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Speedo is a British sports brand with Australian origins and one of the most recognizable swimwear brands globally. So the question you have is, where is Speedo manufactured? Does the brand still manufactures in the UK and Australia or totally shifted all the production to China and other Asian countries?

If you have been into swimming, you probably have worn Speedo products. I know I wore a couple of them when I was young and had swimming lessons. Everything I had was Speedo, and it wasn’t easy to imagine that other swim brands were out there. That’s how popular Speedo has been since I can remember.

To confirm, I have decided to review hundreds of product descriptions on the Speedo website to verify if the brand lists where the products are made. I also visited a couple of multi-brand stores in London that sell Speedo products, checking multiple items. So let’s find out where Speedo is manufactured.

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Where Is Speedo Manufactured?

Speedo is manufactured in China, Japan, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka.

where is speedo manufactured

It’s not a surprise for anyone to find out that Speedo doesn’t list where its products are manufactured on the product descriptions on its website. Likewise, some of the most popular sports brands in the world, like NikeUnder ArmourAdidasNew BalanceSkechers, Gymshark and Puma, have no information about the country of origin of their goods on the product descriptions on their websites.

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The reason is that most sports brands are manufactured in China, and some customers perceive that as low-quality products made from low-quality materials. Most shoppers don’t care where a product is manufactured. However, swimmers need the best quality goods to guarantee the best performance, so the quality of Speedo needs to be ensured by the manufacturers.

In the stores I have visited, most Speedo products were manufactured in China, which wasn’t a surprise, but I also found some swimwear made in Sri Lanka and Cambodia. However, the biggest surprise was finding some Speedo goggles manufactured in Japan, which I wasn’t expecting.

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In case you purchase a product from Speedo’s website, you will only know the country of origin when you receive the physical product. This is because US legislation and EU rules require the brands to tell the country of origin for any imported products regarding physical goods.

Is Speedo Manufactured In The UK?

No, Speedo is no longer manufactured in the UK.

Speedo closed its last manufacturing site in the UK in April 2003 in Nottingham when the brand laid off 140 staff announcing the brand’s production would be moved to Asia. This decision was made for the brand to remain competitive in the UK since Speedo was, at the time, the only swimwear manufacturer in the UK.

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Speedo still has its headquarters in Nottingham, UK, but I doubt the brand manufacturers anything there, and if they do, it will be only to test the products and then send them to the factories in Asia to replicate it. This strategy is much cheaper and ensures the brand stays competitive, and its profits are higher since the production costs are lower.

Is Speedo Manufactured In China?

Yes, most Speedo products are manufactured in China.

Is Speedo Manufactured In China

Most Speedo products are manufactured in China. However, Speedo doesn’t provide information on where precisely the brand makes its products in China. We know Speedo manufactures in Shenzhen with the help of Fuhua Clothing Factory, but that’s it. Of course, Speedo uses many more manufacturing sites in China, but I didn’t find exactly where they are located.

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Speedo doesn’t own any factories in China and utilizes independent contractors, which is clever; that way, the brand only manufactures when needed. Sports brands usually love to manufacture in this Asian nation since the labor and materials are cheaper, and the profit margins are higher.

Is Speedo Manufactured In Australia?

No, Speedo is no longer manufactured in Australia.

Speedo was manufactured in Sydney, Australia, till 2001, when the company decided to cease local production totally to move the manufacturing to China, which was a big shock for everyone at the time.

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Regarding manufacturing, Australia would be a pricey country to do it. Asian countries are cheaper in terms of labor, materials, and facility costs. That’s why it is not surprising to see Speedo manufacturing almost exclusively (if not exclusively) in the Asian continent.

Common Questions About Where Is Speedo Made

These are the most common questions about where is Speedo manufactured.

Where Are Speedo Goggles Made?

All Speedo goggles I have checked in-store were manufactured in China and Japan. Most Speedo goggles are manufactured in China, but you may find some made in other Asian countries.

Where Are Speedo Swimsuits Made?

All Speedo swimsuits I have checked in-store were manufactured in China, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia. Most Speedo swimsuits are manufactured in China, but you may find some made in other Asian countries.

Who Owns Speedo Brand?

The Pentland Brands family acquired Speedo in 1991. This group owns brands like Lacoste, Berghaus, Canterbury, Ellesse, Kickers, and Mitre, among other labels.


Where is Speedo manufactured? Most Speedo products are manufactured in China, but you can also find some made on a smaller scale in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Japan. I wouldn’t be surprised if you find some made in Bangladesh or Vietnam, two of the biggest Asian fashion sports manufacturers.

The possibility of Speedo manufacturing again in the UK or Australia is very low since the production costs are higher than in Asian countries. The brand’s products are inexpensive, considering the prices they sell to the general customer. For the brand to move manufacturing from Asia, it would have to raise its product prices, which isn’t the smartest choice.