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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Tommy Jeans vs Tommy Hilfiger? Of course, there are many similarities since they are both parts of the Tommy Hilfiger brand, but some significant differences set them apart.

This differentiation inside of a brand is nothing new for these premium brands. You have Hugo Boss with the Boss label and the Hugo label with different customer segmentation and objectives. The same happens with Ralph Lauren, which has various labels inside the leading brand, like Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo Collection, Lauren Ralph Lauren, etc.

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I find the way Tommy Hilfiger corporation brands the labels straightforward to understand, and you can see the focus they have on each label like it’s the case of the Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans.

Let’s find out the difference between Tommy Jeans vs Tommy Hilfiger.

What Is The Difference Between Tommy Hilfiger And Tommy Jeans?

The difference between Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans is the customer segmentation, the price, the shopping experience, and the designs of the products.

Both labels are part of the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation. However, Tommy Jeans is slightly cheaper because it targets a younger audience that shops more online and denim-oriented consumers.

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On the other end, the Tommy Hilfiger label targets older consumers looking for a more casual fashion product that they can wear every day. In addition, this consumer prefers a personalized shopping experience in-store.

What Is The Tommy Hilfiger Label?

The Tommy Hilfiger brand is the signature sportswear line where you can find the classic American cool spirit. It celebrates your individuality through your style.

The Tommy Hilfiger label collections have all the timeless classics with Hilfiger’s designer signature. You can expect the most classic American style on polos, oxfords, chinos, blazers, and outwear. However, this doesn’t mean Tommy Hilfiger is manufactured in the USA.

Who Is The Tommy Hilfiger Label For?

The Tommy Hilfiger label targets consumers between 25 and 40 years old. It’s for the typical men and women that want a casual fashion item to wear every day. This consumer likes a bit of status and a more personalized shopping experience.

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I have checked all my Tommy Hilfiger clothes, and everything I bought was from the Tommy Hilfiger label. It makes sense since I am in the consumer range they are targeting.

What Is The Tommy Jeans Label?

The Tommy Jeans label was formerly known as Hilfiger Denim and changed its name in the Spring collection of 2018 to Tommy Jeans. This label has a more street attitude and youthful energy with an irreverent twist.

difference between tommy jeans and tommy hilfiger
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Denim has always been a massive part of the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation. Tommy Jeans provides a fresh take on denim original with the youngest street attitude. You have a lot more than just denim pieces or jeans. Some people think Tommy Jeans only sells jeans, but they also sell t-shirts, polos, jackets, etc.

Who Is The Tommy Jeans Label For?

The Tommy Jeans label targets consumers between 18 and 30 years old. It’s targeting the youngest generation but also denim-oriented consumers. This label has a more casual edge and youthful energy look.

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The reason why Tommy Hilfiger Corporation rebrands the label from Tommy Denim to Tommy Jeans is to drive more younger consumers to the brand through influencers and new product strategies. It’s almost the same as starting a new label inside the brand, but this way is faster to accelerate the global demand and growth of young consumers.

I am not the targeted consumer, but I always loved a nice denim look when I was a teenager. So I always had a denim jacket on my wardrobe (something that I don’t have anymore).

Other Tommy Hilfiger Labels

Tommy Hilfiger Corporation also has another three labels.

Hilfiger Collection

The Hilfiger Collection is the premium label of the brand. The entire label is manufactured in Italy, with high-quality materials, and produced in limited numbers for each piece. You can often see products of the Hilfiger Collection during Fashion Week on the runway. It’s the most expensive label in the company.

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Tommy Hilfiger Tailored

Tommy Hilfiger Tailored integrates a sophisticated and sharp style for today’s professional and casual man. From casual weekend wear to structured suiting for business meetings, you can expect innovative fabrics with exacting cuts and stylish details.

Tommy Now

Tommy Now is a lot more than the fragrance. It’s instant access to the brand’s runway collections from the comfort of your house. It’s basically to make it easier for you to buy something you have seen on the runway when the show starts.

The Gigi Hadid collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger saw huge benefits from Tommy Now since everything was seen on the runway was instantly shoppable from when the show started.

Common Questions About Tommy Jeans VS

Tommy Hilfiger

These are the most common questions about the difference between Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans.

Are Tommy Jeans And Tommy Hilfiger The Same?

Tommy Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger are separate labels inside of the Tommy Hilfiger brand. They both have different products that target distinct consumers. The price of the items and the shopping experience of the consumers are also different.

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Is Tommy Jeans Cheaper Than Tommy Hilfiger?

Yes, Tommy Jeans is slightly cheaper than Tommy Hilfiger. When you compare the items, you can find a difference of $30 or $40 depending on the products you choose.

Tommy Jeans VS Tommy Hilfiger

In conclusion, Tommy Jeans and Tommy Hilfiger are not the same labels even though they are part of the same parent company. They have separate pricing, different products, and target other consumers.

Now, just because Tommy Jeans is directed to younger consumers, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy it if you are not in the consumer range. If you like something that fits you, go for it. I always buy from the Tommy Hilfiger label because I identified myself with its products, but if I want something from the Tommy Jeans label, I will definitely buy it.

Now that you know what is different in the Tommy Jeans vs Tommy Hilfiger labels, which collection do you like the most? Share with me in the comments.