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Doc Martens are one of the most popular, iconic, and reliable shoe brands in the world. However, can you answer the question: do Doc Martens run big or small? Maybe true to size?

Like most people in the world, I had a pair of Doc Martens in the past, and they were pretty good to rock in a very chilly Winter. After all, they are a British footwear brand and a very popular one.

What I like about Doc Martens shoes and boots are their durability, comfort, and how practical they are to wear with most clothes. Overall they are an excellent investment. However, you need to ensure you buy the right size, or they will not provide all those features I have just mentioned and will become a waste of your money.

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Let’s find out the answer to the question: do Doc Martens run big or small?

Do Doc Martens Run Big Or Small?

If you want a quick answer, Doc Martens shoes and boots can run too big, too small, or true to size, depending on the style you choose. Some styles can be all three, but Doc Martens generally tends to run predominantly too big.

Do Doc Martens Run Big?

Doc Martens 1461, loafers, and the sandals tend to run predominantly too big compared with other styles. The Doc Martens 1460 can run too big or too small, and the 2976 and Jadon can run too big, too small, or true to size.

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Do Doc Martens Run Small?

No Doc Martens style runs predominantly too small. However, some styles like 1460, 1461, 2976, Jadon, and Loafers can run too small but also too big or true to size.

Do Doc Martens Run True To Size?

No Doc Martens style runs predominantly true to size. However, some styles like 2976, Jadon, Sandals, and Loafers can run true to size but also be too big or too small.

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Doc Martens Sizing Chart & Fit

Check the Doc Martens shoe sizing chart to ensure you purchase the correct size. This is extremely important if you are buying your shoes online.

Doc Martens Sizing Guide
Source: Doc Martens

Now that you have the Doc Martens size guide, you may want to measure your feet to ensure you buy the correct size.

For example, if you place a piece of paper on the floor with one end of your foot against a wall, you can mark the piece of paper where your toes end with a pen. Then you measure the mark you created on the paper with the end and compare the measurement to the Doc Martens shoe size chart.

That’s how you will get the correct Doc Martens size. But keep reading because you have other stuff you need to consider.

How Do Doc Martens Fit?

Most people think that Doc Martens shoes and boots tend to run too big, no matter what style you choose. They are not totally wrong, but not all Doc Martens styles run too big.

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I vary my size on Doc Martens shoes according to the style I try, and the same will happen to you when you try your Doc Martens or any other shoe brand. No shoe brand has a one-size-fits-all. However, I would say that the English label tends to run bigger in most styles.

To make your life easier, I have mixed my personal experience trying Doc Martens shoes and read reviews of specific Doc Martens boots and shoe styles to back up my claims on why I say some shoe styles run too big and others too small.

Do Doc Martens 1460 Run Big Or Small?

Doc Martens 1460 can run too big or too small, depending on the style you choose.

So if you are looking for Doc Martens 1460, you need to pay attention to the style you want because the 1460 Ankle Boots can run too big, but the 1460 lace-up boots tend to run too small. It may be due to the lace-ups being much narrower than the ankle boots.

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When I tried both 1460 styles in-store, that’s exactly how it felt. It wasn’t easy to push the lace-up boots due to how narrow they felt on my feet, and I don’t even have wide feet. The ankle boots felt snug one size down, but my usual size was too big, even with thick socks.

What Reviewers Say About Doc Martens 1460:

One customer stated how he is usually a size US 10, he bought that size, and it felt like he had a US 11 on his feet because the shoes were too big. A lot of customers expressed how massive these boots felt on their feet. However, some customers also said the boots were too small, and they couldn’t even put their feet inside of them.

Do Doc Martens 1461 Run Big Or Small?

Doc Martens 1461 tends to run predominantly big, but it can also run too small.

Most people say that Doc Martens 1461 tends to run too big and feel too loose when walking. That’s why most people tend to purchase a smaller size for this style. However, a tiny number of people say that they had to buy a bigger size because the shoes were too small.

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When I tried this style, they did feel slightly bigger too, but not so narrow as the 1460 style. I guess that’s because this is a shoe and not a boot.

What Reviewers Say About Doc Martens 1461:

One customer said the shoes were of excellent quality, but they were too big, and he had to return them for a full-size smaller. Some consumers also expressed that they only realized how small the shoes were after wearing them for a couple of minutes around the house.

Do Doc Martens 2976 Run Big Or Small?

Doc Martens 2976 can run too big, too small, or true to size.

This Doc Martens style is all over the place in terms of size. It can run too big with extra space on the front of the shoe. It can run too small and feel relatively narrow when you try to put your foot inside or run true to size and fit perfectly.

In my case, the Doc Martens 2976 ran true to size and felt pretty good in terms of width.

What Reviewers Say About Doc Martens 2976:

Some customers said this boot style runs true to size and fits great, but others expressed how tight and small the boots were and had to exchange for a full size bigger. Another customer said he ordered a size US 11, but he had a lot of space inside the boots, so he ordered a size smaller, and the boots fit better.

Do Doc Martens Jadon Run Big Or Small?

Doc Martens Jadon can run too big, too small, or true to size.

This is another style that can be too big like most Doc Martens boots, too small if you have wide feet or true to size.

I couldn’t find this style in-store, so I didn’t try them. The sales assistant gave me something similar to try, but I can’t remember which style was.

What Reviewers Say About Doc Martens Jadon:

Some customers stated this boot style runs true to size. Others said they run too small, and some said that these boots are too big. One guy said he ordered a full-size smaller, and the boots fitted perfectly.

Do Doc Martens Loafers Run Big Or Small?

Doc Martens Loafers tend to run predominantly too big, but some say they can also be too small or accurate to size.

Doc Martens Loafers run too big for most people. They tend to say the loafers are wide, and you would need a thicker sock not to feel they slip when you walk. However, a few customers said that this style could also be true to size or too small. I would probably order a size smaller.

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I have tried Doc Martens loafers in-store, and they were definitely too big, so a size smaller fit much better in terms of length and width.

What Reviewers Say About Doc Martens Loafers:

One customer said he bought a US 12, his usual size, and this style was too big. So he had to purchase a US 11 for the loafers to fit better. Most reviewers stated how big this shoe style is, and they had to go half/full size smaller.

Do Doc Martens Sandals Run Big Or Small?

Doc Martens Sandals tend to run primarily big for most people or true to size for a small number.

Usually, sandals tend to run all over the place when it comes to sizes, but Doc Martens Sandals tend to run too big for most people. However, sometimes it can run true to size, especially with wide feet.

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When I tried the sandals, they were definitely too big because I couldn’t adjust the straps for them to fit perfectly width-wise. A size down made the sandals fit correctly.

What Reviewers Say About Doc Martens Sandals:

Most customers expressed how big the sandals were due to the nonadjustable foot straps. Most decided to purchase a full-size smaller, making the sandals fit better and not so wide. One said he his usually a US 11, and the sandals were massive on his feet.

Tips When Buying Doc Martens Shoes

While working in the retail footwear industry, I have learned a few tips that can guarantee you buy the correct size of Doc Martens. The information below is based on my experience with thousands of customers I have served and sold shoes with different brands.

Ask To Have Your Feet Measured

If you buy your Doc Martens in-store, just ask to have your feet measured. Usually, shoe stores have someone who can help you with this. The reason is that different brands have different ways of making their shoes, so sizes can be different.

Did you know some people wear the wrong shoe size for years without discovering that? Then they have their feet measured and realize that they need half a size (of a full size sometimes) bigger or small.

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When buying Doc Martens online, please measure your foot from the heel to toe and compare it with the Doc Martens size chart to ensure you buy the correct size.

Try The Shoes

When purchasing shoes in-store, always try them because you never know if all styles available will be suitable for your feet shape or not. Also, the boots may have a manufacturing issue inside that you or the footwear expert are not aware of. So trying shoes is essential before buying them.

If you buy your Doc Martens boots online, I would advise trying the shoes inside your house for a couple of hours to ensure they are the right size, the correct fit, and comfortable. If you are not used to purchasing boots, this step is crucial.

doc martens size up or down

You can always return the shoes and try a different style or size (don’t forget to check the return and refund policy). If you can’t return the boots and they are too big, learn how to make them smaller to fit better.

Choose The Right Socks

The type of socks you wear can also determine how much room you will have left on your Doc Martens boots or shoes.

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Usually, you wear thicker and longer socks with boots to ensure you keep your feet warm and comfortable. However, with shoes, you may wear shorter and thinner socks. Wearing the right socks can make a difference in the size of your Doc Martens (or any other footwear brand).

So don’t forget to wear the proper type of socks when trying your Doc Martens around the house or when you buy them in-store.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Consider your lifestyle since your feet take a lot of abuse every day, carrying your weight in activities like running, walking, jumping, or just staying on your feet. All these activities can affect you if your ankles and feet swell.

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So when trying a new Doc Martens pair of shoes/boots, you need to take into consideration if you have been walking a lot, if you exercised before, if you just woke up, because all these activities (and many more) can influence the width of your feet.

Medical Conditions

Everyone has some medical conditions that can affect what shoe size we need to buy. For example, suppose you have diabetes, blisters, bunions, plantar fasciitis, high blood pressure, or claw toe. In that case, all these conditions can affect whether you need a bigger Doc Martens shoe size or not. 

Common Questions About Do Doc Martens Run Big Or Small

These are the most common questions about do Doc Martens run big or small.

Do Doc Martens Stretch Out?

Like any shoe brand, Doc Martens stretch with time after wearing them a couple of times. This is because the shoes tend to conform to the shape of your foot and stop extending eventually. Also, wearing thicker socks with Doc Martens boots or shoes that feel snug can stretch them even more.

How To Tell If Doc Martens Are Too Big?

Your Doc Martens are too big if you feel your feet slipping when you walk, the shoes rub on your heels, the laces are overlapped, or you have too much space in the front of the shoes. You can read more about how to tell if your shoes are too big.

Should Doc Martens Hurt The Top Of My Foot?

No, Doc Martens (or any other shoe brand) should make the top of your foot hurt. If they feel tight over the top of your foot, remove the liner for them to fit slightly better since it will give you some extra room.

Are Doc Martens Heavy?

Yes, in my opinion, and compared with other brands, Doc Martens can be heavier, especially the boots, due to their thick platform. Read more about how much do shoes weigh.

Are Dr Martens Tight At First?

Yes, Doc Martens boots and shoes can feel tight at first and will stretch out after a few wears. However, they should not feel so tight that you feel uncomfortable with them.

Do Dr Martens Do Half Sizes?

Doc Martens states on its website that “we offer whole sizes only,” but they do have some shoes and boots on US 7.5 (UK 6.5) and US 10.5 (UK 11.5) on their website.

Do Dr Martens Run Big Or Small?

Do Doc Martens run big or small? Do Doc Martens size up or down? The answer to both questions depends on the style you are trying. Most Doc Martens boots and shoes tend to run too big, but some styles have customers saying they run too small or true to size.

When in doubt about what Doc Martens boots size to buy, I would advise you to go a full size smaller and try them around the house to check if they are a good fit.