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Should I wear boxers or briefs? This has been an age-old debate when it comes to men’s underwear. While some men are always going to say boxers are the way to go, others are going to stick with briefs or boxer briefs. There are some that even decide to forget them all and just go commando.

You can sit back with whatever type of underwear you prefer, read this over, and who knows? By the end, you might toss out the style you used to love and move on to something different.

Should I Wear Boxers?

Boxers are typically the first kind of underwear that men think of when they think of underwear. While there are a handful of variations, under most circumstances, you’re thinking of boxer shorts.

Boxer shorts are loose-fitting underwear that is usually made from cotton and have a fly that is closed by a button or a snap. Presently, many brands design their boxer shorts in a way that they don’t require a button or a snap to close the fly.

When asking if you need to wear boxers or briefs, it really depends on what you’re doing. You can use these specific examples that point out areas in which wearing boxers might be more beneficial:

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Wearing Boxers When Sleeping

When you sleep, you might be someone who tosses and turns a lot, so there’s a chance you might feel uncomfortable if you’re restricted. Boxer shorts are a great way to remain loose, all while allowing a consistent flow of air so that you don’t wake up feeling sweaty and uncomfortable down there.

Wearing Boxers With Clothing

Boxers are typically recommended when wearing specific types of clothing. As an example, if you are lounging around the house in your sweat pants, you might want to put on a pair of boxer shorts to stay as comfortable as you can.

When it comes to wearing pants though, things are a little bit different. Boxer shorts are perfect to wear with loose-fitting trousers, or with classic jeans that have room around the thighs.


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Wearing Boxers Affects Fertility?

If you are trying to get your significant other pregnant, choosing to wear boxers might be your best bet. It is believed that the reason the testicles are outside of the body is that the healthy production and performance of sperm is susceptible to heat.

Wearing boxer shorts allows air to flow through because of the lack of restriction, making it so that your testicles remain cool throughout the day.

Should I Wear Briefs?

Briefs are another form of men’s underwear that ranks highly on the popularity scale. Because they are so popular, and because they do come in wide variations, they are what started the “should I wear boxers or briefs” debate. Before they came around, the majority of men were just wearing boxers because that’s what they knew.

Similar to boxers, it does depend on what you’re doing, wearing, and any health risks that you are open to ignoring. You can use these considerations when making your choice:

Wearing Briefs When Sleeping

Wearing briefs might be extremely uncomfortable for you while you sleep. While they do keep everything in place, they are also restrictive and can make you very hot while sleeping.

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Why is that? It’s because there is no airflow with briefs or boxer briefs, so you need to consider the conditions in which you sleep and whether or not you prefer to feel free or restricted while you’re sleeping.

Wearing Briefs With Clothing

Unlike boxers, briefs can be worn with any kind of pants, which include jeans. Boxers are great to wear with classic, relaxed-fit jeans, but if you are the type who likes to wear fitted or skinny jeans, your best bet is wearing briefs.

With a pair of briefs, there is no bunching of the fabric, everything is kept in place, and you still get the feeling of having no underwear at all while you are wearing them.

Wearing Briefs When Working Out

Briefs, especially boxer briefs, are highly recommended when working out. Not only do they keep everything restricted, but most are made from moisture-wicking material that is capable of absorbing the sweat, which can avoid chafing.

Additionally, you also don’t need to worry about showing off anything down below while wearing them beneath your workout shorts.

Wearing Briefs Affects Health?

If you aren’t looking to get your significant other pregnant, then it’s not necessary for you to stick with boxers. However, there are still risks that need to get taken into consideration when wearing restrictive briefs and boxer briefs.

What do we mean by this? Not only do too tight underwear reduces the production and performance of your sperm, but wearing them also makes you susceptible to other risks, such as urinary tract infections and blood flow issues.


Should I Wear Boxers or Briefs?

At the end of the day, whether you wear boxers or briefs is going to come down to you and what you do throughout the day. While there are benefits and downfalls to wearing both, there’s nothing that says you need to avoid one over the other.

Sometimes, instead of choosing just one, incorporating both into your daily routine is the best solution.

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Giving yourself the option to wear boxers when lounging around the home, sleeping, and wearing loose-fitting jeans, as well as also having the opportunity to wear briefs when working out or wearing fitted jeans seems like the best option.