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Why do we wear underwear? Did you ever ask that question to yourself? Almost every person wears underwear (you have some people who like to go commando) because it is just something you have done since you were a kid. What is the purpose of underwear, then?

I will give you many reasons why do we wear underwear, but the main reason is society. Socially it’s the norm to protect your privates. It would be weird if everyone were showing their genitals, right?

Please stick with me, and let’s find out why it is necessary to wear underwear for males and well… everyone.

Underwear Quick History

Let’s check the quick timeline of underwear history for men.

Ancient Times

The Loincloth – The most rudimentary of men’s underwear. The loincloth was a single piece of cloth draped over the men’s private parts. Many cultures have used loincloths across the centuries.

Ancient Egyptian – Egyptians also used loincloths, called Schenti, made with linen and tied toward the front. It was favored as everyday wear as functional and fashionable.

Indigenous American – Between antiquity and the 14th century, loincloths were used. Incan men, Aztecs wear undergarments as decorative pieces. Amazonian native people still wear loincloths as traditional garments.

Medieval 400-1400 AD

In the middle ages, men started wearing Braies. Celtic and Germanic people were this kind of undergarment. Braies allowed men to pee without having to remove the trousers entirely.

Industrial Age 1800-1900 AD

During this age, men’s underwear designers started prioritizing comfort when creating new undies.

Union Suits dominated men’s undergarments, making trips to the toilet easier with their buttoned flap on the buttocks design. 

1874 – C.F. Bennet created the jockstrap.

Modern Age 1900 – The Present Day

Now you will see a fast development of underwear for men and women.

1925 – Everlast created the first boxers.

1935 – First briefs were created.

1980’s – Release of boxer briefs by Armani

1980’s – Invention of trunk briefs.

In the last 35 years, we have seen some variations of boxer briefs like the athletic style. Today you have every type of underwear depending on your lifestyle. What started in ancient times to cover the genitals in societies that disapproved of genital nakedness is now a massive market for brands to make money.

Why Do We Wear Underwear?

Wearing underwear can bring many benefits for different reasons, such as protecting your private parts, support, hygiene, health, comfort, and others. Let me show 9 of the best reasons why do we wear underwear.

Avoid Exposing Your Privates

We live in a society with rules. You don’t want to expose your private parts accidentally because you are not wearing underwear. It can be even more embarrassing in women’s cases if they are wearing a skirt without any lingerie.

I bet you can remember multiple times when someone bends over or sit down, and you can see more than you ask for. I know this can still happen if you wear undergarments, but the chances are smaller if you use the correct ones.

You also need to think about the possibility of your pants rip out. This happens to me a few You also need to think about the possibility of your pants ripping out. This happened to me a few seconds before a job interview started. Luckily I was wearing underwear and got the job.

Reasons Behind Why We Wear Underwear

Underwear Keeps Our Privates Dry

Is wearing underwear necessary to keep our privates dry?

Your balls sweat all the time, especially if you have a very active lifestyle. Can you face the idea of wet stains in your pants and meet a client, colleague, or anyone?

Using the proper underwear can keep your genitals dry and avoid any embarrassing wet stains or poop stains on your jeans (just imagine your white jeans without any boxers).

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It’s also a matter of hygiene. Can you imagine the amount of sweat, urine, and feces you will spread on your jeans or pants? Then you wear the same jeans for two or three days. Gross. It’s easy to change your undies every day that it is with jeans.

If you choose to go commando, you can have some problems like pubic lice, crabs (more to women that use skirts), or even a minor rash when your skin chafes against your pants.

Also, don’t forget the moisture build-up around your genitals, and letting it sit in your jeans isn’t the most hygienic.


I can understand why some men like to go commando with tracksuit pants but not with jeans. Can you imagine your genitals getting stuck in your jeans zipper? I feel the pain just imagining it. It doesn’t sound comfortable at all. 

I tried to go commando once wearing jeans, and that was enough for me. The material of the jeans was rough, and the wear of the seams did not help.

Wearing underwear (again, the correct type of underwear for your lifestyle) is essential to keep you and your genitals comfortable enough for an entire day, especially if you are wearing jeans.

You can also learn if you should wear cotton or polyester fabric for better comfort.


The purpose of underwear is to protect you in many different ways. How many times did you have random erections and your boxers didn’t let other people know? Using thin outer garments can protect you from embarrassing situations.

I am so thankful for using boxer briefs under my swim shorts. It saved me so many times on the beach, and I presume the same happened to you. Underwear helps to minimize the bulge of your private parts.


Why do we wear underwear? Because our private parts need support. The constant bouncing can cause some testicle pain, which can become chronic. This can develop severe problems like varicoceles. Supportive underwear will limit the jiggling, keep your testicles as close to your body as possible, reducing the risk of injury.

Some men have been asking if you need to wear underwear with running shorts to have more support, which depends on the type of running shorts you use.


Using underwear can improve your self-confidence because you have another layer of protection between your private parts and the world. If you need to take your jeans off in front of people for any reason, you can be confident that they will not see your penis and balls.

Wearing sexy or shaping underwear will also improve your confidence when foreplay. It’s a great way to spice things up and have some fun.


In warm climates, breathable underwear will prevent any smells and moisture down your private zones. In cold temperatures, undergarments may be an additional layer of clothing to keep your balls warm.

Depending on your lifestyle, you want to wear the right underwear daily, in the gym, at work, when running, to prevent jock itch, go on a date, etc.


It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl. Wearing underwear will improve your health and prevent problems like chafing, infections, fungus, or bacteria. You may want to use the best antibacterial underwear to avoid some of those problems.

Just the fact you are wearing boxers can lower the risk of some infections, especially if you don’t wash your jeans after using them once (don’t worry, I don’t do it either. I use my jeans two or three times depending on the activity or how long I wear them). This is because jeans can trap germs close to your genitals.

Why Do We Wear Underwear? Men’s Common Questions

These are some of the most common questions about why do we wear underwear. I am here to answer some of them.

What Happens If You Don’t Wear Underwear?

Some men defend wearing underwear because it will help them with support, hygiene, protection, and other benefits. Others will say you should not use it because it will improve your comfort, reduce skin irritation and protect you from infections down there.

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I personally think you should wear underwear on most occasions (not with the proper running shorts, and some people say when sleeping). Try it one week without underwear and another week with it, keep a diary to check the main differences you have noticed and make a decision. It really depends from person to person.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Not Wearing Underwear?

Some of the disadvantages of not wearing underwear are:

  • Increased risk of infection
  • Skin and cloth stains
  • No support
  • Clothing problems
  • Chaffing
  • Roughness
  • Wardrobe malfunction
  • Unpleasant odor
  • More clothes to wash

Is It Normal Not To Wear Underwear?

Absolutely. You have more people going commando than you can imagine. Some of your close friends probably do it from time to time. People do not share it because it’s pretty personal.

Does Wearing Underwear Decrease Size?

No. No underwear will affect the size of your penis. The only problem underwear can give you, if really tight, is to raise the temperature of your testicles, causing low sperm count.

Why Do Some Guys Not Wear Underwear?

It’s a personal choice. Some men prefer going commando because they like the freedom down there and the air circulating. Some say it feels more comfortable without any undies. Always choose the best underwear fabric for your needs.

When Should a Boy Start Wearing Underwear?

Boys start wearing underwear when they are 2-3 years old. It happens when the toddler stops using diapers and is transitioning to children’s underwear.

Is Wearing Underwear Necessary?

Why do we wear underwear? Is wearing underwear necessary? I think it is, in my opinion. The benefits of wearing underwear surpass why you shouldn’t.

You want to be comfortable, boost your self-confidence with the right pair of boxer briefs, keep your hygiene high or protect your part privates.

In your opinion, why do we wear underwear? Are you pro or against it? Share with me in the comments.