

Verdict: Timberland Direct Attach run true to size.

Most people say these boots run true to the size, and one man said they run too big on him (but he had wide feet).

Timberland PRO Titan Oxford

What Reviewers say about Timberland PRO Titan Oxford:

One reviewer purchased a size US 9 and had to return it for a US 8.5 because the shoes were too big and slipped when he walked around the house. Another man said the shoes fit true to size because he had to wear thicker socks with them.

Verdict: Timberland PRO Titan Oxford runs too big and true to size.

It’s a mix of reactions about these boots. Some say the boots run too big and had to exchange for half size smaller, and others say they fit perfectly and are true to size. You also had some people complaining about these boots being too narrow, so choose the wide version of it if you have wide feet.

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Timberland Groveton

What Reviewers say about Timberland Groveton:

One person said this style was too big even after he had exchanged the boots for half a size smaller than his usual size. However, most reviews said the boots fitted better after swapping for a full-size smaller.

Verdict: Timberland Groveton Boots run too big.

Only one guy said the shoes run true to size, and all others said they had to buy half a size smaller for the boots to fit well.

Timberland Earthkeepers

What Reviewers say about Timberland Earthkeepers:

One customer said he loved the boots because they were excellent quality and comfortable, but he had to swap them for a smaller size due to the boots being too big and wide. Another said he usually wears a US 11.5 but had to go down two sizes for the boots to fit him perfectly.

Verdict: Timberland Earthkeepers Boots run too big.

You have the odd person saying these boots are true to size, but most say to order one full size smaller to fit perfectly.

Timberland Sizing Common Questions

These are some of the most common questions about how do Timberland boots fit.

Do Timberlands Run Small?

From my personal experience, I can say no, Timberlands do not run small. You do have one particular style, Timberland White Ledge, where some men said they had to buy half a size bigger because the boots were too small and narrow.

Do Timberlands Run Big?

Some styles of Timberland run big, like the very popular Timberland 6 Inch Boots, Timberland Groveton or Timberland Earthkeepers.  

You might consider buying half a size smaller so that they fit snugly. It would be better if you also think that some other Timberland boots are great for some people and, for others, are true to size. You’ll have to shop and find out, but you’ll get an idea of ​​what most people buy size-wise.

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Are Timberlands True To Size?

Some styles of Timberland run true to size, like the Timberland Killington Chukka and the Timberland PRO Direct Attach.

It would be best to consider that many other Timberland styles had mixed reactions since some people said they were true to size, and others said they were too big. Till you try it, you can not know what is best for you.

Do Timberland Boots Run Narrow?

The majority of Timberland styles are wide or fit perfectly, but you have some odd styles that come narrow for some men, like the Timberland Killington Chukka and Timberland PRO Titan Oxford.

How Do You Know What Size You Are In Timberland Boots?

One of the best ways to know your Timberland boot size is to measure your feet. Better than this would be for you to try your Timberlands around the house for a couple of hours doing your daily routine and check if they are the perfect fit.

Do Timberland PRO Boots Run Big Or Small?

The Timberland PRO Series doesn’t run smaller. Most people say it runs big or true to size, depending on the style you choose. For example, the Timberland PRO Direct Attach runs true to size, but the Timberland PRO Titan Oxford had mixed reviews, with some saying it runs true to size and others saying it runs too big.

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How Do You Make Timberlands Smaller?

You can make your Timberlands smaller by soaking them in water, wearing thicker socks, adding shoe fillers, adding a full-size insole, taking the shoes to a professional cobbler, or other different ways, as you can read here.

Conclusion – Do Timberlands Run Big, Smaller, Or True To Size?

Do Timberlands run big or small? Or do Timberlands run true to size?

After reviewing over 500 reviews of different styles of Timberland boots, reading men’s forums, Reddit, and Quora, I can tell you it all depends on the type of Timberlands you are buying.

Some styles are too big, and most people had to buy half the size smaller for the boots to be perfect. However, others had no problems with their Timberlands, and the exact size they used on other brands worked well for Timberland. The only style the men found a little smaller was the Timberland White Ledge, but even on those, we didn’t have a consensus as some people said it fits perfectly, and others said it was too big.

My experience with Timberlands is that they run big compared with other brands, and I always buy half a size smaller, no matter the style of the shoe or boot.

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My best advice when buying Timberlands is to read the reviews and go with the majority. If you buy them at the store, have someone measure your feet, and you’ll know for sure. It is always good that you try on the shoes at home to make sure they are the right size for you. Otherwise, be sure to change them to the correct size.

What about you? Do Timberlands run big or smaller? Or are they true to size? Please share your experience with me in the comments.