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Nike is one of the biggest American sports brands in the world, especially when it comes to footwear. Everyone knows Nike independently if they have something from them or not. However, most Nike lovers don’t know and ask themselves: where is Nike made?

I have worked with Nike products for many years, and often the questions you would have to answer were “where is Nike manufactured?” or “where are Nike shoes made?” and you would have to know the answer or find it out.

I have some Nike products at home, from shoes to socks, a few t-shirts for running, and football shorts. Even if Nike products are manufactured in many different places, you still have two predominant countries manufacturing the American footwear brand.

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To confirm, I have decided to review hundreds of product descriptions on the Nike website to check if the brand lists where the products are made. I also visited a couple of Nike stores and some stores that sell Nike products, checking multiple items. Finally, I also checked all the Nike goods I had at home. So let’s find out where Nike is manufactured.

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Where Is Nike Made?

Nike is manufactured in 36 countries, mainly in China and Vietnam. The other countries are Argentina, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Croatia, Egypt, El Salvador, Georgia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordania, Korea, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Poland, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, South Africa, and the USA.

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Where Is Nike Made

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Nike doesn’t list where its products are manufactured on the product descriptions on its website. This is not a surprise, considering Nike is an American brand, and most of its products are manufactured in Asian countries. However, Nike does provide a manufacturing map that you can check on its website. Check the table below (last updated by Nike in December 2022).

Sri Lanka18105243.96%
South Korea01810193.14%
El Salvador300140.66%
South Africa100010.16%

As you can see, most Nike products are manufactured in Vietnam and China. However, it’s a surprise to see the United States as the fifth biggest manufacturer of Nike (even if the brand is American). No footwear seems to be made in America, and they appear to be focused on making apparel.

Vietnam is the leader when it comes to the manufacturing of footwear, apparel, and material facilities. On the other hand, China is number one in manufacturing equipment (which I think means accessories). Asics, Puma, and Adidas are some other sports brands that also manufacture heavily in these two countries.

All the Nike products I have at home are manufactured in Vietnam or China. In-store I did find Nike items made in Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and India.

Is Nike Made In USA?

Yes, it seems Nike manufactures in the USA in different states like Oregon, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Mississippi, California, New York, Washington, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Wisconsin. The production seems to focus on apparel like t-shirts, shorts, and some accessories and products.

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I have checked many products in different Nike stores, and I never found anything made in the USA, so I have to say I found it very surprising that Nike has so many factories in America.

In 2019 Nike expanded its US manufacturing footprint facility in Goodyear, Arizona, with a US$184m investment. So you can find some parts of a Nike shoe manufactured in the USA, but you will not find any Nike shoe 100% made there.

Is Nike Made In China?

Yes, a lot of Nike footwear, apparel, and accessories are manufactured in China.

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Is Nike Made In China

It cannot be a surprise that Nike manufactures many of its products in China. Likewise, many American fashion brands do it, like Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, or Ralph Lauren. The reason? It’s so much cheaper to manufacture in China than in America.

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China’s labor and materials are cheaper, so Nike can profit more when selling its products. You have some expensive Nike goods because they are from a specific collection or have a distinct technology. Still, in the end, they were probably manufactured in China or other Asian countries.

Due to the tariff war between China and the US in recent years, many companies have moved part of their manufacturing away from China to other countries. Nike is one of those fashion labels that is making the manufacturing shift to Vietnam. Other footwear brands like Reebok, Vans, Converse, and Timberland are doing the same.

Also, in-store most Nike accessories, like gloves, hats, and caps, were manufactured in China, and I don’t think that is moving from there.

Is Nike Made In Vietnam?

Yes, many Nike footwear, apparel, and accessories are manufactured in Vietnam.

Is Nike Made In Vietnam

Vietnam has become the preferred destination for footwear brands, as labor and materials are cheaper than in China, and there is also better political stability. So in case something happens in China, Nike knows it can count on Vietnam production to avoid disruptions.

Vietnam factories have strongly created an adaptable production system for fashion brands that want to create apparel, footwear, or accessories.

In-store I found loads of shoes manufactured in Vietnam (more than in any other country), but I also found some t-shirts and shorts.

Where Are Nike Shoes Made?

Nike shoes are mainly made in Vietnam, and China, followed by Indonesia, South Korea, and Brazil. You can also find Nike shoes manufactured in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, India, Argentina, Bosnia, and United Kingdom.

Where Are Nike Shoes Made

The most popular product in Nike is its shoes, so where are Nike sneakers made is one of the most popular queries. Most people think Nike shoes are manufactured in the USA because Nike is an American brand, but they are wrong.

As you can check above, some of the most popular shoes are manufactured in Vietnam and China.

Where Are Jordan 1s Made?

The Nike Air Jordan 1s is manufactured in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Where Are Air Force Ones Made?

The Nike Air Force Ones are manufactured in Vietnam and China. I have found this style in-store and checked loads of them.

Where Are Nike Dunks Made?

The Nike Dunks are manufactured in Vietnam.

Where Are Nike Tennis Shoes Made?

Nike Tennis shoes are manufactured in China and Vietnam, like so many other Nike styles.

Common Questions About Where Is Nike Made

These are the most common questions about where is Nike made.

Where Is Nike Clothing Made?

Nike clothing can be manufactured in many countries, primarily in Vietnam and China. You can also find Nike apparel made in Indonesia, Taiwan, the USA, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia. You have many more countries that make Nike clothing, but in less quantity than the ones above.

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Where Are Nick Socks Made?

Most Nike socks are manufactured in Turkey, but you can also find some made in China.

Where Are Nike Shorts Made?

Nike shorts can be in many different countries, with Vietnam and China at the top of the manufacturing list. I have found Nike shorts from these two countries in-store and also from Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Are Nike Shoes Made In Indonesia?

Yes, Indonesia is currently the third biggest Nike shoe manufacturer with 28 factories, only behind China and Vietnam.

Conclusion On Where Are Nike Products Made

So where is Nike made? It all depends if you are looking for, where are Nike shoes manufactured or Nike apparel. The countries with the most Nike factories produce a little bit of everything, from footwear to clothing and accessories. Then you have the ones with fewer factories (or just one) that tend to provide more apparel.

Nike products are among the best when it comes to sports brands in terms of quality, so where they are produced shouldn’t be concerning. The American label has a considerable reputation in the sports market, so they only want to sell the best and wouldn’t put anything average on the market.