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Calvin Klein is one of the most well-known brands globally, especially when it comes to underwear, but can you answer the question: why is Calvin Klein so expensive?

I have to say that, as a man, I absolutely love Calvin Klein boxer briefs. I have always preferred to wear them over any other underwear brand. I find that the quality is top-notch, they look fantastic, and it just makes me feel confident knowing that I am wearing them.

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I also have some t-shirts and Summer jackets that I love from the American brand. However, despite liking Calvin Klein I still found myself asking why is Calvin Klein so expensive?

Why Is Calvin Klein So Expensive?

Let’s check the five reasons why in my opinion Calvin Klein is so expensive.

Calvin Klein Is A Premium Brand

Calvin Klein is a premium brand because not everyone can buy something from the brand. The American brand is not as expensive as Hugo Boss or Tommy Hilfiger, but that doesn’t mean consumers can buy a Calvin Klein pair of underwear easily since they are more expensive than mass-market brands.

why calvin klein is so expensive

The customer base of Calvin Klein underwear is significantly smaller than cheaper underwear brands since many people can’t afford to spend extra money on it. It isn’t easy to justify why you need to spend $30 on a pair of underwear when you can buy some for less than $5.

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Calvin Klein is more expensive because it provides better quality products and some features you can’t just find on non-premium and cheap brands. However, you pay for what you get.

Calvin Klein Provides Status

Calvin Klein provides a certain status when it comes to its items of clothing and footwear, but nothing compares to the status a pair of Calvin Klein underwear can bring (I will develop this idea further).

Having a Calvin Klein item on your wardrobe or outfit will provide status because it will show people that you have money to spend on a quality brand. However, it doesn’t give the same status as Gucci or Balenciaga because the Italian and Spanish brands target different customers on a much more expensive level. Still, it’s above mass-market brands like Zara, GAP, or H&M. Most people can buy a t-shirt from these brands, but not Calvin Klein.

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You pay more for brands like Calvin Klein because of having the brand’s logo on your clothes. The name of a brand can bring status to the most rubbish piece of clothing, which is not the case with Calvin Klein (just making a point for you to understand why you pay so much for some items from some brands). 

Calvin Klein Underwear Is Sexy

Why Is Calvin Klein so expensive? Because its underwear is just on another level when it comes to undergarments. The American brand is very aware of its target market and knows precisely what customers want. That’s why they charge more because they sell more than underwear. They sell the idea of you being sexy with any Calvin Klein underwear.

why is calvin klein underwear so expensive

I do not doubt that their underwear will always be sexy, but it doesn’t stop at the look of the underwear either. A pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs will provide support, comfort, quality, and so on. The moment you wear a pair of CK undies, you just want to show them off.

All my friends have Calvin Klein underwear (most of the pairs they have, are Calvin Klein), and when I asked them why, they said it makes them feel good and sexier than any other underwear. This is because Calvin Klein’s marketing strategy is genius. They sell sexiness, not just underwear.

Calvin Klein Has A Loyal Customer Base

A study made by the Luxury Institute has found that rich men love Calvin Klein, being the number one brand they like to purchase the most, or have bought at least one item from them in the last year. It’s also the most recognizable name when it comes to a bunch of brands.

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Calvin Klein knows they can charge a bit more for their underwear than other brands because men will buy them. So the sensation of wearing a pair of Calvin Klein boxers has no price for some people. I can understand why, since I feel sexy and good when I wear a pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs.

When finding a brand that they like and fulfilling their needs, some consumers will just continue buying that brand again and again, not even thinking about the price. It’s true with CK underwear because it works great, both for men and women.

Celebrities love Calvin Klein

Celebrities have a significant impact on building awareness and hype about a brand. For example, one of the most considerable marketing campaigns successes from Calvin Klein happened in 1992 with Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss. It was a massive success for the American brand that was in financial trouble at the time.


Consumers, when buying Calvin Klein underwear, feel that they looked like those two. Men wanted to be like Mark Wahlberg, and women wanted to look like Kate Moss. A lot of people still associate Calvin Klein undies with those two. I always remember Mark Wahlberg’s picture when buying or wearing CK underwear.

We have Justin Bieber and Kendal Jenner for the new generation as brand ambassadors to inspire people to buy Calvin Klein items. The sales increased the following year, so having celebrities helps. As I said, people want to be like celebrities and will definitely buy what they promote, making that brand more expensive.

Common Questions About Why Is Calvin Klein So Expensive

These are the most common questions about why is Calvin Klein so expensive.

Why Is Calvin Klein Underwear So Expensive?

Calvin Klein underwear is expensive because it sells more than just a pair of comfortable underwear. It sells the idea that when you wear them, you become more sexy and confident. I feel sexy when I wear my Calvin Klein boxer briefs, and that doesn’t have a price for some consumers. They will pay more to feel sexy and unique.

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Why Is Calvin Klein So Popular?

Calvin Klein is very popular for two reasons. First because of the quality of its underwear and second because of the scandalous and provocative advertisements.

Is Calvin Klein A Luxury Brand?

No, I don’t consider Calvin Klein a luxury brand because it’s still accessible to most consumers. Luxury brands are much more expensive and target a small number of people. Calvin Klein is a high-end brand since it targets consumers who can push themselves to pay higher than they would for an average product, as is the case of Calvin Klein underwear.

Is Calvin Klein A Good Brand?

In my opinion, Calvin Klein is a great brand. I have been buying Calvin Klein underwear for years now, and they are always excellent quality and durable. I also bought some Calvin Klein t-shirts, jackets, and perfumes that were of excellent quality.

Conclusion About Why Calvin Klein Is So Expensive

Why is Calvin Klein so expensive? The reason behind the high price of Calvin Klein is because it’s a premium brand. So when it comes to buying a piece of Calvin Klein underwear, you know you are paying more for some status, confidence, and the idea you will be sexier with them than with any other brand.

Having celebrities like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner, who can influence a generation to buy Calvin Klein products will also elevate a brand’s price, status, and awareness.

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Calvin Klein is expensive because they know they can ask for higher prices, and consumers will keep buying it. So the demand is there, and Calvin Klein is going nowhere.