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Fred Perry is a British fashion brand that was founded in 1952 and launched during Wimbledon, one of the most important tournaments. However, the question you have is: where is Fredy Perry made?

I have been wearing Fred Perry polo shirts and shoes for the last couple of years, and I like their style. It’s a very popular brand in England, but in the US is a different story since it’s often associated with skinheads and far-right politics. Independently of who wears Fred Perry, I still like the British label and often wear it. I was also curious to know if the brand manufactures in England or not.

To confirm, I have decided to review hundreds of product descriptions on the Fred Perry website to verify if the brand lists where the products are made. I also visited one Fred Perry store in London and some department stores that sell its products, checking multiple items. So let’s find out where Fred Perry products are manufactured.

Where Is Fred Perry Made?

Fred Perry is manufactured in England, China, Portugal, Italy, Japan, Vietnam, Germany, and El Salvador.

where is fred perry made

Fred Perry states on its website where its products are manufactured, especially if they are made in Italy, England, or Portugal. However, many products don’t have the country of origin, which can only mean one thing. The brand doesn’t want you to know where some of its items are manufactured.

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I am not a big fan of brands that choose what it’s the most convenient for their image. I always advocate that fashion brands should state where all the products are made or don’t state their country of origin at all. But this problem is not exclusive to Fred Perry since other brands like Vivienne Westwood, Michael Kors, Timberland, Carhartt, Doc Martens, and Ted Baker do the same.

Even if Fred Perry doesn’t provide the country of origin in most products, the British label states on its Modern Slavery Statement that its products are manufactured in eight countries: Japan, UK, China, Vietnam, Portugal, Italy, Germany & El Salvador. It also said that the brand currently has 47 factories.

Even if Fred Perry states that they manufacture in eight different countries, in-store, I only found Fred Perry items manufactured in England or China. The most expensive items are made in Portugal, England, and Italy, and the cheapest ones are primarily manufactured in China or Vietnam. All my Fred Perry apparel and footwear was manufactured in England, China or Vietnam.

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In case you order a product online that doesn’t have the country of origin in the product description, don’t worry since you can check where the item was manufactured by inspecting its physical label. This is because the EU and US legislation require brands to indicate the country of origin of any goods.

Is Fred Perry Made In England?

Yes, Fred Perry apparel, footwear, and accessories are manufactured in England.

Is Fred Perry Made In England

I love when a brand manufactures in its country of origin because there is something patriotic about that, and you are also stimulating that country’s economy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find exactly where Fred Perry manufactures in England.

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With British brands, you always have this idea there most of the products are manufactured in England, which is usually the case, but not as much as you think. Labor and materials are much more expensive in England than in Asian countries, which is why non-luxury fashion brands tend to make their products there.

So the fact that in-store, I have found many Fred Perry items with the made in England label shows that the brand is not afraid of manufacturing in its own country. Mainly because some people only buy Fred Perry because they think everything is made in England, and as you know, that’s not the case.

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Is Fred Perry Made In China?

Yes, Fred Perry apparel, footwear, and accessories are manufactured in China.

Is Fred Perry Made In China

I was expecting to find many Fred Perry items made in China, but I would say the balance of items made in China is quite the same as the ones made in England (I can be completely wrong, but the ratio was pretty equal).

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Fred Perry is not crazy expensive as brands like Burberry, Palm Angels, or Balmain. Apart from some items manufactured in Portugal and Italy, the British label has to find solutions to increase its profits, and one of them is to manufacture in China (not saying that Burberry doesn’t manufacture in China, but it’s a brand that provides more status than Fred Perry).

Production in China is a lot cheaper than in European countries since the materials, labor, and warehouse costs are much cheaper. Therefore, it’s easier to understand why Fred Perry outsources much of its manufacturing to China.

Is Fred Perry Made In Vietnam?

Yes, some Fred Perry items are manufactured in Vietnam.

Is Fred Perry made in Vietnam

Vietnam has become the selected destination for many fashion brands, especially sports brands, as labor and materials are cheaper than in China, and there is also better political stability. So, if something happens in China, Fred Perry knows it can count on Vietnam production to avoid disruptions.

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Vietnam factories have strongly created an adaptable production system for fashion brands that want to create apparel, footwear, or accessories.

Common Questions About Where Is Fred Perry Made

These are the most common questions about where is Fred Perry made.

Is Fred Perry A Luxury Brand?

No, Fred Perry is not a luxury brand since most people can buy an item from this British label. Luxury brands tend to be more exclusive and expensive, so it’s not accessible to most consumers, which is not the case with Fred Perry.

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Where Are Fred Perry Trainers Made?

Fred Perry trainers are made in England, China and Vietnam. In-store I only found shoes made in England and China, but I have a Fred Perry pair of shoes manufactured in Vietnam.

Where Are Fred Perry Shirts Made?

Fred Perry shirts are manufactured in England, Portugal, and China. In-store I only found Fred Perry shirts made in England and China, but the brand states made in Portugal on some shirts on the website.

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Is Fred Perry Made In Japan?

Yes, some Fred Perry products are manufactured in Japan since a Japanese company now owns the British label. However, I didn’t find any made-in-Japan products in-store or in the product descriptions on the website.


Where is Fred Perry made? Primarily in England and China, since those were the only two countries I have found in-store. You can also expect the most expensive items to be made in Italy and Portugal. Vietnam, El Salvador, Germany, and Japan also contribute to the manufacturing of Fred Perry goods.

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Wherever Fred Perry is manufactured, if you like the brand, keep purchasing and wearing it since the quality should remain high for this fashion brand.