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Vans is one of the most popular skateboarding American sports brands but can you answer the question: where are Vans made?

The skateboarding brand was founded in 1966 in Anaheim, California, by the two brothers Paul Van Doren and Jim Van Doren, with two other friends. In 1979 Vans became very popular in Southern California due to the slip-on-line shoes (one of the most popular Vans styles). But, that doesn’t mean Vans were manufactured in California or any other city in the US because, as we know, many fashion brands outsource their manufacturing outside of the country of origin.

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I had Vans shoes in the past when I was in my twenties, and I can understand the appeal of the sneakers, especially when it comes to the non-slip properties. In addition, they can look brilliant in the right clothes. I remember that my Vans were manufactured in China (I always have been curious about where things are made), but I wasn’t sure if they were still being manufactured there on shift to other countries.

To confirm where Vans are made, I have decided to review hundreds of product descriptions on the Vans website to check if the brand lists where the products are made. I also visited Vans stores and some stores that sell Vans goods, checking multiple items. So let’s find out where Vans are manufactured.

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Where Are Vans Made?

Vans are made in China, Vietnam, Serbia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cambodia, and the US. 

Where Are Vans Manufactured

The American skate brand does not list where its products are manufactured in the product description on its website (this is very common between fashion brands). No information is provided on the FAQs of the Vans website either.

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Sometimes brands don’t put the country where the goods were manufactured in the product description of their website because they know some people will not purchase an item if they are made in countries like China or Vietnam (some consumers think they should pay less for products made there).

However, you will still know where the Vans shoes are made because when you buy them, the country of origin of that product needs to be on the label. That is stated in the US and EU legislation that requires brands to indicate the country of origin.

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It’s not a surprise that Vans manufactures a lot of its goods in Asia, especially in China and Vietnam, but also in Cambodia. I wasn’t astonished to see Serbia and Bulgaria on the list since I have reviewed a few brands that manufacture there. The surprise was to see Vans t-shirts made in Georgia. Not the most common country to manufacture fashion items for big brands.

Are Vans Made In The US?

Yes, Vans manufactured from time to time specific Vans styles in the US.

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Are Vans Made In The US
Source: Vans

When Vans started its business, the American brand focused on domestic production, manufacturing everything in California, USA. However, in 1993 Vans decided to manufacture a new line of shoes overseas and slowly started to move the majority of its production to Asia.

Many fashion brands, including Vans, moved from the US to Asia countries (especially China) because they wanted to cut costs and grow their profits. Also, in Asia, you have a lot more skilled people specializing in this kind of job.

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However, from time to time, Vans have specific limited styles, “Made In USA,” like the Style 113 Pro USA ArcAd (only 700 pairs were manufactured). Usually, these shoes are available to particular customers of the brand, so it will not be easy to get one pair.

Are Vans Made In China?

Yes, a lot of Vans products like footwear, accessories, and some apparel are “Made In China.”

Are Vans Made In China

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Like many other sports brands like Nike, Adidas, and New BalanceVans manufactures a lot of its products in China. When it comes to Vans, they manufacture most of its footwear and accessories there. I have seen many brands manufacturing socks in Turkey, but Vans seems to be doing it in China. When it comes to apparel, I found many countries that are not in China.

China was (I say was because these days Vietnam can be considered a better alternative) the leading manufacturing destination for most brands due to the cheap labor, materials, and efficient, skilled workers, but that has changed in the past years.

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Now, China is not as cheap as it was a few years ago, with the increase in workers’ wages and the price of raw materials for production. However, this is not the only problem some fashion brands (especially American ones) are facing. Many brands are transitioning the manufacturing of their products from China to other countries (mainly Vietnam) due to the tariff war between the US and China.

Are Vans Made In China Original?

Yes, Vans from China are original, but you can also find counterfeit Vans shoes made there. To ensure you have an original Vans product, always purchase them from the Vans website, store, or an authorized retail partner. Also, should be a trademark produced of paper on the side of the shoe, and the stitching should be perfect.

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Are Vans Made In Vietnam?

Yes, a lot of Vans products like footwear, apparel, and some accessories are “Made In Vietnam.”

are Vans made in Vietnam

Many brands like Columbia Sportswear and Vans, are shifting their manufacturing from China to Vietnam, not just because of the tariff war between the US and China but also because Vietnam is slowly becoming the world’s top fashion brand manufacturer.

This is because Vietnam not only has cheaper wages and materials but also has skilled people. Moreover, since fashion brands are always looking for ways to increase their profits, this move makes sense.

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For some people “Made In Vietnam” label is better than the “Made In China.” It shouldn’t be too different as Vans and other brands have strict quality control in their manufacturing, so the quality will be the same (or it should be).

I have found more products “Made In Vietnam” than “Made In China” in-store. I wasn’t expecting to see this difference so soon.

Are Vans Made In Vietnam Original?

Yes, Vans from Vietnam are original, but you can also find counterfeit Vans shoes made there. So, as I said before, always buy your shoes from the official Vans website, stores, or authorized retail partners. Also, don’t forget to check the trademark produced of paper on the side of the sneaker.

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Where Are Vans Shoes Made?

Vans shoes are made in Vietnam, China and Cambodia.

Most Vans sneakers are manufactured in China and Vietnam. I also found shoes “Made In Cambodia,” but couldn’t find any other countries in the stores I have visited (I have visited three Vans stores and some others with multi-brands, so I have checked a lot of shoes).

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I also found more shoes “Made In Vietnam” than “Made In China,” which was a surprise. I guess I was expecting to see many more sneakers manufactured in China.

I also realized that all Vans footwear I have found was manufactured in Asia, and most apparel was manufactured in Europe, with some exceptions, because I did find some apparel made in China and Vietnam.

Common Questions About Where Are Vans Made

These are the most common questions about where are Vans made.

Are Vans Made In Sweatshops?

As far as I know (and after quick research), I couldn’t find any information that Vans manufactures any of its products in sweatshops.

Are Vans Made In Cambodia?

Yes, Vans manufactures footwear and apparel in Cambodia, and I could find a few items from that country in the stores I have visited.

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Which Vans Shoes Are Made In The UK?

I couldn’t find any Vans footwear (or any items) “Made In UK” in the stores I visited or on my internet research.

Conclusion About Where Are Vans Manufactured

Now you can answer the question: where are Vans made? Even if Vans are mainly manufactured in countries like China and Vietnam (especially when it comes to footwear), you shouldn’t be afraid of purchasing them since the quality is great and the shoes are durable.

The American rubber skate shoes are also some of the most comfortable shoes for you to choose for working, and always remember that your feet’ comfort comes first.