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Many people have no idea what a shoe mitt is, how to use one, or why they need a shoe mitt if they keep wearing dress shoes every day. Some think a shoe mitt is something that you will only find in luxurious hotels. So what is a shoe mitt?

For some, a shoe mitt is the same as a shoe shine cloth or a polish glove, but those people are wrong since the aesthetic of the materials used to manufacture these three items is different. As you will learn, they may have similar functions but are still distinct.

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If you can’t find a shoe mitt in a shoe store (they are not the most common on the market, but any fancy shoe store should sell one), check the most similar one.

What Is A Shoe Mitt?

A shoe mitt is a small piece of cloth used to shine your shoes. Shoe mitts differ from the average cloth because they have an open end where you can put your hand in to help you easily shine up your shoes or boots. It also helps your shoes to last longer.

shining shoes with a shoe mitt

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I have seen a lot of people with the wrong idea that shoe mitts are primarily available in hotels, but that’s not true. You can buy shoe mitts in most shoe stores that sell dress shoes. Some hotels, usually five stars, will also have shoe mitts available to shine your shoes, so you don’t need to carry yours around.

Why Should You Get A Shoe Mitt?

If you have a few dress shoes and wear them almost daily or even occasionally, you should invest in a shoe mitt since it will help keep your shoes shining and looking new.

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A shoe mitt effectively shines your smooth leather shoes (you can use it for many more different things if you keep reading)

Not every hotel will have a shoe mitt, in case you need to spend many days away and want your shoes to look the best. In this case, buying a shoe mitt is the best option since you can put it in your bag when traveling.

When To Use A Shoe Mitt?

You want to use a shoe mitt when you desire to shine your leather/glossy dress shoes. However, you want to avoid using a shoe mitt to shine suede, textile, or foam shoes. That can end up on you, making your shoes worse since the grime and dirt will go deeper into those materials and become more difficult to remove.

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If your shoes are too dirty and full of grease, you may need to clean them with a shoe brush. A shoe mitt it’s not that practical when it comes to cleaning a very dirty shoe. Shoe mitts are effective in shining a shoe, not cleaning it. However, if the shoe is just slightly dirty, you can wear a shoe mitt to clean it.

How To Use A Shoe Mitt?

Remember that this is a guide on using a shoe mitt with leather shoes and not any other type of materials.

  1. Lay down some newspaper on a table and remove the laces of your shoes.
  2. If the shoe is too dirty, use a shoe brush to remove as much dirt and grease as possible. A shoe mitt will not be effective in filthy footwear
  3. If the shoes are not too dirty, use one side of the shoe mitt to wipe off all the dirt. Try to keep the other side of the shoe mitt as clean as possible, and don’t use it to clean any dirt.
  4. Fold your shoe mitt in half (with the part you didn’t use to clean on the outside) and apply some shoe shine lotion. Apply evenly to the shoe.
  5. Rub with small circle movements
  6. Let the shoes dry for twenty minutes
  7. Use the final quarter of the shoe mitt to buff your shoes to a nice shine.

What Other Ways Can You Use A Shoe Mitt?

You can also wear your shoe mitt for more than just shining your shoes. This is what we call making the best of your money when buying one. Check some alternative uses for your shoe mitt.

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how to use a shoe mitt

Cleaning laptops, phones, and tablets – the cotton and microfiber materials are soft and good for wiping off any dirt from your electronic devices.

Cleaning tools – the materials of a shoe mitt make it perfect for cleaning anything around the house.

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Cleaning your car – we all had some emergencies in the car. For example, spilled liquids, dust on the dashboard, dirty windows, etc. A shoe mitt can deal with all these problems.

Cleaning stains – shoe mitts are great for cleaning stains if you wet them and clean the stain quickly enough. The material of the shoe mitt will absorb as much of the liquid as possible quickly.

Clean watches – due to how soft the material of a shoe mitt is, you can also clean your watches without worrying too much about scratches.

Common Questions About What Is A Shoe Mitt

These are the most common questions about what is a shoe mitt.

Can a Shoe Mitt Damage Your Shoes?

No, a shoe mitt cannot damage your shoes unless you add a liquid or product that is not suitable to the material of your shoes. For example, shoe mitts are usually made of cotton or microfibers, materials that don’t damage any other shoe fabrics.

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What Is The Difference Between A Shoe Mitt and A Shoe Shine Cloth?

Shoe mitts are used to shine your dress shoes and have an open end where you can quickly put your hand in to shine up your shoes or boots. A shoe shine cloth has a coarse side for removing any excess wax, debris, or conditioner and a smooth side that buffs them until the shoe is shiny.

What Is The Difference Between A Shoe Mitt and A Polish Glove?

The main difference is that a shoe mitt is usually made of cotton or microfiber, but a shoe polish glove is crafted in calf leather and natural wool. They are both used to buff your shoes to a lustrous shine.

Conclusion On What Is A Shoe Mitt

So what is a shoe mitt, and how can this small piece of cloth help you keep your shoes shining? A shoe mitt has an open end where you put your hand, making it easier to shine up your shoes. The materials of a shoe mitt also help it to be more efficient.

Shoe mitts might not be the most popular option for shining up your shoes. But if you own a pair of dress shoes and wear them more than anything else, I would say for you to invest in a shoe mitt and make your life easier.