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Karl Lagerfeld was one of the best fashion designers globally and one of the most important ones, so it’s not surprising that he created his own fashion label under his name. However, the question you have is: Where is Karl Lagerfeld made?

During my fashion journey, I only owned one Karl Lagerfeld product, and it was a men’s bag that I used to travel around to various cities and countries. After all, I love to try different men’s high-premium brands and check if they are durable and good enough for the price you pay.

To confirm, I have decided to review hundreds of product descriptions on the Karl Lagerfeld website to verify if the brand lists where the products are made. I also visited the Karl Lagerfeld store in London, checking multiple items. So let’s find out where Karl Lagerfeld products are manufactured.

Where Is Karl Lagerfeld Made?

Karl Lagerfeld is manufactured in China, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Albania, Thailand, India, Macedonia, and Sri Lanka.

Where Is Karl Lagerfeld Made

All the products I checked on the Karl Lagerfeld website have the country of origin stated, which is quite surprising considering where the brand manufactures. Usually, fashion brands that heavily manufacture in China don’t want to provide shoppers with that information. If I only recall luxury and high-premium fashion brands, only Karl Lagerfeld and Balenciaga manufacture so heavily in China and still identify the countries of origin in the product description.

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I mean, I am used to seeing luxury labels like Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, or Hermès that manufacture heavily in Italy, France, Portugal, or Spain, stating the country of origin in every product description. But when it comes to high-premium brands like Hugo Boss, Gant, or Tommy Hilfiger, these labels usually manufacture heavily in China and other Asian countries, and they prefer not to give you that information.

So I have to say that I like fashion brands like Karl Lagerfeld that are not afraid to provide all the information about the country of origin in their product descriptions. Even if the brand didn’t give this information on its website, you could always check the physical label later to see where it was manufactured. The US and EU legislation requires brands to indicate the country of origin of any goods. 

It was pretty challenging to check Karl Lagerfeld goods in-store since me and my friend I always had a sales assistant with us, following us everywhere. However, that didn’t stop me from checking labels and taking some pictures. I would say that most clothes seem to be manufactured in Portugal, followed by China and Turkey. Most of the accessories and footwear seem to be made in China.

Is Karl Lagerfeld Made In Italy?

Yes, some Karl Lagerfeld items are manufactured in Italy.

Is Karl Lagerfeld Made In Italy

I am used to seeing made-in-Italy tags in luxury fashion labels, but not so often in high-premium ones. So it was quite a surprise to see some Karl Lagerfeld products manufactured in Italy, even if I didn’t find any in-store. On the website, I found some made-in-Italy shoes, accessories, and pieces of clothing. However, I would say that Karl Lagerfeld barely manufactures in Italy.

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The reason is that manufacturing in Italy is a lot more expensive than in Portugal, China, and most countries. For Karl Lagerfeld to manufacture in Italy, they would have to increase their prices to face the higher costs and maintain their profit rates. Also, I couldn’t find exactly where Karl Lagerfeld manufactures in Italy, but I presume they use independent contractors.

Is Karl Lagerfeld Made in Portugal?

Yes, some Karl Lagerfeld products are manufactured in Portugal.

Is Karl Lagerfeld Made In Portugal

Portugal is one of the biggest manufacturers of fashion brands, especially for luxury and high-premium labels. It stopped being a surprise for me to see made-in-Portugal tags when checking some of the biggest fashion names in the industry. The brand uses an independent manufacturer in Barcelos, North of Portugal.

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Moreover, Portugal can also copy any production procedure easily, offering the quality benchmarks fashion brands often look for in a manufacturer partner. When checking Karl Lagerfeld’s items in-store, I could say that most clothes like t-shirts, shirts, pants, and jackets were primarily made in Portugal, which the brand’s website confirmed.

Is Karl Lagerfeld Made In China?

Yes, many Karl Lagerfeld products are manufactured in China.

Is Karl Lagerfeld Made In China

For some reason, I wasn’t expecting Karl Lagerfeld to manufacture so much in China as the brand does. But my experience says that most high-premium labels manufacture a lot in China. That way, the manufacturing costs stay low, and the brand can increase its profits without raising prices. In-store I found a lot made in China products, especially accessories and footwear.

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Manufacturing the majority of its products in Germany would be very expensive for labor and materials, but not in China. China is cheaper, and the quality remains (at least for premium and luxury brands) since these brands have strict guidelines that suppliers need to follow to deliver a final quality product.

Common Questions About Where Is Karl Lagerfeld Made

These are the most common questions about where is Karl Lagerfeld made.

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Where Are Karl Lagerfeld Bags Made?

Karl Lagerfeld bags are manufactured mainly in China, but you can’t find some made in Italy and India. In-store I checked two bags, and they were both made in China.

Where Are Karl Lagerfeld Shoes Made?

Karl Lagerfeld shoes are manufactured mainly in China, but you can’t find some made in Italy, Portugal, and Albania. In-store I checked a couple of shoes, and they were manufactured in China and Albania.

Is Karl Lagerfeld A Luxury Brand?

No, Karl Lagerfeld is not a luxury brand since most people can buy an item from this German label. Luxury brands tend to be more exclusive and expensive, so it’s not accessible to most consumers, which is not the case with Karl Lagerfeld products.


So where is Karl Lagerfeld made? Mainly in China, but you can also expect some other countries like Portugal, Italy, Turkey, India, Albania, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Macedonia.

I know many people consider Karl Lagerfeld an affordable luxury label. However, the fact that the German brand manufactures heavily in China and it’s not as pricey and exclusive as many other fashion brands make it more of a high-premium label than a luxury.