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Canada Goose is a very popular Canadian luxury label, mainly due to its winter jackets known for being some of the best, warmest, and most durable on the market. However, the question you have is: where is Canada Goose made?

I never had a Canada Goose item, but I went to their store in Regent Street, London, England, and tried a few jackets to check how they fit and see other things. Of course, I wouldn’t pay $225 for a Canada Goose hat no matter the quality, but I would definitely pay over $1,000 for their jacket since they seemed excellent quality.

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To confirm, I have decided to review hundreds of product descriptions on the Canada Goose website to verify if the brand lists where the products are made. I also visited a Canada Goose store and some stores that sell Canada Goose products, checking multiple items. So let’s find out where Canada Goose is manufactured.

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Where Is Canada Goose Made?

Canada Goose products are manufactured in Canada, Italy, Portugal, Romania, and China.

I am glad to say that Canada Goose lists where its products are manufactured on the product descriptions on its website. I did find some products without that information, but most of them had it. 

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Usually, luxury brands don’t like to say where some products are manufactured (especially if they are made in Asian countries), but Canada Goose is not one of them. Other luxury labels that provide that information are Kenzo, Givenchy, DSQUARED2, Burberry, Balenciaga, and Gucci. I like when a luxury brand has no problems listing made in China on the product description as Canada Goose does.

You have a lot of products manufactured in Canada, but Romania seems to be a country that makes many goods for the Canadian brand (at least according to the Canada Goose website). However, when I checked multiple items in-store, I only found products produced in Canada, Italy, and China.

You can always check where a Canada Goose item was manufactured since the US and EU legislation requires brands to indicate the country of origin of any goods. You can also check for that information on the website if you are buying online.

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Is Canada Goose Made In Canada?

Yes, Canada Goose manufactures apparel and some accessories in Canada.

Is Canada Goose Made In Canada

First of all, I have to say that I love when a label manufactures part of its products in its country of origin. Canada Goose states on its website that over 4,500 workers are employed between Toronto and Winnipeg in Canada. It seems the brand wants to keep as much domestic production as possible to contribute to local job growth.

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Don’t forget that manufacturing in Canada can contribute to elevated manufacturing and labor standards but also higher costs when compared to other countries (at least when compared with Asian countries).

I know many people who would be happy to know Canada Goose manufactures a lot in Canada since they have some of the coldest winters in the world. Because of that, they know what needs to be done to ensure you have warm and durable products.

Is Canada Goose Made In Italy?

Yes, Canada Goose manufactures some of its products in Italy.

Is Canada Goose Made In Italy

Every luxury brand manufactures in Italy. It doesn’t matter if it’s in large or small amounts, but they all do, and Canada Goose is not different. In-store I have found some hats, gloves, sweaters, and t-shirts manufactured in Italy. The same is on Canada Goose’s website.

The reason why luxury brands choose to manufacture a lot of their items in Italy is that the “made in Italy” label is perceived as excellent quality. As a result, consumers know only the best materials are used and the best craftsmanship. Buyers understand that products “made in Italy” are worth every penny.

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Canada Goose seems to have the best of both worlds when it comes to manufacturing. For one, the Canadian brand manufactures in Italy, known for being the best of the best when it comes to manufacturing. But on the other hand, Canada Goose is also patriotic and manufactures its jackets and a few other items in Canada.

Is Canada Goose Made In China?

Yes, some Canada Goose items are manufactured in China.

Is Canada Goose Made In China

All the items I have found in-store and on the Canada Goose website manufactured in China were hats and gloves. I didn’t find any jackets or menswear.

It’s not a surprise to see a luxury label manufacturing in China. Burberry, Balenciaga, and even high-end brands like Ralph Lauren or Michael Kors have many products made in China. However, Canada Goose only seems to have some accessories manufactured there.

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Manufacturing in China means spending less money on labor and materials, improving a brand’s profits. So I would say that could be the balance found by the Canadian label to keep manufacturing in Canada, but I have seen some accessories manufactured in Canada and Italy.

Where Are Canada Goose Jackets Made?

Most Canada Goose jackets are manufactured in Canada. You can also find some jackets manufactured in Portugal, Italy, and Romania.

Where Are Canada Goose Jackets Made

The Canada Goose jackets are the most popular item of the Canadian label. Most of them are manufactured in Canada (in-store, most jackets I checked were made in Canada). However, you can also find some made in Italy or Romania and Portugal (these last two I didn’t find in-store, but on the website).

Canada Goose jackets are famous for their high quality, durability, and lifetime guarantee. The Canadian brand is so confident in its manufacturing skills that it ensures you have a jacket that will be durable for the rest of your life.

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For example, every Canada Goose jacket must pass through 13 production stages and multiple workers to ensure every detail is perfect. They test the zippers, the buttons, and every single stitch in particular. They also have a quality assurance unit that examines every jacket by hand, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

It also seems that the Canada Goose jackets are hand-stitched to ensure every detail is perfectly done. 

What Is Canada Goose Jacket Made Of?

The Canada Goose jackets use the best raw materials like goose and duck feathers to ensure they keep you warm even when the weather is -30°C. All materials used are from sustainable places to protect and support the animals’ well-being.

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Canada Goose also uses some of the best technology on its jackets, like the ARCTIC TECH, TUNDRA TECH, or the ENDURALUXE. All these technologies are essential to ensure you can face the coldest weather, be waterproofed, and the jackets are more durable.

Common Questions About Where Is Canada Goose Made

These are the most common questions about where is Canada Goose made.

Is Canada Goose Made In Romania?

Yes, many Canada Goose items are manufactured in Romania, according to the brand’s website. Yet, I couldn’t find any items manufactured in Romania when I checked different products in-store.

Is Canada Goose Hand Made?

Some Canada Goose items like its jackets are handmade, but products are not. However, every single item is inspected by a quality team to ensure every aspect of the product is perfect.

Do Canada Goose Still Use Real Fur?

Canada Goose used fur on its items in the past, but not anymore, to become a fur-free label in 2022.

Are Canada Goose Jackets Vegan?

No, Canada Goose jackets are not vegan because they use goose and duck feathers. However, the label uses sustainable materials to protect and support the environment and the animals’ well-being.

Where Are Canada Goose Gloves Made?

Canada Goose gloves are manufactured in Canada, China, and Italy.

Conclusion On Where Is Canada Goose Made

Where is Canada Goose made? Most of its items are manufactured in Canada, Italy, and Romania, but you can also find some made in Portugal and China (this last one is primarily accessories). Most Canada Goose jackets are made in Canada, but also in Romania, Italy, and Portugal.

I love that Canada Goose provides a good balance of its manufacturing between homemade products (Canada), the best when it comes to luxury (Italy), and some other countries that can sustain the higher manufacturing costs of these two countries.