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Doc Martens is a very popular and reliable footwear brand strongly associated with British culture, but does it mean its products are made in England? Where are Doc Martens made?

I didn’t know Doc Martens till I lived in England, so I decided to try a pair of boots, and they were a pretty good choice for a chilly Winter. However, you can find differences between Doc Martens made in England and other countries.

I have reviewed hundreds of product descriptions on the Doc Martens website to check if the brand lists where the products are made. I also visited a couple of Doc Martens stores in London Oxford Street and some multi-brand stores that sell Doc Martens products, checking multiple items. So let’s find out where Doc Martens shoes, boots, and other products are made.

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Where Are Doc Martens Made?

Doc Martens’s boots, shoes, and accessories are manufactured in England, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Portugal, Thailand, and Lao.

Where Are Doc Martens Made

Doc Martens doesn’t list where its products are manufactured on the product descriptions on its website unless the goods are made in England. I always advocate this: either a brand states where all the products are made or not. Other brands like Carhartt, The North Face, Timberland, or Versace do the same, indicating the most convenient countries and “forgetting” those they don’t want you to know.

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So why would a brand state all products made in England and not those manufactured in Vietnam or China? It’s clear that Doc Martens wants to be perceived as a footwear brand that manufactures in England and nowhere else. People tend to believe products made in Europe are better than those manufactured in Asia.

In my opinion, all brands should be transparent or at least consistent with the information they provide on their website. If you want to know where your Doc Martens boots and shoes are manufactured, you need to check the label of the physical product. The US and EU legislation requires brands to indicate the country of origin of any goods.

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Doc Martens provides a list of footwear factories where its products are manufactured and supplied, but the list misses some countries I have found in-store, so I wouldn’t rely on that list 100%.

Most Doc Martens boots and shoes I checked in-store were made in Vietnam or China. I have still found some boots made in England, but not as many as in the two previous countries. I remember the Doc Martens boots I had were manufactured in Vietnam and not in England.

All Doc Martens socks I have checked in-store were manufactured in Portugal (which always makes me happy since I am Portuguese).

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Are Doc Martens Made In England?

Yes, a small amount of Doc Martens shoes, boots, and shoe care products are made in England.

Are Doc Martens Made In Vietnam

When Doc Martens started its manufacturing process, all footwear was manufactured in the Wollaston factory in Northamptonshire. However, in 2003, the English label shifted most of its production to China and other Asian countries.

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You can still find Doc Martens made in England because some products on the website still have the “Made in England at our original Wollaston factory” or “Made In Northamptonshire, England.”

In 2007 the original Cobbs Lane factory in Northampton factory recommenced the production of handmade Dr. Martens Originals with 50 people working there. You can find the Made in England collection and vintage replicates from the 1960s structure in this factory. Also, any collaboration between Doc Martens and other brands/personalities are manufactured in Woolaston.

These Doc Martens are different from the ones made in Asia (many consumers have stated this online around reviews and forums), not only because they are handmade, with a midsole that molds to the shape of your foot in time, but the shoes also have a stronger welt that is better attached to the sole. In addition, some people claim the leather seems more resilient when compared with Doc Martens manufactured in Asia.

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In-store I also have found that the shoe care kits like the protector, wax, or balm are all made in England.

Are Doc Martens Made In China?

Yes, some Doc Martens are manufactured in China, but not as much as you think.

Are Doc Martens Made In China

Doc Martens shifted its production from England to China because the labor, materials, and warehouse conditions were much cheaper. The reason why Doc Martens doesn’t state on its website that some boots are manufactured in China is that some consumers perceive products made in China as low quality. Remember that Doc Martens wants to be perceived as English.

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It would be difficult for Doc Martens to rely solely on England to manufacture all products. China is an easier option to meet consumer demand and cover lower costs by not limiting the amount of footwear they can manufacture. It’s much cheaper to set up these factories in China and other Asian countries than in the UK.

However, Doc Martens and many footwear brands are trying to cut manufacturing dependency in China and expand their production to other Asian countries.

Are Doc Martens Made In Vietnam?

Yes, a lot of Doc Martens boots and shoes are manufactured in Vietnam.

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Are Doc Martens Made In Vietnam

Vietnam seems to be the biggest winner of the tariff war between the US and China. Many footwear brands have shifted their production there, like Adidas and Nike, the two biggest footwear brands globally.

Doc Martens made in Vietnam were the most common label when checking in-store. It’s not a big surprise as Vietnam is becoming the leader (if not already) in footwear manufacturing. As a result, many big brands have relied on this Asian country to keep their supply chain as big as consumer demand.

Vietnam has a significant advantage over China since they have a more stable political situation. In addition, the labor and materials are cheaper, and Vietnam has created a flexible production method for fashion brands to create apparel, footwear, or accessories.

Are Doc Martens Made In Thailand?

Yes, some Doc Martens boots and shoes are made in Thailand.

Are Doc Martens Made In Thailand

Finding so many Doc Martens manufactured in Thailand was definitely a surprise. I am used to noticing brands manufacturing in Thailand in a small amount, but not as much as Doc Martens. I did find a significant amount of different styles manufactured in Thailand.

So if you find some Doc Martens made in Thailand, and you ask yourself if they are authentic, the answer is yes. I have seen them in literally a Doc Martens store.

Common Questions About Where Are Doc Martens Made

These are the most common questions about where are Doc Martens made.

Where Are Doc Martens Produced?

A small amount of Doc Martens boots and shoes are produced in England. Most of the boots and shoes are manufactured in Vietnam and China, but you can also find some from Lao, Bangladesh, or Thailand. Socks seem to be made in Portugal and shoe care products in England.

Why Are Doc Martens Made In China?

Doc Martens are made in China because it was difficult for the English label to keep the costs of a warehouse in England, and China offers cheaper labor and materials.

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How Can You Tell If Doc Martens Are Fake?

To check if your Doc Martens are fake or not, inspect the product code on the inside upper of the shoes since the shoes’ size, name, and where they were made should be there. You should also see an inspection sticker inside and impeccable stitching.

Are Doc Martens Real Leather?

Yes, Doc Martens wears real leather on its shoes. The raw materials used come from tanneries that have environmental and social responsibility credentials to ensure they meet the brand’s high standards and LWG (Leather Working Group). Remember that LWG tanneries are audited on their environmental execution and receive certificates.

Why Do Doc Martens Have Yellow Stitching?

Doc Martens are the only shoe brand that can legally use yellow stitching since the English label has a position trademark registration for the yellow stitching. This is to defend themselves against copycats, who copy and sell fake Doc Martens.

Conclusion On Where Are Doc Martens Made

Where are Doc Martens made now? It depends since they can be made in England if they are Made in England collection, vintage replications, or a collaboration between Doc Martens and other brands/personalities. Doc Martens are primarily manufactured in Vietnam and China but also can be made in Thailand, Bangladesh, Laos, or Portugal.

The quality of Doc Martens Made in England and any other country shouldn’t be that different. Still, many consumers have said that the English company has declined in quality since it shifted its manufacturing from England to Asia. I have to say I was thrilled with my Doc Martens Made in Vietnam, but since I didn’t have a pair manufactured in England, I can’t really tell you the difference.