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Vivienne Westwood is one of the market’s most prominent British luxury fashion brands with its modern punk and new wave designs. However, the question you have is: where is Vivienne Westwood made?

Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood was one of the most renewable fashion designers in the UK and globally. She created her own brand in 1971 when she started designing clothes and opened her first shop in London under the name “Let It Rock”. 

To confirm, I have decided to review hundreds of product descriptions on the Vivienne Westwood website to verify if the brand lists where the products are made. I also visited one Vivienne Westwood store in London and its department stores in Harrods, Selfridges, and Harvey Nichols, checking multiple items. So let’s find out where Vivienne Westwood products are manufactured.

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Where Is Vivienne Westwood Made?

Vivienne Westwood is manufactured in Italy, England, China, Portugal, Turkey, Tunisia, Thailand, Romania, and Kenya.

Where Is Vivienne Weswood Made

I have to say that the Vivienne Westwood website is an authentic mess when it comes to stating the countries of origin of its products. For example, the English label is fine with telling you about the products manufactured in Italy and England, but not if the items are made in other countries. 

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Usually, when a luxury label doesn’t want to tell you where the products are made, it means that they are manufactured in Asian or African countries. Some customers perceive these countries as not good manufacturers and often think that all luxury labels make their goods in Italy or France. However, I have a Vivienne Westwood shirt manufactured in Turkey that is of excellent quality and one of my favorite pieces of clothing inside my wardrobe.

Some other luxury and high-premium fashion brands like Versace, Burberry, Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and Fred Perry also love to state the products manufactured in Italy, France, England, or the US. However, these brands conveniently forget about the products made in China, Romania, Turkey, or other unsuitable manufacturers.

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In my opinion, a brand should be transparent. Or Vivienne Westwood lists the country of origin for all its products or doesn’t say any. A brand should not try to be perceived for something that isn’t true or misleading its customers.

In case the Vivienne Westwood website doesn’t state where the product is manufactured, don’t worry. All products need to have that information on the label since the US and EU legislation requires brands to indicate the country of origin of any goods. So when you order the product and receive it, you will know where it was made.

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I remember a big mix of countries when checking Vivienne Westwood’s items in-store. Most were made in Italy, some in Portugal and Romania, and others in Turkey and Tunisia. Italy was the country I found the most in-store but not so much on the website.

Is Vivienne Westwood Made In The UK?

Yes, some Vivienne Westwood products are manufactured in England.

Is Vivienne Westwood Made In England

With British labels, you always perceive that most of the products are manufactured in England, which is usually the case, but less than you think. Labor and materials are much more expensive in England than in other European and Asian countries, which is why some fashion brands tend to make their products there.

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Vivienne Westwood doesn’t seem to have any factories in England, but the brand works with independent manufacturers that make some of the shoes there. I know when Vivienne Westwood collaborated with Cheaney for a shoe collection, all the shoes were made in Northamptonshire.

In-store I didn’t find any Vivienne products made in England, but on the website, I did. However, all the products I found manufactured in England were shoes and not clothes or accessories.

Is Vivienne Westwood Made In Italy?

Yes, most Vivienne Westwood products are manufactured in Italy.

Is Vivienne Weswood Made In Italy

It’s not a surprise that most Vivienne Westwood products are manufactured in Italy since it’s the number one manufacturer of luxury brands. A made-in-Italy tag, is often associated with the finest materials and craftsmanship. Usually, goods manufactured in Italy are flawless because every detail matters.

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The English luxury brand has some significant differences in prices regarding its collections. Some are under $1,000, and some are above $2,000. I presume the Haute Couture and some other expensive items are made in Italy, and the cheapest ones are in the different countries on the list.

I have found many Vivienne Westwood items manufactured in Italy when checking their products in-store, but I couldn’t find the exact location of where the brand manufactures in Italy. I presume the English label uses independent contractors and doesn’t have any factories there.

Is Vivienne Westwood Made In Portugal?

Yes, some Vivienne Westwood products are manufactured in Portugal.

Is Vivienne Westwood Made In Portugal

Finding out that Vivienne Westwood manufactures in my country Portugal, didn’t come as a surprise at all. After reviewing so many different fashion brands, I know how much luxury and high-premium labels like to manufacture in Portugal. That’s the case with fashion brands like Moschino, Balmain, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Palm Angels, etc.

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Portugal’s craftsmanship and fabrics are wonderful, and the country can copy any production system easily. Many luxury brands keep investing and increasing their production in Portugal because they know the excellent results. Vivienne Westwood doesn’t own any factory in Portugal, and I couldn’t find any information about where precisely the brand manufactures in Portugal. Usually, it’s in the north of the country.

Common Questions About Where Is Vivienne Westwood Made

These are the most common questions about where is Vivienne Westwood made.

Is Vivienne Westwood Made In China?

Yes, some Vivienne Westwood products are manufactured in China. However, when checking items in-store, I didn’t find any, so I presume it’s a tiny portion.

Where Are Vivienne Westwood Clothes Made?

Vivienne Westwood’s clothes are manufactured in Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Tunisia, Thailand, and Romania. These are the countries I have found in-store when checking Vivienne Westwood products labels.

Where Are Vivienne Westwood Bags Made?

Vivienne Westwood’s bags are manufactured in Italy and Kenya. I only found bags manufactured in Italy when checking them in-store, but on the brand’s website, you can see some made in Kenya.

Where Are Vivienne Westwood Watches Made?

Vivienne Westwood watches are manufactured in China. The website doesn’t provide any information about it, but I have checked two Vivienne Westwood watches in-store.


Where Is Vivienne Westwood Made? Most products are manufactured in Italy, where luxury labels usually prefer to produce most of their collections. However, you can still find some Vivienne Westwood items made in Portugal, China, England, Romania, Turkey, Tunisia, Thailand, and Kenya.

I do like the fact that Vivienne Westwood manufactures in England, even if it’s just a small amount of items. I do think it would be difficult for the brand to manufacture more there without raising its prices, but that’s what luxury is all about, right?