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Ralph Lauren is a very popular American fashion brand, and one of those labels men love, but can you answer the question: why is Ralph Lauren so expensive?

I like Ralph Lauren as a brand, especially when it comes to polo shirts and shirts. But I also have some jeans, shoes, and sweaters. The material is excellent, the goods are durable, and you know the perception others have of the American label.

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Are all these reasons enough for Ralph Lauren to charge high prices for its products? Let’s find out why Ralph Lauren is so expensive.

Why Is Ralph Lauren So Expensive?

Ralph Lauren is expensive because it’s a premium brand that provides exclusivity and status to those who wear its products. It’s also loved by men, has a very loyal customer base, and is consumed by celebrities, making the RL products more desirable.

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Ralph Lauren Is a Premium Brand

Ralph Lauren is a premium brand, meaning not everyone can buy something from the American brand due to its high prices. It’s not as expensive as Tom Ford, Amiri, Versace, or Burberry, but it’s less accessible than mass-market labels like Zara, H&M, or GAP.

why are ralph lauren clothes so expensive

Ralph Lauren consumers can push themselves to pay more for one of its items than what they pay for an average product with the same functions. For example, the American designer brand knows it can charge more money for a shirt or pair of jeans that consumers will buy independently of the price.

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Premium brands are more expensive because they provide better raw materials for manufacturing their productsRalph Lauren manufactures in Italy and China, which makes the products made in Italy (usually the purple label collection) more expensive. But even the products made in China are costly since they all have the Ralph Lauren logo.

Also, wearing a product from Ralph Lauren makes you feel more special than wearing a creation from Primark, which makes the American label more expensive.

Ralph Lauren Provides Status and Exclusivity

Ralph Lauren is a label that provides exclusivity and status to the ones who wear its products since not everyone can afford the American brand.

why is polo ralph lauren so expensive

When someone sees you wearing a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, they think you are rich enough to spend your money on expensive clothes. I often look at the logos of the brands guys are wearing, and if I see someone with the Ralph Lauren logo, I know the guy is wealthy. I would perceive him as someone with status because he can afford a brand many can’t.

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The fact that not everyone can afford Ralph Lauren makes the ones who can be part of a small group. It’s not as exclusive as buying from a luxury brand like Balmain or Louis Vuitton, but you are still part of a group. Some people would have to sacrifice something (not go out that month or save on groceries) to purchase a Ralph Lauren item.

A brand can be as powerful as the perception people have of it. In Ralph Lauren’s case, it is a brand that is perceived as expensive, giving exclusivity and status.

Men Love Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts

Ralph Lauren is one of the five brands that rich guys prefer to buy. The other four are Hugo Boss, Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Armani different labels. I can see the appeal of buying Ralph Lauren products because it’s one of my favorite brands, and some of my men friends also love the American label.

Ralph Lauren Is a Premium Brand

The most famous Ralph Lauren product is its polo shirts. It gives you a preppy look, which is currently trending and loved by men (I know I love that look, and RL polo shirts are a preppy item).

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My Ralph Lauren polo shirts are excellent quality and durable, so like me, most men know that they will pay more for an RL polo shirt because it’s a worthy investment in the long term. You pay more for quality and also for having the logo of the brand on your clothing.

Ralph Lauren Has a Loyal Customer Base

Ralph Lauren has a very loyal customer base because some men refuse to buy any other brand. I have one friend who only shops at Ralph Lauren and rarely wears any other brand. He likes the perception people have of him wearing Ralph Lauren, and he considers the American label as one of the best fashion brands for men.

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When consumers find a brand they love and fulfill their needs, they stick with it and keep buying from them repeatedly. That’s what happens with men and Ralph Lauren. Hugo Boss is that brand for me, even if it’s not as expensive as Ralph Lauren, and a friend of mine is Zara, and another guy I know, loves Ted Baker.

When Ralph Lauren collaborated with Palace, that collection sold out in minutes, showing the power of Ralph Lauren consumers. That wasn’t a cheap collection, and consumers still paid higher prices.

Celebrities Love Ralph Lauren

Celebrities are always a must for any fashion brand since they bring awareness and build hype for the brand they wear. They also influence people to buy a specific piece from a label, making the demand for that item and brand higher and more expensive if the supply is limited.

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why ralph lauren is so expensive

Some celebrities that have worn Ralph Lauren are Johnny Depp, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, David Beckham, Kanye West, Nick Jonas, and Jessica Alba. If someone identifies themselves with any of these celebrities, they will buy the same clothes they wear. Ralph Lauren knows this, and that’s why they charge more for its products.

Common Questions About Why Is Ralph Lauren So Expensive

These are the most common questions about why is Ralph Lauren so expensive.

Which Ralph Lauren Label Is The Most Expensive?

Ralph Lauren Purple is the most expensive label for men, and the Ralph Lauren Collection is the most costly label for women.

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Why Is Ralph Lauren Purple Label So Expensive?

Ralph Lauren Purple is expensive because it’s considered the premium label inside the American brand. It’s usually manufactured in Italy, where the label and material are more costly.

Why Is Polo Ralph Lauren So Expensive?

Polo Ralph Lauren is expensive because it’s the most popular label inside Ralph Lauren. However, it’s less costly than the Ralph Lauren purple label.

Why Are Ralph Lauren Watches So Expensive?

Ralph Lauren watches are expensive because they are Swiss made, and you are paying for a premium brand logo.

Conclusion On Why Is Ralph Lauren So Expensive

Why is Ralph Lauren so expensive? Because it’s one of the most famous fashion brands globally, especially in men’s apparel. The American label is expensive because it has demand and a loyal customer base that keeps purchasing its products regardless of price.

Ralph Lauren is also a premium brand that provides exclusivity and status to those who wear the American label. Celebrities can also influence your perception of the brand, making it more costly.

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I always say if wearing Ralph Lauren brings you value and joy no matter the price, keep purchasing and wearing it. For those reasons, no one is allowed to say the price is not worth it.