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Converse is one of the biggest sports brands on the market, especially regarding skating and lifestyle shoes. However, can you answer the question: where are Converse made?

Everyone knows Converse shoes. They have an aesthetic that you look at them and realize they are Converse. So the probability that you had a pair of this American sports brand is also huge. It’s currently a subsidiary of Nike Inc since 2003. But that doesn’t mean Converse and Nike share the same manufacturing sites.

To confirm, I have decided to review hundreds of product descriptions on the Converse website to verify if the brand lists where the products are made. I also visited a couple of Converse stores and some stores that sell Converse products, checking multiple items. So let’s find out where Converse is manufactured.

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Where Are Converse Made?

Converse footwear, apparel, and accessories are manufactured in China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, and Malaysia.

where are converse made

So Converse doesn’t provide the country of origin for any product on its website. This is standard among sports brands that don’t desire you to find out the products are manufactured in Asian countries since some people perceive them as low quality.

Some sports brands that don’t share in the product description where their products are manufactured are Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Asics, Vans, and New Balance. Some provide a list of the manufacturing sites to be more transparent, but you need to know where to look on their website.

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All Converse products I checked in-store were manufactured in Asian countries. Most of the products were manufactured in China, Vietnam, and India. I have also found products made in Indonesia but not from any other countries. So it’s not a surprise that Converse doesn’t want you to know there its products are not manufactured in the USA.

However, when you receive the physical product at home, you can verify the country of origin. The US legislation and EU rules require the brands to determine the country of origin for any imported goods.

Are Converse Made In The USA?

No, Converse products are not manufactured in the USA anymore. The American brand closed its last manufacturing site in the USA in 2001. The plant in Mission, Texas, was the last one to be closed due to the bankruptcy protection Converse faced at the time.

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Converse is just another American brand that ended the proclamation of “Made in USA” stamped on the heel of its shoes and decided to manufacture in Asia due to the cheaper costs of labor and materials.

Are Converse Made In China?

Yes, many Converse products are manufactured in China.

Are Converse Made In China

If you like to check sports brand labels, you will find at least a couple made in China in most (if not all) of them. Compared to American and European manufacturing factories, China has the cheapest labor, materials, and locations, becoming much more appealing to brands to reduce costs and improve profits.

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For some reason, I was expecting more Converse products to be manufactured in China. Still, the American brand has been shifting most of its manufacturing to other countries like Vietnam and India.

Regarding apparel and accessories, China is still the number one manufacturer of Converse, and that may not change soon. The same doesn’t happen with footwear since the changes are visible.

Are Converse Made In Vietnam?

Yes, many Converse products are manufactured in Vietnam, especially footwear.

Are Converse Made In Vietnam

Vietnam has become the favored destination for footwear brands, as labor and fabrics are cheaper than in China, and there is also better political stability. So, if something occurs in China, Converse knows it can count on Vietnam production to dodge disruptions.

Vietnam factories have strongly created an adaptable production system for fashion brands that want to create apparel, footwear, or accessories.

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I wouldn’t be surprised to see more and more products manufactured in Vietnam and a lot less in China when it comes to Converse. If you go to any Converse store right now, I bet you will find more labels from Vietnam than from China.

Where Are Converse Shoes Made?

Converse shoes are manufactured in China, Vietnam, India, and Indonesia.

Where are converse shoes made

It wasn’t really a surprise that most Converse shoes are manufactured in China and Vietnam, but I also found a few made in India and Indonesia.

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In fact, I would say that Vietnam is manufacturing a lot more shoes for Converse than China, which can be due to the tariff war between China and the US, leading many brands to swap manufacturing to Vietnam.

Common Questions About Where Are Converse Made

These are the most common questions about where are Converse made.

Where Are Converse All Stars Made?

Converse All Stars are manufactured in Vietnam, China, and India. When checking them in-store, these were the three countries I have found that manufacture this style.

Are Converse Made In China Originals?

Yes, Converse manufactured in China are original shoes. However, be aware that you have many websites selling fake Converse shoes also made in China. Therefore, you should always purchase your Converse on the brand’s official website or from authorized retail partners.

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Where Are Converse Tennis Shoes Made?

Converse tennis shoes are manufactured in Vietnam, China, and India. When checking them in-store, these were the three countries I have found that manufacture this style.

Where Are Converse Chuck Taylors Made?

Converse Chuck Taylors are manufactured in Vietnam and China. When checking them in-store, these were the two countries I have found that manufacture this style.

Where Are Converse Clothes Made?

Converse clothes are manufactured in China and Vietnam. When checking products in-store, I didn’t find any other countries on the label.

Conclusion On Where Are Converse Made

Where are Converse made? Mainly in China and Vietnam, from shoes to apparel and accessories, some other Asian countries manufacture a small part of Converse goods.

Wherever Converse items are manufactured, you can predict them to be good quality since the brand has high-quality standards that factories and independent contractors need to follow.