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Puma is one of the most famous sports brands in the world, and many know its story, but can you answer the question: where is Puma made?

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I have reviewed hundreds of product descriptions on Puma’s website to verify if the brand lists where the products are made. I also visited a couple of Puma stores and some stores that sell Puma products, checking multiple items. So let’s find out where Puma is manufactured.

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Where Is Puma Made?

Puma is manufactured in Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Romania. I think Puma is manufactured in many more countries that I didn’t find in-store.

Where Is Puma Made

Puma doesn’t list where its products are manufactured on the product descriptions on its website. This is not a surprise, considering that many other big sports brands like Adidas, Nike, Asics, New Balance, Reebok, or Skechers do the same. 

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Since Puma doesn’t provide any manufacturing map on its website where you can check the locations where they produce their products, it becomes difficult to believe that Puma only manufactures in six countries (the ones I found in the store). Nike and Adidas manufacture in over 30 countries, so Puma has to be similar.

Most Puma items I found in-store were manufactured in Vietnam and China, especially regarding apparel and accessories. I definitely missed some countries when checking in-store, but believe me when I say I have reviewed over 500 different items.

Puma and other big sports brands don’t want you to know where their products are manufactured because most people perceive products made in Asia as cheap and low quality. In addition, consumers don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for something they think is not worth it. That’s why the countries of origin of a product are not listed in the product description, and you can only check them in the physical item.

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However, when you receive your Puma sneakers or check them in-store, you can read where they are manufactured since the US legislation, and EU rules require the brands to tell the country of origin for any imported products regarding physical goods.

Is Puma Made In Germany?

Since Puma is a German brand, I believe they manufacture something in Germany, like manufacturing an item on a smaller scale or producing special collections. However, when checking Puma items in-store, I couldn’t find any Puma manufactured in Germany.

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Maybe if you are in Germany, you can find a few Puma items manufactured there, but that would be more difficult worldwide.

Is Puma Made In China?

Yes, many Puma footwear, apparel, and accessories are manufactured in China.

Is Puma Made In China

Puma manufactures in China because the labor and materials are cheaper there than in Europe. However, in the last decade, Puma has shifted its product manufacturing from China to Vietnam. 

Many brands are shifting their manufacturing to other nations that are not China because their annual average manufacturing wages have grown by 80 percent since 2010 (it’s still affordable, but not as cheap as a decade ago). Southeast Asia is where big fashion brands are opening more plants or making agreements with independent manufacturers due to cheaper labor and materials.

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If not the number one manufacturer for Puma, China will be the number two. Many Puma items are manufactured in China, independently of your chosen collection.

Is Puma Made In Vietnam?

Yes, many Puma footwear, apparel, and accessories are manufactured in Vietnam.

Is Puma Made In Vietnam

Vietnam has become the selected destination for footwear brands, as labor and materials are cheaper than in China, and there is also better political stability. So, if something happens in China, Puma knows it can count on Vietnam production to avoid disruptions.

Vietnam factories have strongly created an adaptable production system for fashion brands that want to create apparel, footwear, or accessories.

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In-store I found loads of shoes manufactured in Vietnam (more than in any other country), but I also found all different types of products, including accessories and apparel.

Where Are Puma Shoes Made?

Puma shoes are manufactured in Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Romania. I think Puma shoes are manufactured in many more countries that I didn’t find in-store.

Where Are Puma Shoes Made

Most people that buy Puma shoes have no idea where they are manufactured, and most don’t care. Many people still think that Puma shoes are manufactured in Germany or elsewhere in Europe, but that’s not true.

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Most Puma shoes I have found in-store were manufactured in Vietnam or China, with some styles having different countries of origin, but the majority would be between those two.

Common Questions About Where Is Puma Made

These are the most common questions about where is Puma made.

Are Puma Shoes Made In Germany?

A very tiny portion might be, like, special collections, but I couldn’t find any Puma shoes manufactured in Germany when checking labels in-store.

Where Are Puma Socks Made?

Puma socks are manufactured in China. At least, that was the only country I found when checking them in-store.

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Where Are Puma Clothes Made?

Puma clothes can be manufactured in Vietnam, China, Cambodia, and Bangladesh. These are the countries I have found in-store, but don’t be surprised to find different ones on the label since I believe Puma manufactures in many more countries.

Does Puma Use Child Labor?

Puma doesn’t use child labor since it’s against the law. The company discourages child labor. Now, if that happens or not, no one can be sure.

Is Puma As Good As Adidas?

Yes, Puma is as good as Adidas, and many people will choose one brand over the other based on personal preference. Both are big sports brands with millions of fans globally. However, Adidas has more sales and a bigger market than Puma.

Conclusion On Where Is Puma Made

So, where is Puma made? It depends, but most of the products are manufactured in Vietnam or China, with some other countries having a smaller production for the German brand.

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Puma products are among the best in sports labels in terms of quality, so where they are produced shouldn’t be worrying. The German brand has considerable prestige in the sports market, so they only want to sell the best and wouldn’t put anything average on the market.