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Board shorts are the perfect option for any guy who wants to spend most of his day on the beach, seeking the perfect wave or just chilling. The right pair can give you the flexibility you need to move freely. But what to wear under board shorts?

Some people prefer to have a little bit more protection down there, and others feel more comfortable not having anything under their board shorts. I personally like to have another layer of protection with or without board shorts. Let’s find out what you wear under board shorts.

What To Wear Under Board Shorts?

What you wear under board shorts is a personal preference of yours. You can wear board shorts with liners, without liners, underwear, or even go commando. All options are plentiful, depending on what you feel the most comfortable.

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Wear Board Shorts With Liners

Some swim shorts fabrics can be itchy and rough, which can bring some discomfort when moving. To avoid this problem, many swim shorts manufacturers started making an inner mesh lining inside the shorts to ensure surfers would be more comfortable.

Some brands started designing board shorts with built-in liners to give more support and compression to your balls and junk when surfing or swimming. If you wear board shorts with liners, you don’t need to wear underwear or compression shorts since the liners eliminate that need.

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I never like any type of shorts with liners, and I permanently removed them until recently when I tried a pair of board shorts with liners on the beach, and it didn’t feel too bad. I prefer not to wear this style since I prefer to wear underwear under any shorts style.

Wear Board Shorts Without Liners

Most brands create their board shorts without liners, especially when it comes to popular brands like Billabong, Rip Curl, or Quiksilver. I checked their websites, and I only found board shorts without liners, known as the traditional ones.

For some surfers, board shorts without liners provide more flexibility when jumping up and down on the board since the liner is not on the way. However, for some, there is literally nothing between their body and the material regarding board shorts without liners. That’s why so many surfers like to wear compression shorts in this style.

Wear Compression Shorts

Compression shorts are most surfer’s favorite option to wear under board shorts. They tend to use them to enhance performance and help prevent rashes and inflammations associated with surfing.

Compression shorts also give you the support you need down there, and you feel more comfortable when surfing, swimming, or walking on the beach (if not wet), avoiding chafing.

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Some guys prefer to wear compression shorts over underwear because they are longer and give another layer of protection between the surfboard and you. Remember that you want to remove your compression shorts when out of the water since they are not designed to be worn wet and can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Wear Underwear

Non-experienced surfers or guys who couldn’t care less about water activities and just want to chill on the beach tend to wear underwear under their board shorts.

Regular underwear is not a great idea since most of them are made of cotton, absorbing the water and making you heavier. Cotton also takes a lot more time to dry. You want to choose underwear made of polyester or nylon fabrics because they dry much faster than cotton and are water-resistant.

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Wearing underwear under board shorts it’s my way to go, but I always choose between boxer briefs, trunks, or a jockstrap since they provide the support I need. Avoid wearing boxer shorts or anything too baggy because the chafing will be very uncomfortable.

Go Commando

You can also choose the minimalist approach and not wear anything under your board shorts. No underwear or compression shorts. Not care if you have liners or not on the board shorts. Some of my friends refuse to wear anything under their board shorts because they like freedom and do not feel restricted.

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Steve from Surf Learner says if you are not wearing swim trunks under your board shorts, you should wear nothing since they are designed for this reason.

I am not a big fan of going commando because of the chafing since you may feel some itchiness and discomfort around your upper tights, penis, and balls. It also doesn’t help if you have an accident where your shorts come off and your junk is fully exposed.

Advantages Of Wearing Something Under Board Shorts

These are some advantages of always wearing something under your board shorts.

what do you wear under board shorts

More Support

If your board shorts don’t have liners (which is the majority), you will not feel much support down there, and that’s why most surfers and water sports enthusiasts wear compression shorts or underwear. If you find board shorts with liners, they do support your junk.

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The support is much more vital if you are engaged in a lot of physical activity in the water. For example, if you are just chilling on the beach and casually refreshing yourself on the water, you may not need this support unless you go for a long walk.

Prevent Reveals

If your board shorts go down for some reason, like a wave was too strong, you may be in a position where you will be fully naked. I have been in this position multiple times, and I am always glad I was wearing something underneath my board shorts.

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Another reason is that sometimes when you don’t wear another layer of protection, you can relieve the shape of your penis since wet clothes tend to conform to the shapes of your body.

Prevent A Rash

When you wear something underneath your board shorts, like compression shorts, the right underwear, or board shorts with liners, you can prevent rashes, itchiness, or chafing.

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I know some people like to wear speedos underneath their board shorts because they provide support, avoid rashes and have a minimalist design.

Disadvantages Of Wearing Something Under Board Shorts

Let’s now check the disadvantages of wearing something under your board shorts.

what to wear under board shorts without lining

Slow Drying Time

Compression shorts and underwear are not designed for use in the water, and when made of cotton fabric, they can take hours to dry. Of course, you can always lie out in the sun, but it can still take some time to dry them thoroughly.

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When wearing anything under my board shorts, I find that my board shorts always dry quicker than my underwear or compression shorts, which is very annoying. Also, since I keep switching between swimming and lying out in the sun, whatever I use underneath my board shorts is never fully dry.

The slowing drying time can affect what you want to do on the beach since you don’t want to go for a long walk with something wet. It will only create friction and painful redness.

Color Fastness

The chemicals in a swimming pool or salt water can affect the color of your compression shorts or underwear. As a result, you will have to replace both of them quickly since they will soon lose their color, and the materials will be worn faster.

It’s Ugly

Some people despise whoever wears something underneath their board shorts because they find it uncool and ugly. I have read some surfer’s opinions where they think you are making the biggest mistake of your life when doing this, but others couldn’t care less and say you should wear whatever you feel the most comfortable with it.

At the end of the day, this is just the opinion and personal preferences of a small group of people. I don’t find it ugly and you should do what makes you happier.

Common Questions About What To Wear Under Board Shorts

These are the most common questions about what to wear under board shorts.

What Should You Wear Under Board Shorts?

The choice of what to wear underneath your board shorts is entirely yours. You can wear board shorts with or without liners, go commando, or wear underwear or compression shorts underneath. It all depends on looking for more support because you will be physically active when in the water.

What Do You Wear Under Swimming Trunks?

When it comes to swimming briefs or trunks, you don’t need to wear anything underneath them because they are already small size-wise, not letting a lot of space for anything underneath. However, you can wear some underwear underneath your swimming shorts if you like more support or if you want to hide the shape of your junk when wet.

Why Do Board Shorts Have Mesh Lining?

Not many board shorts have a mesh lining, but the ones that offer a built-in liner made from mesh provide support to your penis and balls. Thanks to these liners, you don’t need to wear anything underneath your board shorts.

Are Board Shorts Supposed To Be Tight?

Board shorts are supposed to feel comfortable and snug if you prefer, but never tight. You don’t want to feel your movements restricted. The board shorts should fit securely around your waist.

What To Wear Under Board Shorts To Prevent Chafing?

To prevent chafing when wearing board shorts, you should wear some with built-in liners or if they don’t have some, wear compression shorts or proper underwear like briefs, jockstraps, or trunks made of polyester or nylon fabrics underneath.

Conclusion On What To Wear Under Board Shorts

When deciding what to wear under board shorts, choose something you feel comfortable with that doesn’t restrict your movements in the water. Of course, it all depends on what you want to do since you can wear compression shorts underneath your board shorts for an intense day of activities in the water or a pair of swim trunks underneath to chill on the beach.

Always remember that it’s no one’s business what you wear underneath your board shorts since it’s a personal preference.