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Louis Vuitton is a French ultra-luxury fashion label and one of the most desirable globally. Everyone wants an item from this French magnificence brand. But, do you have the answer to the question: where is Louis Vuitton made?

I never had a Louis Vuitton item since it’s too expensive for me, but I did try some of its products during this journey to find where Louis Vuitton products are manufactured. I would say Louis Vuitton was the most challenging brand to take pictures of since you always have someone with you when you walk the store.

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To confirm, I have decided to review hundreds of product descriptions on the Louis Vuitton website to verify if the brand lists where the products are made. I also visited the Louis Vuitton store in New Bond Street London and their department stores in Selfridges and Harrods, checking multiple items. So let’s find out where are Louis Vuitton products made.

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Where Is Louis Vuitton Made?

Louis Vuitton is manufactured in Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, the United States, Portugal and Romania.

Where Is Louis Vuitton Made

Louis Vuitton lists where its ready-to-wear collection and handbags are manufactured on its website. However, the French luxury label doesn’t provide information about where sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, footwear, belts, and hats are made. At least not in the product description of those items.

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LV provides some information about where its products are manufactured in the FAQs. The brand states that the leather goods collections are exclusively produced in its workshops in France, Spain, and the United States. The manufacturing of the ready-to-wear collections, footwear, and sunglasses takes place in Italy and France. The watches are produced in Switzerland, and any jewelry is manufactured in Italy, France, and Switzerland.

Just because a luxury brand states its products are manufactured in a specific place doesn’t mean I will accept it. I still like to check where products are manufactured, and that’s why I have visited Louis Vuitton stores. Most luxury labels like Gucci, Dior, and Dolce And Gabbana love to manufacture in Italy and France.

Something that I realized is that not every Louis Vuitton item has a label with information on where the product was manufactured. I would be surprised by that, but Lacoste does the same. Some products have a label stating where it was manufactured, and some don’t.

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The reason why I never understand why some products don’t have the information about where they were made is that EU and US legislation requires brands to indicate the country of origin of the goods. Usually, I think brands have something to hide, but this doesn’t seem to be the case with LV since they manufacture mainly in Italy and France.

Louis Vuitton also has production facilities in Portugal and Romania (confirmed by its website), but I didn’t find any manufactured products from these countries. I think these two nations help finish manufacturing some products (making components like luggage handles, but not the entire luggage) and don’t start any product from the beginning.

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A French TV documentary team was sent to Romania around 2014. They interviewed workers who claimed entire shoes were manufactured in Romania and sent to Italy, where the soles were added. Bernard Arnault, LVMH’s chief executive, has rejected this claim.

Is Louis Vuitton Made In France?

Yes, Louis Vuitton manufactures handbags, clothes, footwear, perfume, jewelry, footwear, sunglasses, and other products in France.

Is Louis Vuitton Made In France

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Louis Vuitton has several workshops around France in regions like Paris, Beaulieu-sur-Layon, Sainte-Florence, Asnières, Drôme, Azé and VendomeThe made-in-France reputation when it comes to fashion is well-established worldwide, and people perceive products manufactured in France as excellent quality.

The fact that Louis Vuitton manufactures many of its products in France justifies the high prices of the label. When you combine image, status, and concern for detail when manufacturing any item, you have the key to success, and LV knows that.

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Any product that has a made in France label is synonymous with proof of quality, and most people are willing to pay more for a product made in France. Furthermore, most consumers are willing to pay more for a product that is made in France, independently of the price, since they know it will be flawless.

In-store I have found ready-to-wear men’s and women’s collections and LV handbags and perfumes. All Louis Vuitton perfumes in-store were manufactured in France.

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France is a country known for its luxury, fashion, and beauty with excellent craftsmanship, so Louis Vuitton will keep manufacturing there. In addition, LV keeps opening more ateliers in France to fabricate more handbags and clothes since the demand for its products is growing.

Is Louis Vuitton Made In Italy?

Yes, Louis Vuitton manufactures clothes, footwear, sunglasses, jewelry, and other products in Italy.

Is Louis Vuitton Made In Italy

Louis Vuitton has several workshops around Italy in regions like Fiesso D’Artico, Tuscani, Bagno a Ripoli, and Lombardi. Louis Vuitton is looking to open more workshops in Italy because they believe in the quality of Italian craftsmanship.

The Fiesso D’Artico manufacturing site is the number one producer of LV footwear. We all know that some of the best shoes are manufactured in Italy (for many, Italy produces the best footwear. Period). So I am not surprised that LV shifted the manufacturing of most of its footwear to Italy. Every single shoe I have found in-store was manufactured in Italy.

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Most luxury labels like to manufacture in Italy because the finest materials are used, and experienced artisans are very proud of their work. As a result, workers tend to be highly devoted to each item’s manufacturing phases. This is why products made in Italy are usually immaculate because every detail matters.

For many consumers, the mere fact that a product says “Made In Italy” is enough to justify any price. People want to pay for the best, and that’s why they have no problems paying thousands of dollars for LV handbags made in Italy. They know they are purchasing style, quality, and durability.

Is Louis Vuitton Made In China?

No, Louis Vuitton is not manufactured in China, and I don’t believe it will ever be. The French luxury label has maintained its popularity and desirability, knowing that consumers expect the best products. By being conscientious of its image and reputation, LV has gained the trust of its consumers and knows they will pay any price for an item from the brand.

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If you think about it, manufacturing in China would be beneficial for Louis Vuitton since it would cut manufacturing costs and increase the brand’s profits. However, that could also decrease the quality of its products, and LV doesn’t want to gamble on its reputation.

China is ideal for any brands that want to mass-manufacture products for a lower price. Louis Vuitton only produces certain items till it hits its sales targets. It’s a production system that doesn’t correlate with Louis Vuitton’s goals since the brand only manufactures a small number of items for each collection.

Where Are Louis Vuitton Bags Made?

Louis Vuitton bags are manufactured in France, Italy, Spain, and the United States.

Where Are Louis Vuitton Bags Made

All the handbags I have checked in-store were manufactured in France (apart from one in Italy). So I was surprised that not many bags are made in Italy since most luxury labels choose Italy as the number one place to manufacture their leather goods. You can expect many more handbags to be manufactured in Italy in the future since the LVMH group wants to open a leather facility there.

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The reason why Louis Vuitton bags are made in France, Italy, Spain, and the USA and not places like China, Vietnam, etc., is because of all the quality tests that each bag passes before it is ready to be sold to consumers.

Each bag is tested in terms of durability, how much weight it can take, the endurance of the materials used in the making, and the quality of the zippers. This is not a possibility in mass-market productions, and LV knows that. They need to open and shut the zipper thousands of times to ensure it works while in the hands of the customer or bombards the bag with ultraviolet rays to ensure the color doesn’t fade.

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If your LV handbag doesn’t say “Louis Vuitton Paris, Made In Frace, Italy, Spain or USA,” it’s fake. Even if it says the correct country, you should look for any signs of poor quality. Louis Vuitton bags are perfection.

Common Questions About Where Is Louis Vuitton Made

These are the most common questions about where is Louis Vuitton made.

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Where Are Louis Vuitton Belts Made?

Louis Vuitton belts are manufactured in Italy and Spain. I only found belts manufactured in Italy in-store, but the materials could have been from both countries.

Where Are Louis Vuitton Wallets Made?

LV wallets are manufactured in France, Italy, and Spain. I have found Louis Vuitton wallets made in France and Italy in-store.

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Where Are Louis Vuitton Shoes Made?

Louis Vuitton states that its footwear is manufactured in Italy and Spain, but I only found shoes made in-store in Italy.

Where Are Louis Vuitton Clothes Made?

All Louis Vuitton clothes I have found in-store were manufactured in Italy or France, but some of them didn’t have any labels with that information. The LV website states that the ready-to-wear collection is made exclusively in Italy and France.

Where Are Louis Vuitton Sunglasses Made?

LV sunglasses are manufactured in Italy and France. In-store I have only found LV sunglasses made in Italy.

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Is Louis Vuitton Made In Japan?

As far as I know, Louis Vuitton is not manufactured in Japan, and I didn’t find any LV products in-store made in Japan.

Is Louis Vuitton Made In Paris Real?

Yes, LV bags manufactured in Paris are authentic, but you need to ensure you have a stamp pressed directly into the leather inside of the bag that says “Louis Vuitton, Made In France) Otherwise, it could be fake if the LV bag is missing that stamp.

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Are Some Louis Vuitton Made In The USA?

Yes, some Louis Vuitton bags are manufactured in California and Texas ateliers in the USA.

Is Louis Vuitton Made In Turkey?

No, Louis Vuitton is not manufactured in Turkey, and if it says it was, you have a fake LV item. Many LV products, mainly bags, have been sold on the street in Turkey, and those are counterfeit.

Conclusion On Where Is Louis Vuitton Manufactured

Where is LV made? Mainly in France and Italy, but you can also expect LV goods manufactured in Spain, USA, and Switzerland. Some parts of those goods will also be manufactured in Portugal and Romania.

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Wherever Louis Vuitton is manufactured (France, Italy, Spain, or USA), you can expect higher prices because you will pay for high-quality luxury.