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Many people often say that a man’s appearance is judged by the condition of his shoes. So, you must polish your shoes to help extend their lifespan and restore their beauty. The question you have is how often should you polish your shoes?

It happened to me so many times in the past. You buy a brand new pair of shoes, look super elegant, wear them a couple of times, and then they look dirty and not fresh anymore. You are not causing a good impression with your muddy and wrecked shoes.

That’s why you should polish your shoes for more than just special occasions like weddings or anniversaries. But how many times should you polish your shoes? How do you know if you are polishing your shoes more than you need it?

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Luckily for you, I have advised many customers about how often they should polish their shoes, since I have worked in the footwear industry for many years. I also have the experience of knowing what have worked for them and what didn’t, so I can provide some tips and tricks to keep your shoes polished and like new.

How Often Should You Polish Your Shoes?

On average, you should polish your shoes at least once a week, but it depends on many factors like how often you wear them, how often you brush and clean them, how long you wear them, where you wear them, and the weather conditions.

how often should you polish your shoes

It seems common sense, but if you wear a pair of shoes for a few hours every week, you will need to polish a lot less than a pair of shoes you wear all the time. Shoes will last less if you wear them more times, and it’s the same when polishing them.

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You also need to consider if you walk on smooth concrete surfaces or in places full of mud and grass. The more dirty the shoes are, the more work and polish they will need. 

The weather can also significantly affect how often you need to polish your shoes since snow, rain, or extremely hot weather can damage a pair of shoes. If you live in places with these weather conditions, you must polish your shoes once per week to replenish oils and fats lost from the shoes to stop the leather from becoming soaked with water or moisture.

The main rule is that you should polish your shoes at least once per week if you wear your shoes a lot, in bad weather conditions for shoes (and leather), and walk on dirt paths. On the other hand, if you wear the shoes casually and they don’t look dirty, you may polish your shoes once per month or once every two or three months.

Why Should You Polish Your Shoes?

It would be best if you polished your shoes for a couple of different reasons, but the two main ones are that you want to increase the lifespan of your footwear and prevent them from looking old.

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how often to polish shoes

Regular shoe polish will increase the shoes’ durability, making you spend less money since you don’t need to buy a new pair so often. When done correctly, it also increases dirt and water resistance, protecting the shoes from scratches and scuffs and shielding the leather.

Polished shoes don’t lose shape as quickly as untreated shoes. It also helps to protect the leather and prevent the material from deteriorating, maintaining the professional and dashing look many guys want.

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It’s crucial to polish your shoes in autumn and winter since you have many more rainy days and want to avoid water marks on the leather. Don’t forget to clean them first.

What Do You Need To Polish Your Shoes?

To polish your shoes the right way, you need some items to help you remove the dirt and give them that new look your shoes deserve. You need to keep in mind that not only do you need this equipment, but also a good and strong surface to work. Remember that the surface might become dirty after you polish your shoes, so you will need to clean it.

There is the equipment you need to polish your shoes:

I would also like to point out that if you use a shoe tree on your shoes when you are not wearing them, you won’t need to polish them as much. These wooden devices hold your shoes in place and help maintain the shape and size of the shoes, especially if you don’t wear them as much as you should.

How To Polish Your Shoes?

Knowing how to polish your shoes is not a science, but you want to do all the steps correctly to avoid damaging the shoes. This is how you polish your shoes:

should you polish new shoes

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Step 1 – Grab all the equipment you need.

Step 2 – If your shoes have laces, remove them.

Step 3 – Stuff your shoes with a bit of newspaper to avoid wrinkling them and to have better support when brushing.

Step 4 – Brush off any dirt, dust, or debris with the help of a good conditioner/cleaner. Let the shoes dry.

Step 5 – Buff the leather with a bit of polish using a t-shirt or a clean cloth. Rub it slowly in circular motions until you cover the entire shoe. Let it dry for twenty minutes.

Step 6 – Add additional layers of polish if the shoe needs it. Don’t forget to let the shoes dry for at least twenty minutes.

Step 7 – Grab a brush and remove any excess polish from the shoes with short and quick strokes.

Common Questions About How Often Should You Polish Your Shoes

These are the most common questions about how often should you polish your shoes.

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Should I Polish My Shoes Every Day?

No, you don’t need to polish your shoes daily, which would be unnecessary work. The polish lasts for a few wears every time you polish your shoes. However, you should clean your shoes every time you wear them.

How Long Should I Leave Polish On My Shoes?

Some people say 24 hours, but you can polish your shoes and leave them to dry overnight. Remember that the longer you leave the polish on your shoes, the better it will work on the leather, giving it time to absorb. I also know some guys who polish the shoes, leave them for 20 minutes and then wear them.

Is Shoe Polish Necessary?

Yes, shoe polish is fundamental if you want to increase the lifespan of your shoes and make them look new. It also helps regenerate, prevents the leather from deteriorating, and builds resistance against water and dirt.

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Should You Polish New Leather Shoes?

Yes, you should polish your new leather shoes in my opinion even if you just bought them and have never worn them. This is because not only do you not know for how long they have been inside a box or in-store, but you also want to add a layer of protection and make them more resistant to water, dirt, and grime. It also makes the shoes more glossy.

Can I Wear My Shoes Immediately After Polishing Them?

No, you shouldn’t wear the shoes immediately after polishing them because you don’t want to expose them to dirt that can get stuck to the polish and the shoe. Instead, wait at least 20 minutes before you wear the shoes after polishing them, but ideally, you would let the shoes dry during the night to make the most from the polishing.

Conclusion About How Often Should You Polish Your Shoes

How often should you polish your shoes? It depends on every situation, but a good rule of thumb is to polish your shoes at least once weekly. Of course, it all depends on how often per week you wear the shoes, how long, how often you brush and clean them, where you wear them, and the impact the weather can have.

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Always remember that if you take care of your shoes correctly, they will last a lot longer, and you will not need to buy a new pair any soon. Just by itself, this would already be enough reason for you to polish your shoes enough times.