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Levi’s is one of the oldest fashion brands in the world, founded in 1853 in the US by a German named Levi Strauss. It’s also one of the most popular brands when it comes to jeans (if not the most popular), but can you answer the question: Where are Levi’s made?

I am a big fan of Levi’s jeans because I like the brand, the quality (they last me more than any other brand of jeans), and its something sexy about them. Some Levi’s can last me years and still look like new.

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Because I am such a big fan, I have decided to check hundreds of product descriptions on Levi’s website to verify if the brand lists where the products are made and researched a lot online. I also visited their store and some stores that sell Levi’s and checked multiple items. So let’s find out where Levi’s is manufactured.

Where Are Levi’s Made?

Levi’s clothing, accessories, and footwear are manufactured in the US, China, Japan, Romania, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Turkey, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Italy, Cambodia, Poland and, Egypt.

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Where Are Levi's Manufactured

Levi’s website is an authentic mess when it comes to the country of origin or its products. Most of the items don’t have information or just say imported. 

Usually, when a brand says “Imported” or doesn’t want to state the country of origin, it’s because the products are “Made In China.” But I found “Made In China” products on the website, so I got even more confused about why they don’t state the manufacturing country for all the products.

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In-store was much easier since all products have the country of origin (different from when I wrote about where Lacoste is made), something the US legislation and EU rules require.

One of the sneakers I found in-store was also on the website. Unfortunately, the website didn’t provide any information about where the sneakers were manufactured. Still, I could see they were “Made In China” on the physical product (remember what I said about brands wanting to hide the country of origin of some products?).

To make your life a bit easier, this is what is manufactured in each country (understand that this is based on my experience of the items I have found in-store and on the website when I wrote this article. Also, remember that many products on the website didn’t state where they were manufactured):

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US – One pair of jeans
China – Jeans, Socks, Hats, Shorts, and Footwear
Japan – Jeans, and Jackets
Romania – Jackets
Bangladesh – Jeans, Jackets, T-Shirts, and Shorts
Bulgaria – Jackets
Turkey –Jeans, and T-Shirts
Vietnam – Jeans, T-Shirts, and Shirts
Pakistan – Jeans, T-Shirts, and Sweatshirts 
Sri Lanka – Jeans, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, and Shorts
India – T-Shirts, Footwear, and Shirts
Italy – Belts
Cambodia – Jeans, and Sweatshirts 
Poland – Jeans
Egypt – Jeans, and Shorts

I didn’t check every product on Levi’s website, but I reviewed hundreds of them.

Where Are Levi’s Jeans Made?

Levi’s jeans are manufactured in the US, China, Japan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Poland, and Egypt.

Where Are Levi's Jeans Made

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Levi’s Men Jeans

Levi’s 501 – USA, China, Japan, Egypt, Poland, and Cambodia
Levi’s 502 – Pakistan, Egypt, and China
Levi’s 510 – Bangladesh, Egypt, Vietnam, and Pakistan
Levi’s 511 – Egypt, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh
Levi’s 512 – Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, Vietnam, and China
Levi’s 514 – Bangladesh
Levi’s 517 – China, and Cambodia
Levi’s 519 – Pakistan, and Egypt
Levi’s 527 – Egypt
Levi’s 531 – Bangladesh
Levi’s 541 – Pakistan, and Turkey
Levi’s 551 – Cambodia, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Turkey
Levi’s 559 – Imported

Levi’s Women Jeans

Levi’s 310 – Pakistan
Levi’s 311 – Sri Lanka, and Pakistan
Levi’s 312 – Sri Lanka
Levi’s 314 – Sri Lanka, and Cambodia
Levi’s 315 – China
Levi’s 501 – China, Cambodia, and Turkey
Levi’s 711 – Turkey
Levi’s 720 – Turkey
Levi’s 721 – Sri Lanka, China, Turkey, and Poland
Levi’s 724 – Cambodia, and Turkey
Levi’s 725 – Cambodia

As you can see, Levi’s jeans are mainly manufactured in Asian countries.

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Are Levi’s Made In The US?

Currently, Levi’s are not made in the US. However, you can find some Levi’s manufactured in the US from the past.

Are Levi's Made In USA

Levi’s was American made till 2003, when the American brand closed the last manufacturing plants in the United States and Canada, cutting nearly 2,000 jobs. You can still find a few Levi’s products “Made In USA”. I did find a pair of jeans on their website.

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The reason why Levi’s (and many other brands) moved their manufacturing to Asian countries is that labor and materials are cheaper there. Sometimes it is necessary to make this move to keep the business competitive and maximize profits. All of this is necessary to keep any brand alive, especially if sales drop (Levi’s sales peaked at $7.1 billion in 1996 and never recovered).

Also, if you are in the US, Levi’s are much cheaper there than in any other country, and the price difference can be huge. Something like $40/$50 in some cases.

Are Levi’s Made In China?

Yes, some Levi’s products are manufactured in China, like jeans, shoes, menswear, womenswear, and accessories.

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Are Levi's Made In China

Levi’s has been shifting the manufacturing of its products from China to countries such as Bangladesh and Vietnam in recent years. The American fashion brand was unsure about the US government’s decision on wanting to impose tariffs on China’s goods.

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I think this move can reflect what I have found in-store (many products not made in China). Still, with so many “Imported” products without any country of origin on the website, it’s difficult to tell if the products are shifting from China to other countries.

Common Questions About Where Are Levi’s Made?

These are some of the most common questions about where are Levi’s made.

Are Levi’s Jeans Made In Mexico?

No Levi’s are not “Made in Mexico”. At least I couldn’t find any information about it.

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Where Are Levi’s Shoes Made?

Levi’s shoes are made in China and India, but some other Asian countries may also manufacture them.

Where Are Levi’s 501 Jeans Made?

Levi’s 501 is the most popular and famous style of jeans of the American brand, potentially worldwide. The 501 jeans were made in the US until they stopped manufacturing and moved to countries like China, Japan, Egypt, Poland, and Cambodia.

When Did Levi’s Stop Being Made In The US?

It’s challenging to be 100% sure, but in 2003, Levi’s close its last two manufacturing plants in the US.

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Conclusion About Where Are Levi’s Made

When answering the question “where are Levi’s made?” you can say that a few different Asian countries and some European ones manufacture Levi’s products. If the brand will come back or not be manufactured again in the US, only time will tell us, but with the labor prices in these countries and the cheaper materials, I doubt it will happen in the near future.

Independently of where Levi’s are made, I will still keep buying the brand because I feel the quality is still excellent, and the jeans are very durable. This American company and its blue jeans are not going anywhere.