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Hollister Co. is the teenager label of Abercrombie & Fitch Co. The brand has clothes for adults, and it was packed with customers of all ages in the two stores I have visited, but the question you have is: where are Hollister clothes made?

I never had anything from Hollister, and I don’t think I will ever have since it has a teenager vibe that I don’t think fits me. I also don’t see the surf aura the company is trying to sell, but I still did my research when checking where they manufacture their clothes. 

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To confirm, I have decided to review hundreds of product descriptions on the Hollister website to verify if the brand lists where the products are made. I also visited two Hollister stores in London and some stores that sell Hollister products, checking multiple items. So let’s find out where Hollister’s clothes are manufactured.

Where Are Hollister Clothes Made?

Hollister clothes are manufactured in Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Guatemala, Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka.

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where are hollister clothes made

Hollister doesn’t list where its products are manufactured on the product descriptions on its website. It doesn’t come as a surprise since the consumers targeted by the brand are teenagers and young adults, which tend to not care about where their clothes are manufactured.

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The American brand also doesn’t provide a supplier list anywhere on its website, so if you want to know where Hollister clothes are made, you need to check the label. If you purchase online, you can check the country of origin when you receive the goods. This is because the US and EU legislations require the brands to tell the country of origin for any imported products when it comes to physical goods.

The majority of Hollister clothes seem to be produced in Vietnam and China since these were the two countries I have found the most on the Hollister products labels. Bangladesh was the third country I have seen the most in the product labels.

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Neither Hollister Co nor Abercrombie & Fitch Co owns any factories that manufacture their designs. They state that on their corporate page. Instead, they work with independent subcontractors that help with the supplying and manufacturing.

Are Hollister Clothes Made In The US?

No, Hollister clothing is not made in the US. If you think about it, Hollister clothes aren’t that expensive, so for the American brand to have higher profit margins, it needs to cut manufacturing costs, which are costly in the US. The cost of labor, materials, and facilities is more expensive in the US than in Asian countries.

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Also, Hollister is a clothing company that needs a large factory that can manufacture on a large scale, involving many people. So it doesn’t need the same attention to detail that luxury brands like Louis Vuitton or Gucci need.

It may be challenging for factories to have enough workers in the US since the number of people working in the fashion industry (manufacturing clothes) has decreased yearly. It would also be a lot more expensive, so Hollister’s profits would fall.

Are Hollister Clothes Made In China?

Yes, Hollister apparel and accessories are manufactured in China.

Are Hollister Clothes Made In China

A lot of Hollister clothes I have checked in-store were manufactured in China. Also, I would say almost all Hollister accessories were made in China, from underwear to socks and hats. Usually, brands manufacture accessories in China, but other countries like Vietnam have grown in manufacturing them.

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Some of the biggest fashion brands in the world are also manufactured in China. Some examples are Adidas, Lululemon, Nike, Skechers, Vans, Michael Kors, Prada, etc. However, some of these brands are shifting their manufacturing from China to other Asian countries due to the tariff war between the US and China. I am unsure if Hollister is doing this shifting right now or if the American label did it in the past.

The American brand is not China-dependent and has other countries that manufacture its products which is good. Hollister clothes are manufactured in China because of the cheap labor, materials, and facilities costs. You can still expect to find many Hollister products manufactured in China if you check any of their products in-store.

Are Hollister Clothes Made In Vietnam?

Yes, most Hollister clothes are manufactured in Vietnam.

Are Hollister Clothes Made In Vietnam

Where Are Hollister Clothes Made? Mostly in Vietnam. The label I found the most on Hollister clothes was made in Vietnam, and I presume the American brand produces the most there. China and Bangladesh were the following countries I saw the most on the clothes labels.

Brands don’t want to depend on one country to manufacture most of their items. You never know if something political happens in the country and your manufacturing stops. Many fashion brands have been choosing Vietnam (and Bangladesh) to manufacture their products.

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After all, Vietnam has been called the number one nation for emerging Asian economies as a manufacturing possibility over China, according to an investigation led by Natixis SA. Presently, many fashion brands manufacture more in Vietnam than in China. This is because the labor, materials, and facilities costs are cheaper, improving the brand’s profit.

Common Questions About Where Is Hollister Made

These are the most common questions about where are Hollister clothing made.

Where Are Hollister Jeans Made?

Hollister jeans can be manufactured in Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Guatemala, Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka. I have found Hollister jeans made in Vietnam, India, Indonesia, and China in-store when checking the jeans labels.

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Where Are Hollister Jackets Manufactured?

Hollister jackets can be manufactured in Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Guatemala, Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka. I have found Hollister jackets made in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and China in-store when checking the jacket’s labels.

Conclusion On Where Are Hollister Clothes Made

Where are Hollister clothes made? Mostly in Vietnam and China, but also in many different Asian countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, and India.

Suppose the brand is targeting teenagers as they targeted customers. In that case, you can’t expect the prices to be very high, so the American label minimizes its manufacturing costs as much as it can. What better region to manufacture cheaper than Asia?