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Canada Goose has some of the best and warmest winter jackets in the world, but they can be pretty pricy. Why is Canada Goose so expensive?

It’s not difficult to understand why a Canadian would buy a Canada Goose jacket, since they can face -22°F (-30°C, which I find crazy) during winter. I never had a coat from the Canadean brand, but I had the opportunity to try one the other day, and I loved it.

With some jackets and other items over $1,000, let’s find out why Canada Goose is so expensive and if it’s worth it to buy or not.

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Why Is Canada Goose So Expensive?

Canada Goose is expensive because it’s a luxury brand that provides status and exclusivity to those who wear its products. In addition, it delivers the highest quality raw materials, has the made in Canada appeal, and has a loyal customer base. Canada Goose jackets are famous and loved by celebrities. The Canadian label also has good endorsements deals.

Canada Goose Is A Luxury Brand

Canada Goose is a luxury brand, and that means that the Canadian label is more expensive than mass-market and high-end brands since not everyone can afford to buy them. Luxury is a synonym for quality, the best craftsmanship, the best materials, and the best shopping experience. Since Canada Goose offers all these features, you have to pay more for its goods.

Canada Goose Store

If we focus on winter jackets, you have brands like The North Face and Columbia that make great winter jackets, but both labels charge a lot less than Canada Goose. Why is that? Two reasons. Canada Goose is branded as a luxury brand, so just for that fact, you will pay a lot more. Also, the manufacturing countries and materials used are more expensive, and that’s why the prices are higher.

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Owning a luxury item that you know is excellent quality and durable can also increase your self-esteem and the feeling that you belong to an exclusive group of people. In addition, buying a Canada Goose jacket brings a sense of accomplishment since they are costly.

The same happens with other luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Loro Piana, or Givenchy. These brands charge a lot for their goods because they don’t want everyone to consume their products. I wouldn’t say Canada Goose is the most expensive luxury brand because they are not, but it still has a price tag that is not accessible for every consumer.

Canada Goose Provides Exclusivity And Status

Why is Canada Goose so expensive? Because it provides status and exclusivity to those, who possess any products from the Canadian label. If someone sees you wearing a Canada Goose item, they will see you as someone wealthy that can afford a luxury brand that most people can’t.

Consumers buy Canada Goose goods because they want something functional to wear and fashionable. However, not everyone can purchase a $1,000 jacket. Canada Goose doesn’t expect (or want) everyone to purchase its products. The luxury brand would lose its exclusivity and status if that happened, and that’s why the price of its products needs to be higher.

The way a luxury brand differentiates from mass-market brands and justifies such high prices is how they make its consumers feel. For example, when you wear a Canada Goose jacket, you feel expensive because you know the status given by the Canadian label item to you. It’s not only how you feel but also how you make others judge by knowing you are modeling a luxury label.

Canada Goose Jackets Are Famous

Canada Goose jackets are crazy popular, and most people know the Canadian brand because of the quality of its jackets. Consumers associate Canada Goose jackets with durability and high quality due to being manufactured in Canada, one of the warmest jackets on the market due to the materials used and are fashionable. Let’s not forget the high-quality Canadian Hutterite down.

why are canada goose jackets so expensive

Canada Goose jackets can cost anywhere between $500 to over $2,000. I don’t even think that’s a lot when it comes to a jacket (some luxury brands charge that for a t-shirt). Another reason Canada Goose jackets are so expensive is that the label offers a lifetime warranty on them, which I love.

A company has to be really confident in its products when they offer lifetime durability, right? I wouldn’t mind paying over $2,000 for a Canada Goose jacket, knowing that I could return it for a new one if a manufacturing problem happens. When I tried a Canada Goose jacket in-store, I understood why they are so popular. The jacket seemed made from the best materials and was really warm. I definitely want one on my wardrobe.

But if this was not enough for you to understand how expensive Canada Goose jackets are in the eyes of some people, a British school in Wirral, England, banned pricey coats like Canada Goose, Moncler, and Pyrenex. This was an attempt to stop “poverty shaming” among students that don’t have the money to purchase these brands. It tells a lot about how expensive and exclusive Canada Goose is.

Canada Goose Provides Highest Quality Raw Materials

Luxury brands are expensive because they use the finest and rarest materials. Unfortunately, these materials are not the cheapest on the market, and they impact the price of an item to be more elevated. Some of the materials used by the Canadian brand are natural down, recycled feathers, cashmere, wool fleece, or merino wool. Canada Goose used fur on its items in the past, but not anymore, to become a fur-free label in 2022.

is canada goose cheaper in canada

Goose down is expensive because it’s not that easy to find, especially for sustainable goose down. The Canadian brand uses goose down from Canadian Hutterite farmers, which is sustainable and more expensive. The natural down is essential for manufacturing the jackets since it’s a natural source of warmth.

Canada Goose also uses some of the best technology to design and produce products for extreme conditions and cold climates, like the ARCTIC TECH, TUNDRA TECH, or the ENDURALUXE. All these cost money, making the manufacturing more expensive, and the price of Canada Goose products costly.

Canada Goose Has an Elite Level of Craftsmanship

Canada Goose offers an elite level of craftsmanship. For example, every Canada Goose jacket needs to pass through 13 production stages and many different workers to ensure every component is perfect. They test the zippers, the buttons, and every single stitch in detail. They also have a quality assurance team that inspects every jacket by hand, ensuring no component is overlooked.

It also seems that the Canada Goose jackets are hand-stitched to ensure every detail is perfectly done. Now, having a warehouse in Canada and paying Canadians to do this type of work is more expensive than if it was done in an Asian country, and that reflects on the price of the jackets and why they are so costly. This takes me to the next point.

The Made In Canada Appeal

As I mentioned before, the fact that most Canada Goose jackets and some other products are manufactured in Canada makes the cost of manufacturing them higher, and that is justified on selling them for hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Canada Goose Made In Canada Label

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When the consumer sees that a jacket was made in Canada and knows how cold Canadian winters are, it is a sign that the jacket will be excellent. Canada Goose knows what it’s doing when designing and manufacturing a jacket in its home country. The made in Canada is a strong appeal, and consumers don’t mind paying more for those items.

Now, as you can read in my article about where Canada Goose is manufactured, not all items are made in Canada. A lot of them are fabricated in other countries.

Canada Goose Endorsements

Remember when I said that Canada Goose jackets are famous and popular? They proudly state on their website that “We’re a staple on film sets around the world and known as the (un)official jacket of film crews anywhere it’s cold.”

An example of that was when Canada Goose appeared in the 2015 James Bond movie Spectre. Daniel Craig and Dave Bautista were spotted wearing a Canada Goose jacket between shoots for the Spectre movie in Sölden, Austria. Now tell me a guy that wouldn’t pay any price to look like James Bond?

The fact that Canada Goose keeps bringing awareness to themselves with a great strategy that goes from cinema sets and movie screens to tv shows makes consumers keep wanting to buy more from the brand, no matter the price. One of the most popular Sports Illustrated covers ever happened in 2013 when Kate Upton appeared wearing a Canada Goose jacket.

Celebrities Love Canada Goose

The best thing about having celebrities wearing a brand is that they bring awareness and desirability. If a star is wearing Canada Goose, people will see that brand as exclusive and expensive. The reason is that celebrities are people with loads of money who can basically purchase any fashion brand they want. If they are buying and wearing Canada Goose, that means that the brand is somehow unique.

are canada goose jackets worth it

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Celebrities also have power over consumers, and luxury brands know that. They know how important it is to get exemplary ambassadors to influence others to purchase from Canada Goose or even have someone wearing the brand when they go out or to an event. Some people idolize others so much that they buy the same brands and clothes they wear.

Some celebrities that have been spotted wearing Canada Goose products are Tom Hardy, Daniel Craig, Daniel Radcliffe, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Elisabeth Olsen, Drake, Emma Stone, Meg Ryan, and Andrew Garfield.

Common Questions Why Is Canada Goose So Expensive

These are the most common questions about why is Canada Goose so expensive.

Why Are Canada Goose Jackets So Expensive?

Canada Goose jackets are expensive because most of them are manufactured in Canada, where the manufacturing is more expensive. In addition, most jackets use technology for extreme conditions/cold climates and materials like goose down, which makes them even more pricey. Canada Goose jackets are among the best jackets in the world, which reflects in the quality, durability, and price.

Why Are Canada Goose Beanies So Expensive?

Canada Goose beanies are so expensive because they are made of the highest quality materials and also because you have the logo of the Canadian label on the hat. You have to pay for that status and exclusivity.

Is Canada Goose Cheaper In Canada?

After long research, I would say that Canada Goose jackets are not cheaper in Canada. The brand seems to sell its jackets at the same prices around the world. It all depends on the power of your coin and the exchange rate deal you get.

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Are Canada Goose Jackets Worth It?

In my opinion, absolutely yes, especially if you are going somewhere where it is freezing and you want to keep yourself super warm. Remember that you are paying for a lifetime guarantee jacket made from goose down and excellent craftsmanship with attention to detail. Worth every penny.

What’s Special About Canada Goose?

The most memorable thing about Canada Goose is definitely its jackets. The Canadian label markets its jackets as a product that can endure temperatures as low as -30°C due to its technology and materials like goose down.

Is Canada Goose A Luxury Brand?

Yes, Canada Goose is a luxury brand since not everyone can afford the brand. When it comes to choosing between a jacket from Canada Goose and another from a mass-market brand, most people can’t afford the Canadian label. A luxury brand is defined as exclusive and providing status, which Canada Goose does.

Conclusion On Why Is Canada Goose So Expensive

Why is Canada Goose so expensive? Mainly because it’s a luxury label that provides the highest quality raw materials, elite craftsmanship, exclusivity, and status. Its jackets are among some of the most famous in the world, having the Made in Canada appeal and providing endorsements around the world to bring more visibility to the brand. Celebrities also love the Canadian brand.

For some people, it’s difficult to justify why you have to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, on one single item like a Canada Goose jacket. But, in my opinion, if you can afford one and it brings value to your life (especially if you live in a place with extremely cold weather), no one is permitted to tell you the cost of that Canada Goose coat is not worth it.