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Jack Wills is a British clothing brand that was founded in Salcombe, Devon, England, in 1999. Does this mean Jack Wills clothes are manufactured in England? Where are Jack Wills clothes made?

Initially, Jack Wills was marketed as clothes for university students but quickly became a brand that most men would wear. In my opinion, Jack Wills is for young guys that are still looking for their style but want to wear something casual.

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To confirm, I have decided to review hundreds of product descriptions on the Jack Wills website to verify if the brand lists where the products are made. I also visited three different Jack Wills stores, checking multiple items. So let’s find out where Jack Wills products are made.

Where Are Jack Wills Clothes Made?

Jack Wills clothes are manufactured in China, Turkey, Bangladesh, India, Portugal, and England.

Where Is Jack Wills Made

Jack Wills doesn’t list where its products are manufactured on the product descriptions on its website. However, it doesn’t come as a surprise to me since most of its clothes (over 95% for sure) are manufactured in Asian countries.

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Most consumers know that Jack Wills is a British label, so the brand can pass that image that they manufacture in the UK and not in China, India, or Turkey. At least, the brand doesn’t state that the products are manufactured in the UK on its website. I like consistency.

Jack Wills doesn’t provide a supplier list anywhere on its website, but I am sure Jack Wills is also manufactured in countries like Vietnam and Cambodia. However, I didn’t find those labels in-store.

If you purchase online, you can check the country of origin when you receive the goods. This is because the EU and US legislations require the brands to tell the country of origin for any imported products when it comes to physical goods.

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Something that surprised me was that Jack Wills manufactures some shoes in Spain. Many luxury labels manufacture their shoes in countries like Italy, Portugal, and Spain, so seeing Jack Wills doing the same was a pleasant surprise.

Are Jack Wills Clothes Made in England?

Yes, a very small number of Jack Wills items are manufactured in England.

Are Jack Wills Clothes Made In the Uk

So, I am still not convinced how much Jack Hills manufactures in England. If you check the label above, it states (Fabulously British), but it doesn’t say it’s made in the UK. I have seen some products with the same label and then made in China or another country. But these items didn’t have any made-in, so I presume they are manufactured in the UK.

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I couldn’t find any information about where in the UK Jack Wills manufactures since I doubt they have a manufacturing site. The British label uses independent factories to produce as many items as needed.

Are Jack Wills Clothes Made in China?

Yes, most of Jack Wills clothes are manufactured in China.

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Are Jack Wills Clothes Made In China

Most of Jack Wills clothes I have checked in-store were manufactured in China. This can’t be a surprise for anyone since some of the biggest fashion brands in the world are also manufactured in China. AdidasLululemonNikeSkechersVans, etc., are some examples. However, some of these brands are shifting their manufacturing from China to other Asian countries due to the tariff war between the US and China.

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Jack Wills clothes are manufactured in China because of the cheap labor, materials, and facilities costs. You can still expect to find many Jack Wills products manufactured in China if you check any of their products in-store.

Common Questions About Where Is Jack Wills Made?

These are the most common questions about where are Jack Wills clothes made.

Is Jack Wills A UK Brand?

Yes, Jack Wills is a British brand, founded in Salcombe, Devon, England. It belongs to the Fraser Group, which is owned by Sports Direct (another British label).

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Is Jack Wills A Luxury Brand?

No, Jack Wills is not a luxury brand. The British label clothes can be seen as a private school vibe, but the clothes are affordable to most people, including the youngest. Luxury labels are a lot more expensive, and not everyone can purchase an item from those labels.

Is Jack Wills Expensive?

No, Jack Wills is not an expensive label since most prices range from £120 ($150) for a jacket to £5 ($6) for a t-shirt. Most consumers in the UK can buy a Jack Wills item without a problem.

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Is Jack Wills A Designer Brand?

No, Jack Wills is not a designer brand since most of its collections look similar, if not the same, season after season.

Conclusion Where Are Jack Wills Clothes Made?

Where are Jack Wills clothes made? Mainly in China, but you can also expect to find some clothes manufactured in Turkey, Bangladesh, Portugal, India, and England. You can also find some shoes made in Spain.

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I am sure Jack Wills manufactures in some other countries that I didn’t find in-store, so if you have some items made in different countries, let me know in the comments.