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Bottega Veneta was founded in 1966 in Vicenza, Veneto region, by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro, becoming one of the most famous luxury Italian labels. In 2001 Bottega Veneta was acquired by the Gucci Group. The question you have is: where is Bottega Veneta made?

The name Bottega Veneta translates to “Italian Shop.” This Italian luxury label is best known for its iconic handmade bags with the capacity to blend timeless refinement with a contemporary twist.

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To confirm, I have decided to review hundreds of product descriptions on the Bottega Veneta website to verify if the brand lists where the products are made. I also visited one Bottega Veneta store in London and its department stores in Harrods, Selfridges, and Harvey Nichols, checking multiple items. So let’s find out where Bottega Veneta products are manufactured.

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Where Is Bottega Veneta Made?

Most Bottega Veneta products are manufactured in Italy. Very few little accessories are manufactured in Japan and China.

Where Is Bottega Veneta Made

All the products I checked on the Bottega Veneta website have the country of origin stated, which is not a surprise. After all, almost every single item I have reviewed states “made in Italy,” and which brand doesn’t want to tell that to its customers? Valentino, Gucci, Saint Laurent, DSQUARED2, Givenchy, and Kenzo are some brands that always provide this information in the product description.

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Of course, you also have many luxury and high premium brands that only state in the product description the most convenient country (usually Italy, France, or the UK) and “forgets” to tell you about the ones manufactured in China. This seems to be the case for brands like Ted Baker, Versace, The North Face, and Doc Martens.

Even if Bottega Veneta didn’t have the product’s country of origin on its website’s product description, you could check where the item was manufactured by inspecting its physical label. This is because the EU and US legislation require brands to indicate the country of origin of any goods (well, Lacoste and Barbour seem to fail on this one)

All the Bottega Veneta products I have checked in-store were manufactured in Italy without exceptions. In my mind, I was sure I wouldn’t find anything manufactured outside of Italy, but it is very rare for a brand to maintain all its manufacturing in one country, and I can’t remember any that does that.

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It surprised me to find some Bottega Veneta accessories (only phone cases and AirPods) made in China. That’s because the Italian luxury label didn’t write China in the product description. Instead, it wrote PRC (People’s Republic of China). It took me a few seconds to figure out the products were manufactured in China, so this could be a marketing tactic for Bottega Veneta to try to “hide” where those items were made. Most people would look to PRC and move on without understanding that it’s China.

Is Bottega Veneta Made In Italy?

Yes, almost every single Bottega Veneta item is manufactured in Italy.

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Is Bottega Veneta Made In Italy

Bottega Veneta currently has three manufacturing sites in Italy, which they call “Maniffatura Veneta Pelletiere.” They are all situated near Vicenza, with one in Altavilla Vicentina, another in Malo, and the most recent one in Povolaro di Dueville.

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The fact that Bottega Veneta manufactures in Italy is a reasonable explanation, considering how much the brand charges for some of its bags. The cheapest Bottega Veneta bag costs over $2,000, and some bags cost almost $10,000, which is crazy even for a luxury label.

Many consumers don’t mind paying these prices for a Bottega Veneta bag because they know they are purchasing a made in Italy tag, often associated with the finest materials and craftsmanship. Usually, goods manufactured in Italy are flawless because every detail matters.

Is Bottega Veneta Made In China?

Yes, Bottega Veneta manufactures some accessories in China.

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Is Bottega Veneta Made In China

I was ready to say that Bottega Veneta doesn’t manufacture in China since it’s pretty rare for luxury brands to do it. Of course, we have Burberry and Balenciaga as luxury labels that make many of their products in China, but most of the ones I checked usually don’t.

Now, keep in mind that almost everything Bottega Veneta manufactures is in Italy. The Italian luxury label only manufactures in China a few phone cases and AirPods. Nothing else. This is because consumers think that anything that is manufactured in China is of terrible quality and not worth it to pay hundreds of dollars.

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Luxury brands have a big reputation for attention to detail and quality, something that most manufacturers in China, if not all, can’t offer. This is the primary reason why a brand like Bottega Veneta manufactures almost every single item in Italy and leaves less than 1% of its manufacturing in China.

Common Questions About Where Is Bottega Veneta Made

These are the most common questions about where is Bottega Veneta made.

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Where Are Bottega Veneta Bags Made?

All Bottega Veneta bags are manufactured in Italy since each bag is hand-stitched by experienced artisans. All the bags I have checked in-store were manufactured in Italy.

Where Are Bottega Veneta Sunglasses Made?

Most Bottega Veneta sunglasses are manufactured in Italy, but you can also find some made in Japan. All the Bottega Veneta sunglasses I have checked in-store were made in Italy.

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Is Bottega Veneta A Good Brand?

Suppose you are looking for a high-end Italian luxury brand with the finest craftsmanship and materials and some of the most durable fashion bags on the market. In that case, I would say the Bottega Veneta label is worth more than the price you pay.


Where is Bottega Veneta made? Almost exclusively in Italy, but some accessories are manufactured in Japan (some sunglasses) and some in China (phone cases).

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I love when a brand manufactures in its own country, and the fact an Italian brand manufactures in Italy makes Bottega Veneta even better from a consumer perspective. After all, we all know the power of a made-in-Italy label.