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How To Brush Your Beard? Do The Correct Way

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When your beard starts to grow outward and gets very puffy, that means you have two options: Trim your facial hair or learn how to brush your beard correctly and avoid any problems.

Growing a beard seems effortless, but you need to take care of it more and more often with time. If you don’t take care of your beard, you could end up with split ends, tangles, and a general matted mess.

A daily brush will keep your beard looking healthy and shiny. Even if you have a shorter beard and want it to grow longer, you will have to condition and stimulate your facial fuzz with regular brushing.

There are lots of different ways to brush your facial hair. In this post, we will look at the steps on how to brush your beard correctly, its benefits, and how it will improve your beard care routine.

Why Do You Need To Brush Your Beard?

I could give you many reasons why you should brush your beard often, but these are the five most important in my opinion.

how to use a beard brush
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1 – Prevents Ingrown Beard Hairs

Brushing your beard will get rid of any tangles and knots which could cause ingrown hair. If you have an itch in the middle of your beard, this might be caused by a tiny piece of dirt or something that got caught in it.

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However, if your beard is matted together due to not brushing it regularly, it could cause your hair to grow back in the face, causing ingrown hairs or a bad case of beard acne. It also helps to keep your beard straight and avoid curly hairs.

2 – Keeps Your Beard Clean

Brushing keeps your beard clean because it removes any food debris or dirt that got caught in your beard in the past. This will make it easier for you to wash any dirt out of your facial hair, meaning that you can get clean faster and avoid any excess problems.

3 – Exfoliates The Skin 

When you brush your beard, you are also exfoliating your underneath skin because of the friction. This will keep your beard clean, stimulate your skin, and improve blood circulation, which can be helpful if you have dandruff or dry spots on your face.

4 – Stimulates Natural Sebum

The natural sebum on your skin is stimulated when you brush your beard since it increases the blood flow to your face. This helps you get rid of any beardruff and will keep your skin looking healthy.

5 – Distributes Oils and Products

Brushing distributes oils and products evenly throughout your beard, making it look shinier and more vibrant in terms of color. This will make it easier to use beard balm or beard oil and let your skin absorb the products effectively, therefore drying out less quickly.

What Do You Need To Brush Your Beard?

The items you need to brush your beard are pretty straightforward. You need a beard brush, and beard oil or balm. All great gifts to offer to bearded men.

The Right Brush

You need a good-quality brush for your facial hair, one that will stimulate the growth of your beard and make it look thicker and fuller.

The right beard brush depends on the length and the thickness of your facial hair. If you have a long beard that is quite thick, then you will need to make sure that the brush has enough spaces in between each row of bristles.

A quality brush or comb can be expensive, but it’s worth spending a few extra bucks if it helps and stimulates your facial hair growth.

Beard Oil Or Balm

If you have an oily beard that’s prone to split ends, make sure you use something like beard oil or balm to make it look shiny and healthy.

It’s also a good idea to use beard oil or balm right when you get out of the shower because your facial hair will be clean, making it much easier for the natural oils to absorb into your skin.

Beard oils are the perfect choice for short beards since the skin absorbs the oil quickly but go with beard balm if you have a longer beard.

How To Brush Your Beard?

As you know, having a grooming routine is crucial to growing a healthy and full beard.

Step 1 – Wash and Clean Your Beard

First, wash and clean your facial fuzz with a beard wash. It’s crucial to wash your beard before brushing because otherwise, it will be difficult for you to brush out any dirt, food, or grease that got caught in your beard.

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If you have a long beard, make sure you separate the hair into several parts to facilitate washing it properly. Use a beard wash if you can. It’s specifically designed to clean the beard and skin underneath without removing the natural oils or drying the follicles.

Step 2 – Apply Beard Oil or Balm

You apply the beard oil before brushing because when you brush your beard, it helps to distribute the oil as evenly and thoroughly as possible throughout your facial hair.

Start with two or three drops of beard oil in your palm and rub your hands together to better spread the oil around your palms and fingers. Next, apply the oil starting from the bottom of your beard to the top and from the tips to the roots of your beard. Massage the oil for a few minutes to ensure all of your beard and face are covered. Don’t forget your mustache.

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Step 3 – Brush Your Beard Upwards

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The next step is to brush your beard upwards with a beard brush. Brush it slowly from the bottom and work your way up to the top of your beard. Brushing everything upwards will have most of the hairs facing the same direction, making it easier for you to style your beard the way you want it in the future.

Step 4 – Brush Down Your Cheeks Following The Grain Of Your Beard.

Now, you want to brush your beard in the direction of hair growth. This way, your beard will be able to grow in a natural direction. Most people will start from the top of their cheeks and brush slowly down towards their neck.

You can use a boar hair bristle for this since it has a similar consistency to beard hair. If you feel resistance brushing in one direction, don’t force it, or you will tear out some facial hair.

Step 5 – Brush Your Mustache

how to brush your mustache
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We usually neglect the mustache, so don’t forget to brush it (preferably with a proper mustache comb). Brush your mustache down toward the end of your nose and then towards your cheeks. If you find any hair creeping over your upper lip, cut it straightway to keep it neat. 

Step 6 – Style Your Beard

Beard balm is basically a styling wax with natural ingredients, designed specifically for beards. What’s great about it is that when you apply it to your beard, you can style it the way you want and then just comb through it with a soft-bristled brush to remove the excess. So it’s great to style long beards.

If you have a short beard, you can try beard oil to style it since it makes the hair softer and more malleable.

Step 7 – Clean Your Brush and Comb

When you finish brushing your beard, don’t forget to wipe your brush and comb with a paper towel. Ensure your brush and comb don’t have any hair, oil, or residue before putting them back in the case. This way, you will be able to use them again without the risk of spreading bacteria all over your face.

how to brush my beard
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Common Questions About How To Brush Beard

These are some of the most common questions about how to brush your beard.

Do You Brush Your Beard Up Or Down?

When you brush your beard, make sure you start at the bottom of your face towards the neck (it will help separate the hairs). After that, reverse the direction and brush all your hair downwards.

How Often Do You Brush Your Beard?

It would be best to brush your beard once per day and not more than that since you don’t want to overload the hair follicles and damage them.

When Should I Brush My Beard?

I think the perfect time to brush your beard is after a shower or when you wash your beard. Ensure your beard air dry first before you brush it because otherwise, it leads to breakages, split-ends, and premature loss of beard hair.

Does Brushing Your Beard Help It Grow?

Yes, but not directly. When you brush your beard, the motion stimulates the hair follicles and the sebaceous glands in your skin, which produce the natural oil your beard needs to stay healthy. You also stimulate the circulation of blood and nutrients to the tissue underneath your skin. Moreover, it helps distribute all of the oils you applied from step 2. It will make your facial hair look cleaner and shinier too.

Should You Brush Your Beard After Using Beard Oil?

Absolutely! It is an excellent way to spread the beard oil evenly through your facial hair and ensure that it soaks into each follicle. This makes your beard softer, shinier, and more manageable.

Is It Better To Brush Or Comb Your Beard?

I think it depends on your beard growth and texture. For wavy beards, you should use a comb. Combing is better for longer and thicker beards and brushing for shorter ones. A brush will be the best way to style your beard if it’s too short.

Should You Brush Your Beard Wet Or Dry?

It would be best if you got your beard dry because it is more delicate than usual when it’s wet. If you brush your beard when wet, you will damage the hair follicles and cause breakages in the future. Remember to allow your beard time to dry before you brush it again. While waiting for it to dry, you can use beard oil to moisturize the skin underneath.


I hope you have learned how to brush your beard correctly and more efficiently. Taking care of your beard is not always easy, but you need to take care of it for better growth and longer beard life. As we discussed, there are many benefits of having a healthy beard.

What about you? How do you brush your beard? Do you have some different techniques? Please share with us below.