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It’s never easy to buy new underwear, especially if you find a new brand or style you never tried before. It can be a big challenge, and that’s why many people stick with what they know works for them.

Since you can’t try underwear in the shop (let’s all be thankful for that), you need to be in your best shopping game. Buying a one size fits all underwear is not good enough anymore.

When buying underwear, you need to know its purpose, check the material, read the features, and make a decision.

In case you buy underwear there is too tight for the sake of your balls and manhood, don’t worry if you can’t return it. I have a solution to help you stretch your underwear.

Should You Wear Tight Underwear?

This is a general question. Should you wear tight underwear? The answer is not black or white, since you can use it, but you shouldn’t.

Yes, you can use tight underwear, but not when the boxers or briefs are leaving marks or cutting your circulation. It is an excellent choice when you are looking to get more support around your man parts.

Why do I say you shouldn’t wear tight undergarments? Because some research suggests isn’t a good idea for your health.

2018 study discovered lower sperm counts in men who wear tight underwear. The temperature of the scrotum is increased, which affects the body’s production of sperm.

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The same study also found a 25% higher sperm concentration in men who wore boxer briefs.

It’s also fundamental to understand how uncomfortable wearing tight boxers can be since you need to use them during an entire working day and commute to work.

How To Stretch Your Underwear?

Before I tell you how to stretch your underwear, you need to ask yourself if you can do it because it depends on your underwear fabric.

Is Your Underwear Stretchable?

First, let’s figure out the material of your underwear.

If your underwear is made mainly of cotton, that’s great because this is highly stretchable. That’s also a problem in the long term since they lose shape far too quickly.

If your underwear is made of polyester, you can also stretch it because this is another super stretchy material.

On the other end, materials like woven and silk are known for not being very stretchy, so you might have a difficult time trying to extend that.

how to stretch out underwear

When you are buying underwear, a short piece of advice is to ask the person in the shop or read the reviews online.

Step 1 – Cold Wash

Grab the underwear you want to stretch and put it into the washing machine. Fill the washing machine up with cold water, and when the water fills up and begins to wash, turn the washer off and leave your underwear there. Do not use any detergents or other products, just cold water.

Step 2 – Leave Underwear To Soak

Leave your underwear to soak for at least 24 hours.

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Step 3 – Check Your Underwear

After 24 hours check your underwear without wringing it out. If your underwear has increased and you are happy to give it a try, go to the next step. If not, leave it for another 24 hours in the washer.

Step 4 – Remove Your Underwear

Take your underwear from the washer or bucket and put it to dry outside without twisting the garment. You want the underwear to be heavyweight with water dripping wet since the water in your undies will stretch them even further.

Step 5 – Let It Dry

Let your undies dry naturally, even if it takes a few days. When they dry out, try and ensure you have the size you pretend. If they smell because you left them to dry for a few days, rewash them.

Most fabrics will have to stretch a size up with this technique.

Tip: If you find your clothes have stretched too much, let your clothes spin in the washer instead of hanging them to dry and following the clothes label’s drying instructions.

What To Do If Your Underwear Is Too Tight?

Now that you know my technique on how to stretch underwear let’s be more specific with some of the most common questions.

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How To Stretch Cotton Underwear?

Cotton is a very stretchy fabric, so it’s not difficult to increase your underwear in this case.

  1. Get a basin full of cold water
  2. Soak the underwear for 24 hours
  3. Check if the size is what you want
  4. Leave it to dry naturally without twisting.
how to stretch underwear waistband

How To Stretch Elastic In Underwear?

Grab a chair or use the side of a small table. Stretch your elastic underwear over your chair and line up the sides with the side of the chair. Leave it for 24 hours and check if the size is perfect or if you want to expand more. Leaving it in a warm place will help the elastic band stretch.

Just be careful when you stretch your underwear because when it feels too loose it will ride up.

Conclusion: How To Stretch Underwear?

If you have bought the wrong underwear size or gain so much weight that they fill tight, it will be handy to know how to stretch out underwear.

These techniques will work in most cases, but you need to check the materials since some are not stretch-friendly.

What do you do when you need to stretch your underwear? Share with me in the comments.