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H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a fashion brand founded in Sweden in 1947 and is one of the most popular mass-market brands on the market. However, the question you have is: where are H&M clothes made?

The Swedish brand is usually my go-to when I want to buy a cheap pair of chinos that I will only use for a few occasions. I have been wearing H&M clothes for as long as I can remember, but not so much in the last couple of years since I started to wear brands like Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren.

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To confirm, I have decided to review hundreds of product descriptions on the H&M website to verify if the brand lists where the products are made. I also visited two H&M stores (London and Napoli), checking the label of multiple items. So let’s find out where H&M clothes are manufactured.

Where Are H&M Clothes Made?

H&M clothes are manufactured in Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Luxemburg, China, Morocco, Myanmar, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam.

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where are h&m clothes made

H&M doesn’t list where its products are manufactured on the product descriptions on its website. I wasn’t really expecting H&M to detail where its products are manufactured since I know most mass-market labels don’t do it. However, I would not be shocked if H&M did it after discovering that Zara lists the country of origin in its product descriptions.

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Even if you haven’t the country of origin in the product descriptions, you can find the H&M supplier list on the H&M Group website. In addition, the Swedish brand provides the warehouses’ countries, addresses, and what they manufacture.

I have provided an extensive list of countries that manufacture products for H&M (according to the supplier list). Still, I only find a few of those countries when checking in-store products. The countries I found in-store were China, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Sweden, Myanmar, Turkey, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

I had severe doubts about the supplier list provided by H&M since they state countries like France and Italy, which usually manufacture items for luxury brands. However, after a deep analysis, I can say those countries mainly manufacture makeup and beauty products, which are standard around fashion brands, regardless of their prices.

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Also, if you purchase online, you can check the country of origin when you receive the goods. This is because the EU and US legislations require the brands to tell the country of origin for any imported products regarding physical goods.

Are H&M Clothes Made In Sweden?

Yes, H&M manufactures some of its accessories, footwear, and home and beauty products in Sweden.

are h&m clothes made in sweden

I must say that finding out that H&M manufactures some of its products in Sweden was a massive shock for me. Of course, I always think that fashion brands manufacture in their country of origin, even if it’s minimal, but I was expecting the Swedish brand to produce its goods almost exclusively in Asia.

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H&M owns a warehouse in Uddevalla and works with independent contractors that manufacture some of its items in Linkoping, Orebro, and Falun. H&M doesn’t manufacture much more in Sweden because the labor and materials are much more expensive than in Asia countries.

Are H&M Clothes Made In China?

Yes, H&M apparel, footwear, and accessories are manufactured in China.

are h&m clothes made in china

Where are H&M clothes made? Naturally, China is the number one manufacturer of the Swedish label. It’s usually the country sports brands that set their manufacturing. Puma, Converse, and Under Armour predominantly manufacture in China but have shifted some of their manufacturing to Vietnam.

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Brand brands like H&M choose China because they can increase their profit margins. Cheap wages, materials, and facilities are why China is still the leading manufacturer of many brands. However, I have to say I didn’t find China to be so predominantly when checking H&M tags in-store since the brand manufactures in many different countries. I was expecting a more considerable dominance of the country.

Are H&M Clothes Made In Bangladesh?

Yes, H&M apparel, footwear, and accessories are manufactured in Bangladesh.

are h&m clothes made in bangladesh

I have to say I was slightly surprised to check that Bangladesh manufactures almost as much as China for H&M. I have found many tags made in Bangladesh in-store.

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Almost every fashion label manufactures in Bangladesh, but this Asian country is not usually the biggest provider of clothes, footwear, or accessories. However, in recent years, we have seen more and more high-premium and fast fashion brands manufacturing here.

Also, Bangladesh is an excellent country for mass-recycling and fast fashion manufacturing, attracting more brands to produce their products there. In addition, H&M is investing a lot in sustainability, so don’t be surprised if Bangladesh becomes the biggest manufacturer of H&M in the future.

Common Questions About Where Are H&M Clothes Made

These are the most common questions about where are H&M clothes made.

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Where Are Most Of H&M Clothes Made?

Most of the H&M clothes are made in China and Bangladesh, the two biggest Swedish brand manufacturers. Also, the two countries I found the most when checking H&M labels in-store.

Where Are H&M Baby Clothes Made?

I presume that H&M baby clothes are manufactured in many different countries, but the ones I found in-store were in China, Bangladesh, India, and Cambodia.

Where Does H&M Source Its Cotton?

H&M cotton is sourced through organizations like the Better Cotton Initiative, Cotton Made In Africa, and Fair Trade Cotton. H&M is also using recycled cotton in its products, which has been increasing yearly.

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Is H&M Fast-Fashion?

Yes, H&M is one of the most popular fast-fashions brands globally since it’s a low-priced but contemporary brand that moves quickly from design to manufacturing to meet the current fashion trends.


Where is H&M made? Mainly in China and Bangladesh, the two leading manufacturers of the Swedish brand. However, you have an extensive list of countries that can be found on the H&M labels, like Cambodia, Indonesia, India, etc.

I still believe that H&M is an affordable brand for you to purchase some casual wear, like in a fashion emergency or in case you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a piece of clothing.