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Ralph Lauren is one of the world’s biggest brands and one of men’s favorites since it was founded in 1967 in New York City. But where is Ralph Lauren made? Is it in America, or does the company outsource everything as many other high-end premium brands do?

Ralph Lauren’s revenue has been over 5 billion dollars since 2012, and the countries where the brand manufactures its products are a big reason for that since the profit is more significant.

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I have checked hundreds of product descriptions on Ralph Lauren’s website to verify if the brand lists where the products are made and researched a lot online to bring these conclusions to you in this article. Let’s find out where Ralph Lauren is manufactured.

Where Is Ralph Lauren Made?

Ralph Lauren is mainly made in Italy and China. The high-end and more expensive products are made in Italy, while the lower-end and cheaper products are manufactured in China.

Even if the majority of Ralph Lauren is made in Italy and China, you also have other countries that contribute to the manufacturing of Ralph Lauren products, like the USA, Portugal, England, India, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, France, Mexico, and Japan.

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A lot of Ralph Lauren products have “Imported” in the product description and do not mention the country of origin. My personal experience says these products are Made in China (check the “is Ralph Lauren made in China” for more information).

To make it easy for you, this is what I have found in my research over hundreds of different Ralph Lauren products for men, women, and home (this last one I didn’t go into so much detail):

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Italy – High-end and most expensive Menswear, Womenswear, and Home
China – Lower-end and cheapest Menswear, Womenswear, and Home
The USA – Some Belts, Boots, Jackets, Polos, Jeans, Home
Portugal – Some Suits, Blazers, Trousers, Home, Footwear
England – Some Belts, Boots, Home
Switzerland – Watches
France – Perfumes
Spain – Some Shoes, Jackets
Japan – Bandanas, some Wallets
India – Home, some Towels
Turkey – Most Towels
Mexico – Some Belts

I didn’t check every single item on the Ralph Lauren website, especially the Home products. I may have missed some Countries, but I am happy with my research since I have checked hundreds of items.

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Is Ralph Lauren Made In The US?

Yes, some Ralph Lauren products are made in the US, like some belts, boots, jackets, polos, jeans, and products for the home.

It’s always a little bit surprising when you discover an American brand barely makes any products in its country and outsource most of them. Even the USA Polo Ralph Lauren is made in China.

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The company’s official report for 2022 says that 98% of Ralph Lauren products were produced outside of the US. That’s a very tiny amount for an American brand, but still more than what Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger (two other American brands) manufacture in the US.

Is Ralph Lauren Made In Italy?

Yes, a large part of Ralph Lauren is made in Italy. If you check the Ralph Lauren website, you will notice that the high-end products and the most expensive say Made In Italy.

The price difference between Made in Italy and Made in China are huge. You can pay twice or three times more for a product manufactured in Italy. The labor, raw materials, and energy are more expensive in Italy than in China. The brand wants to maximize its profits, so they have to sell the products Made in Italy for higher prices.

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Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact city or cities in Italy Ralph Lauren is manufactured. I know Italian cities like Naples, Turin, Venice, Bologna, and Vicenza have a lot of fashion warehouses, so Ralph Lauren may produce

Is Ralph Lauren Made In China?

Yes, a large part of Ralph Lauren is made in China. If you check the Ralph Lauren website, you will notice the low-end products and the less expensive, say, Imported (also known as Made In China).

I always say “Imported” is Made in China because every luxury or high-end brand I have researched outsources products from China (we know they do), but it never says it on the website. However, countries like India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam are written in the product descriptions of the items.

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You will know what “Imported” means if you order an item since the United States and EU legislation requires a clear country of origin for imported products. I have tested with some other brands, and “Imported” meant Made In China when I ordered a product and checked the label.

Ralph Lauren has over 500 different manufacturers worldwide to produce its apparel, accessories, footwear, and home products. 25% of those products are sourced from China (I was expecting a lot more, to be honest. Since the source of this information is Ralph Lauren, it may be higher, but no one can say for sure).

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Why Is Ralph Lauren Made In China?

Ralph Lauren is made in China due to cheaper labor, energy, and raw materials. As a result, the brand can maximize its profits and sell for “lower” prices than products made in Italy or the USA.

Common Questions About Where Is Ralph Lauren Made

These are some of the most common questions about where Ralph Lauren is made.

Where Are Ralph Lauren Clothes Made?

Ralph Lauren clothes are made mostly in Italy (higher-end), and China (lower-end). You also have USA, Portugal, and Spain making some clothing items.

Where Is Polo Ralph Lauren Made?

The majority of the Ralph Lauren Polo collection is made in China. You can also find some items made in Portugal (footwear), Italy (more formal clothes), Mexico (Belts), Spain (footwear), and some other countries I have mentioned before in this article.

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Where Are Ralph Lauren Bags Made?

The most expensive Lauren Ralph Lauren collection bags are Made in Italy. The cheapest ones are “Imported,” so Made in China is a huge assumption.

Where Are Ralph Lauren Shoes Made?

Ralph Lauren footwear is made in Italy, China, Spain, Portugal, England, and the USA.

Where Are Ralph Lauren Suits Made?

Most Ralph Lauren suits are manufactured in Italy, but the brand has some made in Portugal too.

Where Are Ralph Lauren Sheets Made?

Ralph Lauren Home products are made worldwide in China, England, India, Portugal, Italy, the USA, and Turkey. Ralph Lauren sheets are produced mainly in China and a few in Portugal and Italy.

Ralph Lauren Made In

So, where is Ralph Lauren made? It all depends on the products you choose. If you were expecting all Ralph Lauren items to be made in the United States, you are probably not happy, but let me assure you that even the Made in China Ralph Lauren products are very good quality. I have a Ralph Lauren shirt Made in China, and the quality is great.

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The only way to ensure you are buying an original and authentic Ralph Lauren with the best quality possible is to purchase the product from the brand’s website, stores, or authorized retailers partners. The country where they are made is not that important since Ralph Lauren has very high standards for the quality of its products.

What about you? Do you have any Ralph Lauren products? Where were they made? Please share with me in the comments.